Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Day which we may or may not fear has come!!!!!! =O

I ( And alot of others who shall not be named.) ALWAYS KNEW THEY WOULD DO THIS!!!!

Duelist pack Yusei 3 and Crow

Let me rephrase what is being said in the description :

Hi, ever wanted to copy those amazing decklists you see on Pojo, Shriek, your garage and even your daydreams??

Wait let me Rephrase More + Add in a marketing ad. :

Hi, ever wanted to copy those Black Feather decklists you see all around you that keep winning ????

Ever owned all the BF cards except for that one pesky Foil Sirroco that costs over 20 dollars???

Well have no fear!!!!

Duelist pack Crow ensures that you too can make your locals more chaotic with hard to get cards newly commonized and ready for YOU!!!!!

Rare Sirroco of the Dawn??? You betcha!!

And to top it off we will be making 3 or more new random BF Cards!!!!!

Hey kids!!!! Ever seen BF Mine!!??? It was used by Crow, and that means it must be awesome right??



" I mean c'mon!!!!! If you ever get Dust tornado-ed or Delta crowed or even Icarus-ed , you get to draw a card and burn your opponent with 1000 lifepoint damage!!!!"

* Fake Yays from a Fake audience*

"Who needs Yusei pack when you have a Crow pack!!!"

Our scientific research have proven that 3 Yusei Packs = 1 Crow Pack

and 3 Yusei packs + 2 Crow Pack = 1 Kiryu Pack

and 10 Kiryu Pack = 1 Jack Atlus is Awesome Pack!!!!!

Its really simple simple Math!!!!!!

Disclaimer : The above statements are from a random person , do not take seriously!!!!!

Moral of the Story : Be either afraid because the kids at your locals will be able to run BFs.

Moral of the Story number 2: Konami can do anything to their card game........obviously.

Moral of this post number 3: Kiryu Pack. I CAN SEE IT HAPPENING!!!

* Vision Mode *

September Banlist hits Infernities HARD.

Kiryu guest appears in an episode of 5Ds using newfound BROKENNESS!!!

Kiryu pack announced to revive Infernity theme!!!!


WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, no seriously I fear for all life now.

---------------1 Reality Check Later-----------------

Ok I think I've gone on long enough, most of you would probably have stopped reading this post after I mentioned Kiryu even.

Yea here is WHAT i SPECULATE ( Keyword) to be in the Pack and of what rarity ( KEYWORD: SPECULATION!!!!!)

Sirroco ( rare)
Gale , Bora, Shura, Qualat/Kalut,Blizzard,Mistral,Ghibli and any other common BFs I missed out. ( COMMON.)

Vayu ( Super rare.) Nah , I'm just tooting around!!(Rare.)

Armored Wing ( Rare)

Armor Master ( Super Rare ) I have a feeling that they will pull a fast one on this card.

Lone Sliverwind ( Super rare) Downgrade rarity.

BF Mine ( Super Rare ) Retarded new card must be super rare like alot of new cards in Duelist packs.

Delta crow ( Common)

Black Whirlwind ( Common ) Obviously =D

FAKE FEATHER (Common) Filler

The other crappy BF Cards like * Insert* ( Common filler.)

Back Black ( Super or ultra rare???) I am very unsure of this one. But Konami needs to give more reasons to appeal to existing BF Players right?

BF Treasure ( Common or rare) Seriously....

Errrrrrr. Yea thats about it .

Moral of the post : Every BF card can already be in the damn pack.......or Konami can do a 180 and make Fake feather a rare and not have Vayu or Sirroco inside.



I think this is a good time to end the post!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yusei Duel Disk Number 37 and 5Ds Episode 111 to 115 Episode Reviews.

Yusei Duel Disk Mark 2

Oh Noes, its another Duel Disk!!!!

Another Yusei Duel Disk!!!!

Which could mean a number of things:

(a) New Meta affecting card to come out soon???

(b) Konami perfecting the Duel Disk slower and slower to the point where in the future there will be an actual duel disk with holograms and crap that comes with Promo cards?????? O.O

(c) World Domination?

(d) Money used to make these non holographic disks could have been used for some Charity???

(e) More stuff to collect and sell in the far future as collector items on ebay Mark 10???? O_._O

Yea, I'll probably be keeping an eye on this disk seeing how past duel disks had very neat stuff only for them to get reprinted into the general public ( Arms Hole, Stardust Dragon/Buster. etc.)

So now we go into Yugioh 5Ds episodes 111 to 115 reviews!!!!! YAY!!!

Episode 111:

- Boomer's Brother has the power to netdeck and apparently Vice dragon is probably a common in his country.

-One does not need to board a ship or fly down a plane to get to Nazca. One Rides on a Motorcycle TO NAZCA!!!!!!

