Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hamsters. Because we all have to blog about them now.

I used to have a Hamster.

It was back when I was in Primary school

You wanna know how it died?

Nah, not telling ya xD

Its funny because I never expected to share that my awkward experiences raising a small pet lol!

Now we have Pokemon and card games on Motorbikes.

In the future we will have Card games in Gundams and Pokemons from alternate realities.

But yea.

Extra pack 3 is out and everyone blogs about the cute cute and adorable Hamster!!!!! =DDDDD

So what decks can we use Hamster in?

Lets see:


Hamster Monarch


Etc Etc and more Etc.

Hamsters by right should ran in 1 or 2s. If you run them in 3s then you must have a pretty good reason to do so =)

Short post is short.

In other news, not too sure what deck to focus on right now lol xD

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