Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Neuxcharge Comes clean! Truth revealed! and Secret exposed!

I Believe in Harvey Dent!!!!!

Hi guys,

Apparently my parents have gone missing!

Yes, I am serious.

My father and mother have left a pile of $$$ on my bedroom desk and a note on how to cook chicken rice on the fridge.

Sure , they were packing and talking about going to portsomething something but I thought they were going to pull an early April fools joke on me.

Turns out, they were Really going somewhere!

But I was so busy sleeping on my beloved keyboard that I did not notice lol!

Anyway, before they went gone gone my father sent me to Blogging school.


yes, Blogging school!

Now for those of you who know me on Facebook, you would have seen the distress beacon I shared as the class was in session.

However, I do have to say that it was a good class.

You want to know a secret I've been keeping since Sunday night?


I now own ma own WEBSITE!!!!!!


But problem is that its incomplete so I am looking for people who are familar with wordpress themes because thats the format of the site.

I have decided to run a Blogger Wordpress theme but have trouble putting in a cbox.

I would be importing the archives to the site soon so now its basically empty X_X

Still doing the links though.

One feature I would like to try out is the video feature that lets me upload videos from my com, thereby enabling you to watch my Youtube videos as well as other extra videos I put up on the site XD

Still, I am in need of help so feel free to comment I guess =D

Thanks guys!

Now heres the Site!


And no its not fake, Its real!

Thanks for reading guys! =D
I'm going off to mod the site! ^^

i'll let you know what will happen to this blog later, because apparently the site's Blogger and Wordpress theme features enable me to blog too! ^^

Thursday, March 25, 2010

GU GUUU GUUUU!! Episode 102 + 5Ds Cheating Skill!!!!!

Hi guys =D

Today is Thursday , and that means 5Ds Anime day! (Every Thursday!)

So how was today's Episode?

It was pretty good ^^

Only thing is that the last part kinda killed the Episode for me =(

Since Jean managed to nail Yusei's Deck to zero cards, all he needed to do was to end the turn then and there, Yusei has Nothing to save him and he would lose by deckout ( UNLESS : Yusei runs a card like Spirit burner that skips the draw phase!)

Instead, by suddenly gaining a sense of Honor ( AKA : Plot Stupidity written in at the last minute.) Jean decides to just go ahead and use the little Scapegoat Thingie to attack Rapid Warrior.

Yusei responds by using a new card so Random, So Convenient and So RETARDED!!!!



For 1 moment I really thought that Dragonquites would be the one who finishes off Jean!

But I liked how Yusei used Dragonquite's Effects to the fullest =D

I also liked how Yusei sort of mentally says that his theory for Accel Synchro lies in Fusion Summon!

I also like how the comments on the Video compare Yusei to Judai XD

Hopefully Jack's Synchro Fusion could be like : 1 Dragon Synchro + 1 Fiend Type

Aki ( If they ever make one.) : 1 Dragon Synchro + 1 Plant

Crow ( Dunno if they will do lol!) : 1 Dragon Synchro + 1 Winged Beast

O.O , just watched the previews........

Yusei: " You have taught us how to work as a TEAM!!!"

Hmmmmm, Team is a very touchy word when your the Main character........ Yea.

Yusei Solo-ing = Team.

And I know a couple of people noted that Yusei could just used Junk Synchron and Stardust as the Fusion materials but it would not be Epic if it was not used that way xD

But I kinda liked this episode, it brought back the Epicness of 5Ds when Yusei summoned out Dragonquites and everyone was like : " WOW!"

Pretty good sountrack usage too ^^

I do hope to see more of course!

Hopefully Team Catastrophe is smarter and Hopefully my hidden wish of Jack Atlus summoning out Trishula and punching the crap out of all his Opponents becomes a Reality!!!!


Anyway, onto some yugioh news:

Gold series 2010 for TCG has some new cards!

Including Infernity Archfiend in gold rare form!! YAY!

Errr , in OCG News the Central/Tokai Championships are over and the Top 4 and Top 8 decks can be seen in Shriek over here =D

Overview : Lightsworns win with 2 builds in the Top 4!!!

But I find the 1st place using 2 Cyber dragon and 1 Wulf to be abit awkward. But I guess it works well for the player =D

There was also a Gadget deck that got 4th and it looks really...........Yea , you have to see it for yourself XD

Hmmmm, either way I can't really analyze it without the deck distributions so I guess that will be for another time! ^^

Hmmmm, before we end : lol

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yamaguchi CS Analysis + Random stuff

I have always wanted to try and Analyze a championship in Japan.

So here is are the respective deck distributions in this Championship :

23x Black Feather

11x Meta Beat (5x Light Beat, 1x Light High Beat, 2x Village Beat, 2x Dino Beat, 1x Permission)

9x Gladiator Beast

8x Lightsworn
8x Cat (includes Demon Roar God)

7x Infernity


4x Diva-Gravekeeper

3x Gadget
3x Plant
3x Dragon

2x Cemetery-BF
2x Kurocon (Kurokishian Control)

1x Ritual Angel
1x Silk Milk (Monster-Only Deck)
1x {Gusta?} グスタ
1x Buster
1x Flamvell
1x Natural

1x Unknown

Taken from :http://ocgworld.twoday.net/stories/2232010-yamaguchi-cs-metagameanalysis/

It should be up on Shriek sooner or later. 