-Jack is now the number 1 role model for teaching kids how to be Jack Atlus!!!!!

-Yusei doesn't need to be in this random arc.

Episode 112:

-The Crimson Devil has the power to make secret passages over something..... WAIT!!!!

Did Boomer say that he and his younger brother and sister made the temple???

Isn't that considered child labor or something like that? O.O

- Oh Noes!! Jack is dueling Meramon!!!

Episode 113:


- Jack Atlus is a Direct Descendant of the Legendary Signer who sealed Kyubi err I mean Crimson Devil 10000 Years ago.........Probably.

- I see now!!! This episode is clearly Naruto inspired!!!!

Episode 114:

- I surprising liked this episode because it was fun to watch lol!

- Ramen Ninja Clown's Family is a normal family but with photoshopped Faces of Ramen Ninja Clown.

-Ramen is officially the Number 1 food in the World. Says Jack Atlus!!!

- Ramen is indeed WORTH more than Money seeing how everyone prefers to steal it in this Episode.

- Have you ever wondered?? : If Ramen Ninja Clown has soo many disguises , why doesn't he just sell those for money and not use them to embarrass himself and etc.

- The Kids that no longer do that much for the Series did Something!!!! COSPLAY as Ramen Ingredients!!!!

- Black Feather Mine ......??????? Eh? O.O

To be fair lets re write what SHOULD Have Happened in the Duel!!!!

Lets just let Crow Start first and not Ramen Ninja Clown because we all know that Ramen Clown needs 1 turn to set up the Jester stuff.

If Crow Starts First:

" I Set 1 S/t and Summon Shura!!!"

Now Ramen Clown:

" I summon Jester Lordo and Set 4 s/t!!!!!!"

Crow : " I USE DELTA CROW!!!!!!!"

Ramen Ninja : " Nuuuuu!!!!!!"

Next turn Crow Special Summons Gale and shura attacks Jester lord and Shura specials out Qualat/Kalut and Gale and Qualat/Kalut both Attack directly.

1800+ 1300+1400= 4500!!!!

You see how Overpowered Crow can Beeeeee!!!??

No seriously and people are actually asking to see him play Icarus Attack in the Anime!!!!

Episode 115:

- From now onwards ALL Security systems will use Duel Puzzles as a way to keep their information!!!! Seriously though duel Puzzles can be damn hard for potential hackers to solve, they would have to learn Yugioh and that takes YEARS to master!!!

-I would have loved to see Sherry or Bruno solve the Puzzle lol!!!

- Chibi Ramen Clown is......WARGH!!!

- Ramen Man!!!!!

- Ramen Cards are officially what Banned Cards become after they get Banned!!!



Seriously, they have a Raigeki, Harpie's Feather Duster and Mass Confiscation and there are only 3 cards in their Archetype so far!!!!

So the Infinity Trio didn't go looking for Ramen Ninja Clown even though he knew this piece of information that could help Yusei and Co. to trace back to them via their dealings with another company.

Is it just me or are there alot of Conspiracy theories and Espionage going on in a show about Card Games on Motorcycles??? O.O

Thats all for now and before I sign off let me say 1 thing:

Dragunity Black Spear Works in Black Feathers!!!!!! =D

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Frog Monarchs : An overall Summary

I just woke up around 40-ish minutes ago so forgive me if I drift off typing this.

When I woke up, first thing was to check how the videos are going on and if anything new was happening in the blogosphere.

Saw alot of my pal's blog posts on Worlds, looking good ^^

So I also noticed that someone on my cbox needed help with building Frog monarch.

i also noticed the Hate of Frog monarch going around.

Hence, this gives me inspiration to POST!!!!

But first I needed to do some research to back up my current knowledge about them.

So I paid a visit to my 7th best friend in the internetzzz.....Pojo.


Surprising there was no Frog monarch thread in the TCG Strategy section but after awhile I realized that it was under the Monarch thread ....doh!!! X_x

So lets just summarize:

You dump Treeborn and Ronin and use them as Fodder for Monarchs in future turns.

Tactics available:

-Light and Darkness dragon to make opponent waste resources 

- Frog and Toad Lock ( Dupe Frog and Subsitoad in Defense is made of win!)

