Friday, October 1, 2010

Decks Deck Decksssss! =D

Hi all!

I'm back from the land of Shanghai! =D

lol, and there were quite alot of Fake Yugioh cards there so i pretty much just spent my $$$ on food and such.

But anyway,

I finished my perfect herald and Dragunity deck at last!!!! =D

However i'm not too sure when I can resume filming. X_x

lol, really need to keep up with stuff.

But yea, tomorrow I should be going to locals =)

And the tag team tourney's first selection round on Sunday.

In anticipation to the True Six samurai stuff in Storm of Ragnarok, i've also rebuild my six sam deck =D

But in other news......

Episode 128!!!!!!

Harald : LALALALALAALA! I has 3 gods Naozzzz!!!!

Yusei: lolololol! I has teh powa of Friendship!!!! Savior Star Dragon!!!!!

Savior Star Dragon: Hey Kids! =D , Remember me!???

< Insert blah blah battle use Dragon or Thor or Loki or Odin effect blah.>

Harald : Behold my Horn of Doom!!!!!!

Yusei: Nuuuu!!!!

Savior Star dragon: My Cameo was Pointlesssssssss!!!!!! X_x

Episode 129!!!!!!!

Yusei: You may have a broken horn but I am a Main Character!!! Behold!!!!

   " From the depths of the most awkward fanfic related to Yugioh!!!!"

    Stardust Phantom!!!!!

Stardust Phantom: LOLOLOL!! I have a broken effect lol!!!!

Harald: Off course!!! It definitely makes sense for me to use up 10 speed counters to destroy that phantom!!! I mean, it ONLY BRINGS BACK STARDUST whats the worse that could happen!!??

Yusei: LOLOLOLOL!! Accel Synchro + Power up speed spell + 3 Attacks in a Row!!!!!! Weeeeeee!!!

< Note: Harald should have destroyed 1 of Yusei's face down s/t and not Phantom >

Shooting Star dragon: RAWR!!! Whack Whack Whack!!!!

Harald: Nuuuuu!!! I use Ma Horn!!!!!

Yusei: GO!!!!! Card we have never seen before!!! Reduce the effect damage to 0 so I can whack on the next turn!!!!!

Harald: NAAAAARGH!!!!!

Yusei: Nothing beats Main character powaaaa!!!! =D

Preview for episode 130: I'm Sooooo exciting!!!! =D ...........Yeah?

So thats all for now reader, stay tuned! =D

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