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Ah, it appears to be that the perpetual time loop that has made me relive an entire day over and over again has beenz Broken!!!!

Lets see what i've missed.

5Ds Episode 130: Flashback ep. Nothing to note except the new OP and ED which raises new questions which everyone has asked wayyyyy earlier than me. xD

5Ds Episode 131: Jack Atlus is Awesome enough to enable Scar Red to rfg itself anytime in the opponent's turn!!!

5Ds Episode 132: Jack Atlus does the same awesome move but apparently Anime Grannel has a part to negate Scar Red's Effect.

Anime Grannel is made of Awesome.True Story.

Seeing how Lucciano and Placido lost so easily, we can only guess that they will be either:

-Having a rematch with Yusei and Co.


- Somehow plot-fusing into ???? With M.Emperor Cubic.

In other Real life Yugioh news that Neux missed whilst trapped in time loop:

- G.B. Lanista could have been great , but its newly updated effect makes it sad =(

- True Six Sam is Nice stuff obviously  =)

-Storm of Ragnarok : so far looks like its dedicated to Polar gods. Maybe i'll make make the deck for the fun of it though. Because to be frank i'm not that interested in the Polar gods =/ . BUT I will definitely get the set for the True Six Sams. Atomic Scrap dragon is okay i guess =)

- VJUMP 03 and 04: I like both of them, they have the right amount of good and random cards.Pretty smart marketing lol.

- No seriously, VJUMP 03 and 04 has some seriously nice stuff, I actually feel like trying out the Scrap Ortholos .Nova master looks pretty cool too =D , makes me wanna main Chevalier in Hero beat =D
And i can see X Saber Souza as the $$$ replacement of Urbellum.

-Which reminds me........Effect veiler is a rare now...........in Yusei Pack........3.

- Lost Sanctuary : I don't know, i don't really like Agents to be honest, but if the reprints are good i would probably get them as singles.

-DT10: Moar Gemknight!

Deck Deck Time =)

I'm gonna try a Scrap deck for now.

Because i kinda like Scrap dragon these days xD

But no decklist.....yet. =0

In other news:


Thanks for reading!! =D

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  1. Yay for RWJ reference!

    Can't wait to see updated Scrap deck as well!


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