- Monarch reliance on Treeborn or Ronin

So the standard build would have the Frogs and Toads :

3 Subsitoad
3 Swap Frog
2 Treeborn Frog
2 Dupe Frog
1 or 2 Ronin Toad ( Usually 1 )

The number of Tribute Monsters really depends but here is a standard setup :

3 Caius
3 Thestalos
3 Raiza
3 Light and Darkness Dragon
2 Dark Dust Spirit
1 Prime Material Dragon or Jinzo

And there are other things you would need for stall:

3 Battle Fader
1 Gorz

Add them all together:

Monsters -27

3 Caius
3 Thestalos
3 Raiza
3 Light and Darkness Dragon
3 Subsitoad
3 Swap Frog
3 Battle Fader
2 Dupe Frog
1 Dark Dust Spirit
1 Gorz
1 Ronin Toad
1 Treeborn Frog

Spells - 9

3 Enemy Controller
3 Soul Exchange
1 Brain Control
1 Heavy Storm

Traps - 3 

3 Spiritual Water Art Aoi  Or 2 Aoi and 1 Trap Dustshoot

Side deck : 15

2 Vanity Fiend
2 Cyber Dragon
2 D.D. Crow
2 Crack to the Different Dimension
2 Dust tornado
2 Compulsory evac device
1 Treeborn Frog
1 System Down
1 Burial From a Different Dimension (Warning:This is a Player pref card and an insurance if your frogs get D.D.-ed)

Extra Deck : 2

Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

Above is a Decklist for Tournament use.

Feel free to use it on everyone at local Tourneys EXCEPT ME!!!!!!! >=D

I can just end the post here but I know people will read this for a solution against Frog monarchs.

Tip : Just remove the Treeborn and Ronin as they are reliant on them!!!!

AKA Crack from a different Dimension and D.D. Crow!!!

I believe Rauzes was testing Frog monarch awhile back too.

Thats all for now!! Thanks for reading! =D

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Worlds Qualifier 2010 : My day.

Earlier today was a day that many people have either trained or have not trained for.

Good thing I made a log of the day just in case lol!

4: 12 AM- Woke up abruptly, and had to prepare my equipment for filming.

4: 37 AM- After a quick nibble I made a list of things to do if I scrubbed in the elimination round and what I would be doing if I survived the elimination round.

5: 08 or 5: 10 AM - Did some last minute Facebooking and MSN-ing before I went off to the MRT Station

5:26 AM- Waited outside the MRT ( Train station.)

5: 47 AM- After listening to a couple of random songs the MRT opened.

6 Something- arrived at Dhoby Ghaut station and waited for friends to meet up with me.

7 Something- Hanged around at Pomo ( Venue for the Qualifier.)

8:45 AM- Wrote Decklist with the help of friends and quickly submitted ( My online email had a problem hence the reason why I am re-registering.)

9:30 AM- I was part of the second wave of people in the single eli.

More than 9:30 AM- Lost to Machina Gadgets. Holy light is too shiny!

10 Something AM to around 5 Something PM - Did the following things in systematic order as planned on "What I will do to pass time at Worlds after losing in the single eli first round."

List of things I did and did not do:

Did do: Ate Subway ( That Sandwich thingie).........Twice.

Did do: Watch my friends Scrub while I eat a Subway Sandwich.

Did not do: Explore Pomo ( Abit regretful since it was my first time in this new Location.)

Did do: Train Frog Monarch deck ( It works but it still needs some cards like Dark Dust spirit and etc.)

Did do: Make a list of likely candidates for Top 8 ( 4 out of 8 were correct on my list lol!!! Yes that included you Jeric!!! =O )

Did not do: Reveal my evil presence as Neuxcharge!!! ( Although to be fair this was pointless as people identified me via my mat X_x)

Note to self: Get new playmat.

Another Note to self: When in doubt , buy a drink and drink it.

Last note to self....Probably: Upgrade technology please.

I am really impressed with the way the Worlds Qualifier was handled to be honest with you dear reader, the judges were very nice and I like that they used a Screen to broadcast some matches in the Swiss, Top 8 and Top 4 and the Finals match!! =D

Seriously though , the tripod and camera used for the Broadcast is telling me to go upgrade my tech, if I didn't bring my laptop I would have only been able to record until halfway of the Top 4 match.

It was like this:

I use 2 cameras , 1 uses a Charge ( Cam A) , the other relies on batteries and memory sticks ( Cam B).

Game 1: I use Cam A .

Game 2: I switch out Cam A and use Cam B and plug in the USB port of Cam A into my laptop for Charging.

Game 3: Still using Cam B

So overall, I really think I should get some new tech to improve video quality and etc. but now my concern is to finish editting the videos for Youtube regulations ( 10 Mins rule etc.)

Hmmm, theres nothing much left for me to cover I guess , I need to go and edit the videos so I guess i'll just leave some feedback for the event organizers just in case one of them happens to stumble by this random blog:

- Online Registration got mixed views, some of my friends found it to be hectic but others were okay with it. Yea, even the ones who re-registered didn't really mind.

-Contrary to what alot of my friends think, I felt the Pomo was a pretty good venue lol. Sure it did lack Tourney space but it was pretty comfy to me lol.

