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Team tourney pre-selection event number 1 report =)

lolololololol! =D

So today was the first pre selection for the Asia Tournament plus 2010!!!! =D

So as such i randomly made notes on the day itself in my head lol! xD

7: 20 Something A.M. : Woke up + bathe and

Nah, at this rate it would rather be an essay than a blogpost lol! xD


So basically this tourney is one of the selection events to determine the main teams competing for a spot to represent Singapore .

Thing is that the Banlist is shared among a team of 3 people.

So around 2 weeks prior i was invited by my friend Richard to team up with him and another friend Cliff. =)

The rounds were to be played simultaneously so its like:

Team leader vs Opponent Team leader

Member A vs Opponent Member A

Member B vs Opponent Member B

In the morning i met up with Cliff and Richard at an MRT station to go the venue which was Lorong Ah soo.
( Which i've never been to before but after today i feel like to going back lol, nice and comfy place ^_^ )

But it was very far......which was a downer.

Alot of borrowing occured , the 2 most popular cards people kept asking me to lend were Formula Synchron and Pot of Greederosity , which is understandable .

Team members and decks :

Richard- team leader - Black feather ( with power ups like Dark hole and such and such.)

Me- Member A ( Supposed free kill) - Machina Gadgets will a ton of removal ( hammer shot, 3 fissure, 3 smash , such and such.)

Cliff- Member B - Lightsworn

Round 1 : Our team got a BYE lol!!!! =DDDDD

Round 2 : WARNING! Below is a text duel ! =0

Me vs Fish ( Black feather)

Game 1 : I opened with :

Machina Fortress, Yellow Gadget. 1 Smashing ground , Magic cylinder and D.Prison.

He wins the dice roll ( Him: 4 , me : 1 x_x)

His turn : Normal summons Bora and sets 2 . Hand size: 3

My turn : I draw Solidarity , used smashing ground on the Bora and summoned Yellow  > Searched for Green and whack and set magic and Prison.

Me: 8000, Him: 6800

His turn : He draws and summons a second Bora and attacks, I used the D.Prison and he chained icarus attack ,destroying Yellow and my face down magic cylinder.

Sets 1 s/t and ends. Hand size : 2

My turn: I draw my second magic cylinder, summoned Green to search for Red and activated Solidarity and then discarded Fortress and Red to special summon the fortress then whacked for 2200 and 3300 respectively. He uses Book of moon on Fortress though.

Me: 8000, Him: 4600

Set the magic cylinder and end, 0 cards in hand which means i'm worried xD

His turn: After drawing he summons Shura and enters battle phase.

After some ruling questions about fortress stuff and some thought , i used the magic cylinder .

Me: 8000, Him : 8000,2800

He sets 1 s/t and ends.Hand size : 1

My turn: I drew Green gadget and proceeded to summon it , searching for Red gadget and entered the battle phase.

He used Icarus tributing shura to destroy Fortress and Solidarity . After that he used book of moon to cover one of the attacking Green gadgets.

Me: 8000, Him: 1400

His turn : He draws and summons Shura, whacks my face down green gadget and specials out Kalut/Qualat and ram together with my green gadget to go clubbing together =O !

Hand size : Still 1

My turn : I drew Machina Force , discarded it to special out M.Fortress and then summoned Red with no search target , basically it was a do or die situation, if everything goes through I would win basically.

Battle phase: I kinda forgot what happens here but i think he used D. Prison on my fortress .

End . Hand size : 0

His turn: He draws and summons Blizzard, pulling back Bora, Synchros Bora and blizzard for Arms wing and enters battle phase.

Shura destroys Red ( Me: - 500 lp)

Specials out Vayu and directs with both. ( Me: - 3100)

Me: 4400 ,Him: 1400.

Main phase 2 , Synchros Vayu ( now effect negated by shura.) with Arms wing for Armoured Wing.

Sets 1

Ends. Hand : 0

Me.: I drew bottomless and proceeded to set it.

End phase he MSTs it.

His turn: Uses Vayu's effect removing it and Arms wing from grave for Armoured wing

battle phase , and i die xD

Overall, it was a great game =)

Only problem is that the final lp count is supposed to be Me: negative , Him : 400.

I forgot how i reduced his lp to 400 so the above text duel is from whats left of my photographic memory xD

So i sided in 1 Jinzos , 2 trap holes and 2 D.D. Warrior ladies , i sided out 2 Solidarity, 1 torrential , 1 D.Prison and 1 Hammer shot ( yes, i had to make do with this card xD)

Game 2:

 Opening hand : 1 Red , 1 Jinzo, 2 Cyber dragon and Machina fortress.

I started first : drew smashing ground and ended. Hand : 6

His turn: Sets 2 and Summons Bora and whacked .

Me: 6300. Him: 8000

My turn: I drew my second Smashing ground.

I special summoned Cyber and then tributed for Jinzo , discarded the second cyber and M.Fortress to special summon mentioned M. Fortress and attacked Bora with fortress and directed with jinzo.

Me: 6300. Him: 4800

I decided to save the smashings for later.


His turn: He normal summons Shura and attacks Jinzo and drops Qualat/Kalut.

Uses Shura to special summon out Vayu .

Ends. Hand : 2

Me: 5500. Him: 4800

My turn: I drew LIMIT BREAKKKKKKK!!!!!! 0........O

I use the 2 Smashing grounds and WHACK!!!!!

But then he uses D.Prison!!!!!!!!!


I summon Red and searched for Yellow and ended.

His turn. He draws and normal summons Sirroco.

Poke . Poke. Poke.

Red dies horribly.

Me: 4800. Him : 4800

Ends. 2

My turn: I drew Machina Force............. 0_0

I summon Yellow and searched for Green and ended.

His turn: He draws and pokes Yellow .

Me: 4000. Him: 4800

Sets 1 s/t and ends. Hand: 2

My turn : I draw Solemn warning .

I summon Green to search for red and then he uses his Solemn warning , thereby preventing me from continuing the search.

Me: 4000. Him: 2800

I set warning and he delta crows at the end phase =O

His turn: Draw and then normal summons Blizzard and does horrible , horrible things to the remainder of my innocent life .

Overall, it was a nice match =)

Note to self: Next pre selection just play BF , 3 Icarus is smexy.

lolololololol, our team ends up scrubbing but its okie =)

The team we fought against would end up winning the selection event . =D

After that was a Lorong Ah soo tourney which caught me unprepared lol, but i decided to join after mind controling my friend Jia Jie to pay for my entry fee to which i would pay him back in future. 0.0

LOLOLOLOLOL. In the end i scrubbed but i had alot of fun xD

Hmmm, next pre selection is at Rick's shop , looks like i should have a change of deck since this blog post is public xD

Anyway, thats all from me for now.

And remember reader, 3 divine wrath is smexy in your quickdraw plant side deck =)

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