Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trishula reprint makes me =D and makes all the tournies based around it D :

Remember the days when Trishula was what everyone was playing in Tournies for? =D

Remember that one time you scrubbed in a Trishula Tourney?

Remember when you always got whacked by 3 Trishulas? =DDDDDDDD

Well now you can probably own YOUR very own TRISHULAAAAA!!!


Introducing New and High tech Gold rare TECHNOLOGIIIIII!!! , Trishula now looks like it will be made of gold!

Ever wanted to USE TRISHULA IN WORLDS??????

Now you lololollololol.....can!!!!!! =DDDDD

I can see it now!!!!!

Yusei DP 3 : Starlight road

Gold series 2011: Trishula.

lolololololol, whats next? Pot of Greederosity reprinted in Structure deck after Lost Sanctuary? =D

Hmmmmm, i'm actually very interested to see what else will be revealed in the Gold series though.

hehe, maybe my dream of a Gold series consisting ENTIRELY of Synchro monsters may be coming TRUEEE!!!!!!!!!!

lol, Gold rare Magical Android anyone? : D


  1. this post made me laugh out loud :D ocg has really good gold series sets. if nothing, everything can be gold

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