Err, yea thats just all lol!!!

Congrats to the Top 4 winners of the event :

1st - Jeremy Chua ( Dr Brainy) ( Machina Gadget)

2st- Jeric ( The Unknown but Chosen one.) ( Black Feather)

3rd- Shifu ( Sporelord)

4th-Alex Goh ( Black Feather)

And a big thank you for the staff people who worked very hard keeping everything in order.

And a big hug to those who scrubbed in the Single eli * Hugs self*

And a GIGANTIC BLESS to everyone who is going to go for their Qualifiers!!!!! =D

This is Neuxcharge, going to Edit!!!!

P.S. Err nothing really.

Disclaimer: Blessing of Neuxcharge is not liable to anyone who scrubbed directly after receiving it, it is definitely part of your imagination and should be taken seriously, people who suffer from deep hatred for Neux after scrubbing from the effects of Neux bless will have a 40% higher chance of scrubbing to double Black Whirlwind and first turn triple Trishula, not to mention the 18.3% higher chance of contracting " I will randomly whack your BF Shura with my Vayu so I will go from 1000 lifepoints to 0 in order for me not to die at your hands on your turn" Syndrome.

Another bit of random info: So I surveyed random attendees of the Qualifier on what they thought of Dragunity and the overall result is very very Mixed.

A couple say its hype, others say it works but player needs to build the deck according to playstyle and etc. and etc.

Another thing is the obvious comparison between MGS/Fabled and Dragunity ( Not X Sabers because X Sabers is one heck of a widely supported theme.)

"MGS/Fabled is better" was the overall opinion.

Errr reasons being:

-They have a proven track record ( I believe some builds topped before * goes off to check shriek*)

- Legion Spamming + Holy Wyvern is a very fun and awkward way to kill your opponent.

- Faster than Dragunity

- Other obvious answers like Cerebal and chawa are good cards blargh!!!

I think we should give Dragunity some time to settle in.

Its better to test around than to assume or presume lol.

Anyway, I'm signing off now. Night!!!! =D

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tourney Reports before Worlds.

Hi y'all!!!

I am going to sleep now but before that lets do some REPORTS!!!!

Deck Used: Oppression BF

18 June 2010 Tourney Worlds Format.

Scrubbed now lets move on thanks! >=OOO

19th June 2010 Khatib Trishula Tourney.

Round 1 : Jeric ( Oppression BF)

Game 1: I swarm and raep

Game 2: I swarm punch and raep with Arms Wing and stuff and more stuff.


Round 2: Jun jie ( Machina Gadget)

Game 1: I lose to a Gadget swarm while my 3 Blizzard clog my hand like no tomorrow!!!!!

Game 2: Emo mode on, just whack and whack those damn Gadgets with Shura and leave vayu on the field to die to Fissure!!!! >=D

Game 3: I corner his life points all the way to 400 and purposely special Summon and wreck from there.


Top 16 Round: Takoyaki ( Oppression BF.)

Game 1: I set Morphing Jar , Trap Dustshoot , MST and Heavy storm . He summons Vayu and attacks Jar, I dustshoot his new Hand and  Wreck with my Shura the next turn.

Game 2: I wreck him with the powa of Dust tornado!!!!


Top 8: Lolzorx ( Gadget Control) Friendly guy =D

Game 1: I get wrecked by the awesomeness of drawing 3 Icarus attack with no targets.

Game 2: I use the power of Shura to do horrible things to red and Yellow in their sleep.

Game 3: Black Whirlwind and Shura is better than smex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Top 4: Akira ( Frog Monarch)

Game 1: Dark Armed appeared and killed was scary.

Game 2: He Spiritual Water arts me on my first turn and discovers 2 Crack from D.D.!!!! And then I topdeck Shura and kill his Treeborn and then Dark Armed came out again.


Top 2 AKA Finals : Lauren ( Oppression BF)

Game 1: Shura is too awesome today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Game 2: Trishula!!!!!! And then other stuff like my 2 Snowman eater dying and conspiracy and tricking him with Sirroco and other horrible things that can happen in a BF Mirror Match.


Prize Won : Secret Trishula!!

Position: 1st.

WARGH!!!! Training has leveled up BF to level 83!!!!!

Must recharge energy and do more wrecking tomorrow!!!!

Thanks for reading and all the best for people going to Worlds tomorrow!!!!! =DDDDD

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Random Post # 37.

Hi all!!!

The full list for SD19 is out and its as quite a number of people expected........




In other words : Red Eyes Wyvern is a piece of candy that feed our hopes for REDMD to come out in SD19.

