Sunday, May 30, 2010

Infernity and Me and Black Feathers and me and Worlds and not me.

Hello and welcome to another edition of something that I am supposed to write.

Oh lookie a random 5Ds episode 111 Review! YaY! :

- So apparently kids aspire to be like Jack Atlus to the point where they start learning how to point like him and to the point where they netdeck his deck ( As in.....EVEN VICE DRAGON!!!!) but will still be missing the Red Daemons Dragon ......because thats Jack's soul and everyone knows that Jack's soul is made of pure Awesome so Awesome that it gave birth to Chuck Norris and BatmanfightingasharkAKAJawswithaLightsaber!!!!

- Jack did not lose to the child called Max , he had 1000 life points left because the thing possessing Max was too scared to reduce it to 0 for fear of Jack Atlus.

- Red Daemon Dragon's Reaction to Ancestor Bird's Effect is the new OMGWTFBBQSauce Face for 2010!!!!!

- Apparently you can go to Nazca from Neo Domino ( Assuming its in Japan) ON BIKE!!!! I think this applies to the Crash town arc too, is momentum so strong that the Bikes can go on Water?? O.O

Or they paid for shipping services and the waiting parts get cut from the episode.

- We shall safely assume that Ancestor Bird, Free Bird and that Suicidal Butterfly will be filler in the next set!

- Errr...... IRON BABY!!!!!!

So now we go into the actual post which is about my love love relationship with Infernity and Black Feather and my love love relatonship to everything related to Gadgets.

Infernities and Black feather/ Blackwing  all have ONE common enemy.

And that card is:

Holy/ Consecrated Light

And with Machina Gadgets on the rise here, be sure to be careful as Machina Gadgets ( Even the Anti-meta variant) and technically every other non-dark deck can just side in 3 of these.

Originally people thought of siding Fissure against it, because its ATK is 0 and etc, but so far I haven't heard of anyone actually succeeding in killing the Light with Fissure.

Just my tip for those running Machina Gadgets for worlds : 3 of Holy Light is your best friend.

But Synchro Cat may have trouble as it contains the Gravekeepers and Summon Priest.....just saying.

Alot of my friends have submitted their decklists but I am still not too sure what to USEEEEEE/ RUNNN!

This is horribad, at this rate I may be late for submission and rejected due to full slots.......

Either way it would'nt stop me from coming down to support my pals of doom!!!! Who will be going into this grand war where ALOT of horrible Decks with kill each other for a spot for a ticket to Worlds.

Hence we shall now dedicate this post to those brave souls going for worlds!!!!!

( Plays dramatic music and eats peanuts!)

Lightlords!!! Main or Side the Holy Lights!!!

Machina Gadgets!!! Side them !!!!!

Black Feathers!!!!! Extinguish the Light that seals your victory!!!!!

Infernity!!!!! Relax and shake leg!!!!!

Synchro Cat!!!!!! Do your best!!!! No seriously you need to!!!

Some other random non meta deck!!!!! Do .Not .Scrub.Badly!!!. If you are going down!!!! then don't lose!!!! Pull the rising ones down by at least 1-2 ing them!!!! WAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Mass Driver Frogs!!!!!  SHOOT THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!

Glads!!!!!  You are not Dead!!! You live on as a legacy to tag in and out and do horrible things to people with your big Bird!!! ( Sounds wrong.)

Quickdraw Plants!!! You must prove your Destiny!!!! Don't SCRUB TO BORA PIERCE TOKEN!!!!!

Moral of the story : Just go in , have fun, don't scrub too badly, and do your best!!!! =DDDD

Hmmm, apparently my peanuts jar's empty now X_x

Thanks for reading!!!!  ^_____O

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thoughts on stuff. 25/5/2010

1. Yugioh 5Ds has the potential to be called "The life and times of Yusei Fudo"

2. Lost season finale was pretty ok. I sort of get what the ending meant XD

3. School is like a virus that affects our daily things.True Story : I could be uploading a video right now if the school's internet connection to Youtube didn't suck.

4. Facebook= Something good in school.

5. I wonder how many people will be running Machiners/Machina at Worlds Qualifier.

6. LaDD is not really supposed to be main-ed these days, some of my pals sidedeck 2 of him.

7. Hey!Yusei didn't use a Speed Spell in his Duel with Robo-Centuar-temper-tantrum-man/Android-dude!

8. DT Storyline to sell new Decktypes? Yes please ^_^

9. Is it just me , or am I seeing more threads being locked or closed at Pojo? 0.0

10. Junk Destroyer and Trap Stun.........need we say more?

11. Frog decks are increasing.Obvious

12. Crack from D.D. And D.D. Crow.........nuff said.

13. We loves teh Kitty!

14. Dragon decks + SD19= More Powa.

15. Why is it so hard to get Snowman eater and Holy light over here? 0.0

16. Hero Beat is one hard to beat deck. May run 1 at locals in future.

17. Out of the three, Dragonequites is the easiest to Summon out . Not Shooting star dragon or Saviour Star dragon!

18. Tuning makes Quick Synchron Jizz in his......nevermind.

19. Mass driver frog vs Frog monarchs............YOU DECIDE! =DDDD

20. Why aren't more people running Jinzo returner OTK with Synchro Fusionist? 0.0

21. Super Poly makes me happy ^^

22. As of now , 6:10 PM, I finally found something I can run XD

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Worlds Qualifier 2010 : Deck choosing thoughts.


Didn't expect to see me back here didn't cha? O.O

Well I'm here to sort of surprise you reader by just posting here for now. Also along with the site of course.

I'm currently uploading more videos so it would take some time to write for the site and also because of my school projects and etc.

With Worlds Qualifiers for Singapore 2010 already announced with details and registration method , I guess I'm still on the fence on what to run.

Alot of people are on the fence on what to run.

The most obvious choice would be the deck that has been doing the best for me.....which is BF/BW.

But I think thats the problem, I didn't diversify my Tournament experiences and only stuck to testing the BF deck and all possible techs I have with it.

You should recall that I run Gorz inside but Gorz is a Promo so I will be switching Gorz out for Pot of Greederosity for the Qualifier should I choose to run BF/BW.

Dragon Exodia is still not completed X_x , hopefully I would be able to find the missing pieces soon.

Lightlords/Lightsworns are kinda tricky for me, for one I would actually go with the Sporelord variants due to the Synchro access but on the luck side....hmmmm.

Glads are still viable but I am out of practice for them.

Synchro Cat is pretty neat but the inability to run DCK and Raiou makes me a sad Panda =(

Machiner Gadgets seem to be a pretty good choice alongside BF/BW.

Quickdraw Plants are ready for Worlds in terms of Cards being jap and etc, but my BF/BW Deck tends to run it over.....and thats a bad sign.

Hmmmm, I haven't registered yet but what I will do is do some more testing.

I can give LS a shot, BF/BW is also a viable choice and maybe M.Gadgets has a good chance.

Hmmmmmmm, UNCERTAINTY!!!!!!!!!!

Or I could just not go for the event itself XD

Which would be kinda lame since I already sat out the previous Asia Qualifiers.

Either way, its good to be back for now, I need to catch up on uploading and posting stuff and still do school stuff but I'm ok with it lol! =D

Thanks for reading! ^^

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