But overall, looking at the set, its a pretty nice structure deck, its got basic stuff like Mirror Force, Bottomless and even traces back to SD13 with Malevolent Catastrophe and Foolish Burial!! =D

And it has Icarus Attack too!! =D

However, with the vast amount of Dragunity being introduced in this SD which solidifies them as usable cards for Asian Format events, i'd say that this is a pretty great jumping on point for Dragunity lovers who don't want to get the individual pieces from different DTs or can't find anymore DT06s.

And yes, its inevitable that I have to do a video review of it.


Have fun y'all! =D

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tourney Reports for 12th and 13th June 2010

Hi y'all!

So on Saturday ( 12th June) , I headed over to Jurong east for a local Trishula Tourney.

Pretty interesting lol!

Deck used : Black Feather

Match 1 : Darren ( Oppression Gadgets)

Game 1: Got overran by Gadgets.

Game 2: He uses up his resources while Shura just Punch and Punch and Diao!

Game 3: I got lucky, Black Whirlwind .......nuff said.


Score: 2

Match 2: Richard ( Infernity)

Game 1: BF just rush and use Icarus on s/t.

Game 2: I forgot what happened but it was either Delta crow or Dust tornado that killed the s/t.


Score 5

Match 3: Benjamin ( Infernity)

Game 1: I forgot but I think Shura was involved in this.

Game 2: Did beatdown and started drawing Spell and trap cards and he topdecks Heavy storm and clears my backrow to do the Gun loop!!!

Game 3: I just beat and beat and Whack and kill the s/t and run into around 1 or 2 Rykos. eventually his 3 guns were gone due to Ryko milling and cracking gun targets and I solemned his mirage. Scary Game!


Score: 7

Match 4: Black ( Black Feather)

We decided to split points so both of us can go into Top 8 ( he had 6 , I had 7, entry point for Top 8 is 8.)

Match 5 ( Top 8): Wei Xiang ( Black Night Dark?)

Game 1: I just rushed and rushed and whack.

Game 2: I use Skill drain from my sidedeck to shut down the deck , hoping that he doesn't draw Heavy storm or Trap Stun or Royal Decree or even Trap Eater!!!


Match 6 ( Top 4) : Winson ( Oppression Gadget.)

Game 1: I die horribly to the even skinny guy.

Game 2: Just rush and feed Shura some Gadgets ( This is very familiar to when I am playing Gadgets.)

Game 3: Drew 1 Monster and I forgot its name ,kept getting whacked by Yellow Gadget till I had to D. Prison it. Overall, a Horrible Death but could have been worst.

Match 7 ( Settling for 4th or 3rd) : Richard ( Infernity)

Game 1: I die to first turn loop.

Game 2: I die to MST.......Yesh its possible ......I mean c'mon!!!!!

So overall I got 4th and took Lone Sliver Wind 3D as a prize ( Very funny , BF Player gets the BF Prize. hehehehe!)


So now we time jump to 13 th June 2010, which is the NEXT Day and just to inform you reader I did not sleep since the previous day because I had trouble editting the Semi-finals match for the above Tourney report post. ( 12th June)

So today was a Tourney in Ang mo kio.

Met my friends at City hall MRT and went to it from there.

I was either going to use Hero Beat or Oppression Gadget but at the last minute I chose Hero Beat because .............just because.

Anyway, we went there and waited awhile and the Tourney started.

Match 1: ??? ( I forgot your name, FORGIVE MEEEE!!!) ( BF)

Game 1: Airman solo slap FTW!!!

Game 2: Another Neos Spark Blast FTW!!!!


Match 2: Kelun ( Hero Beat)

Game 1: I died to Ancient Fairy Dragon.........yes its possible.

Game 2: I died to Super Poly fusing my deck with some random transparent protector from outer space.



Match 3: ??? ( I forgot the name!!!!! Wargh!!) ( BF)

Game 1: Hero Blast + Gemini Spark vs Black Whirlwind.

Game 2: THE SHINING!!!!! Guest Starring Snowman Eater as the thing that sits there from turn 1!!!!


So now we have a special segment for the event which was a lucky draw.

The best prize : Yusei Duel disk

Second Best prize : Something randomly related to Yugioh in a box!!

Third Best Prize: Tamiya cars!

Fourth Best Prize: Not getting your number called for a Prize......

And so halfway through a boy gets the Duel Disk, which made the atmosphere in the entire tent ( Yes, it was a tent.) drop to the level of  negative x ( let x be the number of something bigger than your mood .)

The good part was that my number was called!! =DDDDD

I got : A ...... This Starter Deck!!!

Ha he ha Hea Hae!!!!!

I am running a Hero deck and I get a Prize that has a Hero at the Front of it....... LOLZLASER!!!!

I don't Care!!!! This Still counts as me earning back my entry fee!!!!!!

Another interesting thing I noted is that majority of the lucky draw winners are little or young boys!!!! =O

Moral of the Story : If you are a young boy, just join any lucky draw included Tourney and scrub to people but get a lucky draw prize AND THEN laugh at the people who made you scrub saying that you got PROFIT!!!!!

And then laugh more as you watch them scrub in whatever Swiss round their playing.

Wow, Evil is good! =D

So anyway back to the Rounds.

It was smart of them to do the lucky draw first before the Top 16, that way people who need to leave but were staying for the lucky draw can just leave lol!

So Top 16

Top 16 Match : Brian ( BF)

Game 1: I get rushed and DIE!!!!

Morale : - 10

Game 2: Consecrated/Holy Light + Another Neos Spark and Blast is major PLUS!!!!!

Morale: + Something.

Game 3: he draws bad I think , while the 2 Snowman eaters I sided are just sitting there in my hand. Eventually Shining just Punch.


Top 8 Match : Wei Xiang ( My Black feather deck.)

Game 1: Punch and Beat and More Punch!!!!!

Game 2: I did a mistake and Died to Sirroco.

Game 3: Holy Light dies and Dark Armed Says Hi.

Hmmm, so my Hero Beat can kill all the BF decks in the Tourney today except for mine..........SADNESSS!!!!

P.S. : Redempt if you're reading this then you have my 3rd Holy light which I lent you on 12th June 2010, please negotiate a prisoner exchange so I can get it back and not scrub to Dark based decks too much, thanks! =D

So I was out but since I already recovered my entry fee thanks to the ironic Luck draw Prize I got, I just sat back and editted videos!!!

So videos for 12th June semi-finals and finals will be up soon, sorry for the delay and thank you very much for waiting! =D


But now we come to what happens AFTER the Tourney!!!

I go to Macs and see alot of People watching other people chasing after a ball on the televison,  this must be that World cup thingy that people be watching!

So I trained my playset for BF and Quickdraw Plants and helped others train until it was around 12 something AM and realized that my last train was long gone.

Hence , I remembered a time where I walked back home after missing the last train, so I did that again!!!!

5 Hours later........

I come back home and am tired as hell, my legs are killing me as I walk and so I just plonk onto my bed and wake up to this point in time but 30 or 40+ minutes earlier.

Well thats all for now, thanks for reading!!! =DDD

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June: Month of the Trishula that could not enter Worlds! And Scar Red Nova and 5Ds past and future reference??? 0.0

It appears like there are alot of Trishula Tourneys this month lol!

And I can't join the Friday ones so thats a bummer X_x

AHA!!!! Trishula must have planned these Tournies to attract more attention away from Worlds!!!

Cunning Plan!!!

Just to let people know I have submitted my decklist for Worlds but with a damn Random Sidedeck!!! XD

I also find that alot of my friends are siding in Nobleman of crossout and not really going to side in Crack to D.D. Due to high possibility of no Infernities!! =O

Me thinks they are forgetting about LIGHTSWORN!!!! MAUHAHAHA! ( No, I'm not running this deck x_X)

But with the rise in Machina Gadgets making its way here just in time for Worlds one can't help but wonder who is now the prime candidate deck to top Worlds!????

Frankly, I'm more interested in the next 5Ds episode where Scar Red Will appear!!!

Best level 12 Monster eva!!!

Shooting Star dragon < Scar Red Nova.

2 Tuners?

Well I heard a couple of people saying different Possibilities!

Sazabi: Red Daemons Dragon + 2 Deep Sea Diva!

Red Daemons Dragon + 1 Dark Resonator + 1 Sinister Sprocket ( Jack theme!!!)

Red Daemons Dragon + Junk Synchron + level 1 tuner ( Most probably the method alot of people will be using.)

Scar Red Nova Dragon takes the cake as the TRUE Revolutionary card in Star Strike Blast instead of Shooting Star dragon.

Why?? Whats the difference?

Anyone ever wonder why bother with Synchro Tuners when in the end you would be using 2 tuners to get the Accel Synchro?

Tuner to form Synchro Tuner

Synchro Tuner itself

2 tuners for Accel Synchro

in the case of Scar Red however:

Its just 2 Tuners.

What are the Pros and Cons???

                       Shooting Star dragon                    vs                Scar Red Nova Dragon

1.Need space in Extra Deck for Synchro Tuners                            2 Tuners already in your main deck!

2. Can Accel Synchro during Opponent's turn                              Cannot Synchro During Opponent's turn

3. Fixed that Synchro Tuner must be level 2 to fit the level of 10         Level 12. Alot of room for level fitting.

4. Given to Yusei by a Futuristic God!!!                                        Given to Jack by an Ancient God!!!!

5.Can negate and Destroy destruction cards                                   Cannot be destroyed by destruction cards

6. Relies on Tuners in the deck ( Future.)                                       Relies on Tuners in the Grave ( Past)

Yea, points 4 and 6 were from Wikia lol!! =D

Very interesting, I never thought of it that way!!!

Yusei and Jack both have their aces use powers from their enemies of the present and past!!

Jack: Earthbound God ( Previous Season.)

Yusei: Yliaster's God ( Current Season.)

I find this aspect very intriguing!!

I think this reminds me of how Judai uses Yubel ( who was a villain in the 3rd Season) to beat Darkness ( The villain of the 4th Season!!!)


Could it beeee!???

The reason why its only Jack and Yusei is because they only faced 2 enemies so far?? ( Yliaster and the Dark Signers.)

So that means by Season 3 or 4 or 5, Crow would be in the mix with a new Form for Blackwing/ Blackfeather Dragon???? 0.O

Teh People Must Know!!!!!!!

P.S. If Ruka was said to be a Dueling Prodigy why has she only been in around 3 duels so far? O.O . Hmmmmmmmmm.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Teh Powaaaaa!!!!!

So I was wondering to myself the other day after watching Episode 112 of 5Ds.

What would a Power deck be??? 0.O

I mean, we see Kaiba , Manjoume ( Chazz) and Jack.......and Ushio ( Goyo, hehe.)  use very strong monsters but tend to lo...scrub to the Main character powers that be.

But its very interesting to notice the themes present : Power loses to Main Character powers.

In real life : Power tends to dominate.


Season 1 ( Duelist Kingdom):

-BEWD and random beatsticks ( Swordstalker, Battle Ox . hey 1700 ATK Was big in the past!)

Season 2 ( Battle City , my fav arc xD)  :

-BEWD and Union XYZ And abit of virus and alot of tribute stuff for BEWD and OBELISK!!!!!!!!

Season 3 ( Walking the dragons arc. Yea I kinda considered this Season 3 or 4 or blargh!.)

- Still same just minus Obelisk and place more emphasis on Dragons ( Paladin of White dragon, Spear dragon etc.)

Season 4 ( Or 5 , That Grand Championship arc which I sort of liked but could have liked more if the villain was less.......yea.)

- Nothing much changed really, it actually reminds me of the deck he used in the Pyramid of light movie X_x
Wait. I think if its 1 major change to note is CHAOS EMPEROR DRAGON!!!!!

Season 5 ( Or 6 if your counting Virtual world as a season.)

- Nothing much. Kaiba only dueled once in this season and the previous one so thats a downer.

Yugioh R! ( That Manga where we get Gorz from in ocg, now in english!)

- Some......BEWD Deck that includes these weird Material monsters and Mosaic Manticore.


Season 1 ( You know, the protect the 7 keys which inevitable ends up in the Villain's hands in some random filler like ep. thereby releasing the Sacred Beasts for Shadow of Infinity!)

-Some random hell like deck?
- VWXYZ ( Throwback to Kaiba??? O.0)
- Armed Dragon deck ( imo should be his main deck.......forever!)

Come to think of it Manjoume used alot of different decks..... Ranging from Powerful to weaker attack ( That 0 ATK Monster deck.)


- Ojama/Armed dragon/Union ( Cramping alot of themes + Anime Powers = Somehow Workable!)

- White Night ( Monsters inflicting burn.....Reminds me of the White warrior theme used by the guy Crow fought in a filler which unlocked Blackfeather/Blackwing Dragon.)

Season 3 ( Crystal Beasts were win at this point of the timeline??)

-  Union with Ojama ( You could void this season as he spent a good amount of the season MISSING!)

Season 4 ( The last character development stage of GX.)

- He uses Armed Dragon and Ojama. ( I think the lack of VWXYZ is because it was to signify that he was no Kaiba but his own persona. Hence making him a more likable rival in a sense because he was willing to lose to Judai on purpose in 1 filler episode and his own journey into the pro duelist stage.)

GX Manga :

- Manjoume uses a Dragon based deck, using so many dragon themed cards to the point where I think he should just have 3 LaDDs for the lolz!!!!! Seriously though Manga Manjoume is much better than his Anime counterpart because :

(a) He actually wins Judai
(b) We see more insight to his character and the bond with LaDD.
(c) Light End , Dark End, LaDD . These are his 3 BEWDs!!!!

Although to be fair , I think when the writers realized that Manjoume was being played as the comedic rival. They probably decided to make a better rival in the form of edo Phoenix ( who uses a Hero theme different from Judai.)

But......if you want my honest Opinion , I think the BEST rival for Judai in GX is Ryo Marufuji ( Zane Truesdale.)


Probably because his cards affected the real game the most.

Era timeline :

Chimeratech OTK. ( Ryo cards.)

Later on.

Perfect Circle ( Edo and Manjoume cards.)


Jack Atlus!!!

Season 1 ( Fortune Cup And Dark Signer Arc. Best!):

- Power deck ( Basically to bring out Red Daemons Dragon.)

Season 2 (  We had a good season so now we will crap it up arc.)

- Power Deck ( Hehe in the future Jack will get .... DA CRIMSON DEVIL!!!)

Has anyone thought about it this way???

Scar Red Nova is an Earthbound God that fought the Crimson Dragon into Submission.


Scar Red Nova = Crimson Devil

??????= Crimson Dragon

Crimson Dragon Has 5 Dragons

Why can't a Crimson Devil have 5 Devils? O.O

I mean...... 5Ds.....5 Dragons....5 Demons ( Fiend is the TCG Type name.)

And :

?????= Crimson Dragon

????? could be like Scar Red Nova and be a level 12 Synchro Monster!!!!!

Think about it!!!! =DDDDDD

They could even have been Brothers!!!!!

5000 years before the battle between the 5 Dragons + Crimson Dragon vs Earthbound gods.

C. Dragon : Bro Imma gonna go register 5Ds as 5 Dragons for a show in the far future, that ok with you dude?

C. Devil: NEVER!!!! You still haven't returned me ma TACOSSSS!!!!!

( 1000+ Punches and Kickes and Random attacks later.)

C. Dragon : IMMA WINNER!!!!!

C. Devil : Nuuuu!!!!!!

And because of this , the Crimson Devil was so Badass that even the Dark Signers didn't dare awaken him.....Pussies.

Hmmmmm, he is so badass that his a Synchro and Does not rely on a field spell to survive!!!!

Thats saying something!!!!!

5Ds Manga :

Fiend deck ( Based on equips ? )

Just my thoughts on 'Power' theme in Yugioh Animes:

3000 ATK ( BEWD, Armed Dragon level 10 , Red Daemons Dragon.)

Rivals tend to end up as the Main character's friend or was already a friend a long time ago.

Uses Support to summon out the 3000 ATK Beaters ( Paladin of White Dragon , the LV Theme, Vice dragon+ Dark resonator combo????)

Friendship is somehow considered a power.

So if you want to do well at Worlds ........Add more friends on Facebook!!!!!!

So before your round you post on your wall via laptop or IPhone App. some friendship absorb into power thing and you shall topdeck 5 tuners in 1 turn! Or better yet! Topdeck something horrible!!!


Do a Barrel Roll!!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just posting something : Playtesting for Worlds.


This would be a post dedicated to the random playtesting questions i've been doing alot lately for Worlds.

Still having trouble pinpointing which deck to run myself though xD .

Well there is usually a "rock,paper,scissors" effect going on .

Applying this in Yugioh:

Deck A beats Deck B

Deck B Beats Deck C

Deck C Beats Deck A

And etc and etc.

My only supporting theory that the Sidedeck can break this cycle along with the power of the irritating on and off factor called LUCK!!!!!

So according to my playstyle, I would require lesser reliance on luck and more on the synergy.

But luck will always be present especially in a card game like Yugioh.

But we can always choose to run cards that have that element of luck for our decks ( Ryko....yea.)

Machina Gadget, Lightlords and Black feathers are the topdogs for Worlds.

With no Infernities and no X Sabers , this leaves a vast gap for a couple of decks to take good shots in this event!!!

I have an uncanny feeling that people will be siding 2 System downs for Worlds lol!

But I keep getting people asking for side deck help and others asking if its necessary for D.D. Crow to be sided since there will be no Infernities at Worlds ( wow, thats one fast assumption!)

Hmmmmm, Yea I guess its up to you whether or not to side D.D. Crow, the key reason people have this dilemma is because they feel like there can be more important things to side in and out other than the Crows.

Crows hit Graveyard decks and if you want my opinion on this I'd say keep them in the side.


Because Infernities are out of the picture that does not mean that Lightlords/Lightsworn or Quickdraw plants or even Mass driver Frogs are out of the picture! =O

Look on the bright sight, no Starlight Road and no Gorz or Tragoedia enables you to let loose on those mental effects that your opponent can pull given the right situation.

So what is the moral of the story dear reader?  : Just playtest to the best of your abilities. Have the right amount of synergy ( More possible thanks to a certain pot from the recent set. ) but most importantly have FUN!!!!!

Concept of Fun in an competitive environment is possible.

      VS           VS    VS  

Diverse Format, alot of violent decks, rising stars vs the kings of previous formats........

What a nice World Qualifiers this will be!!! =D

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