Total Participants : 96

Deck that Topped: Infernity as seen here .

Overall, Deck distribution was pretty fair but more towards the Blackwings/Black feathers side so it was not surprising to see it be filling up the Top 8 positions.

I am still surprised that Infernities in Singapore are not doing as well as the ones in Japan!

You! Stop netdecking Japan Infernities and just make your own Infernity deck!!! WARGH!!!

Anyway, this Championship had alot of interesting decks. I really wonder if the 1 Ritual Angel deck in this CS is the same one here.

And could Kurokishian Control = Black Knight Dark? 

What Surprises me More is the Near to 0 amounts of Gadget decks and 0 Machina Decks!

However, 11 Meta Beat decks makes me abit happy to know that there are people going against the meta AND Of All of them 1 made it into the Top 4 : DINO - BEAT!!!

And 1 Debris Hero made it to Top 8!

Looking good!

The Lightlord/Lightsworn deck in Top 8 does look abit weird imo.

I guess that kinda wraps up my first analysis of a Championship in Japan! If you can speak english and went to this on 22 March, do feel free to comment about it in the cbox XD ( I'll I.P. scan to make sure you be from Japan of course ^^)

Anyway, screenshots for the Next Episode of 5Ds AKA Tomorrow's Episode!


In Youtube News: 

Apparently I cannot become a Partner as Partnership does not extend to Singapore X_x

But its ok =D

I am still doing videos as Partnership was just icing on a cake to me ^^

Thank you for reading and Supporting My youtube blog =D

Take care! 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Deck analysis for 23 /3/ 2010

Hi all, feeling abit better now xD

Today , we look at a deck on shriek that is very interesting because it topped a 25 participant Tourney with a.... well you can see for yourself =D

See anything interesting?

Yea, its Frog Monarchs!

But wait!? Isn't that 3 D.D. Crows in the Main!???

And 2 Bottomless trap Hole in the side deck while 2 Dust tornado take its place in the main????


I kinda find this very interesting, abit more interesting than the Anti-meta Glads that Had alot of traps in previous Shriek news.

Either way there are 2 possible reasons for these Main deck choices:

1)Infernity was at large in this Tourney, and the player was lucky to face Infernity in all his rounds and happen to have that D.D. Crow in hand. ( Highly unlikely though)

2) All other 24 Participants were running jank ( This is harsh and most likely false, because by inferring that the Second place deck is Gladial Cat, which is imo a pretty neat deck , it would mean that there were players running meta decks here.)

Lets compare this deck to this deck :

I still find this deck to be too Epic.

One day I would like to see how far someone can go running this deck at locals in this format XD

Anyway, as you all should know by now .

TCG Infernities now have an Exclusive!

Now Infernities can run 4 Solemn Judgements!!!

Also, I have a feeling that Someone would be coming up with a Control build for Infenities that can control the game and whack when the Time is right with the Gun loop!

For OCG , This card would most probably be in Extra Pack 4, because Extra Pack only covers 4 Sets.



Vol 3 : RGBT , ANPR, SOVR, ABPF ( Hamster!)

Vol 4: TSHD. DREV , Something , Cool name.

So if OCG Was to be getting I. Barrier, it would be around Next year, which by then Konami would have RAEPed the deck by Limiting Gun and Archfiend and Trishula and that makes me a Sad sad human! =(

Either way , I am really interested in the TCG exclusives for TSHD because if ABPF Can make a furry become important to the meta, I would like to see a Cow next!

Infernity Cow!

Level 4 DARK Fiend Tuner

0 ATK/ 2100 DEF

Effect: When you control no cards in your hand while this card is in your graveyard, you can remove from play 1 Spell card in your grave to special summon this card . If your opponent has more than 1 Monster on the Field, this card's level can be treated as 1 ,2 or 3.

There! That would be a nice card!

Thanks for reading guys ! =D

Me going back to sleepyland!

Monday, March 22, 2010


It appears like I'm down with a flu Today =(

That doesn't mean that I can't do videos though , so now I'm finishing some of the videos and making them ready for Upload soon.

Today I tested quite a few decks.

But either way, I completed an Exodia deck today!!!

So , even though World Qualifiers is 3 Months or less away, I am already considering running something that is not Blackwings/Black feather. Probably because it would be full of LOL if an Exodia deck wins the Qualifier.

So heres a Build that I should be able to take to World's Qualifier!


1 Exodia
4 Of Mr. Exodia's Body parts
3 Battle Fader
3 Kuriboh
1 Winged Kuriboh
1 Mashmallion
1 Spirit Reaper


3 Hand Severing/ Destruction
3 Dark World Dealings
3 Upstart Goblin
1 Swords of Revealing light
1 Allure of Darkness

Traps - 15

3 Thunder of Ruler
3 Threatening Roar
3 Waboku
3 Jar of Greed
1 Gravity Bind
1 Solemn Judgement
1 Transmigration prophecy

Q:Why no Gold Sac, Legacy of Yata or Flute of summoning Kuriboh?

A : Because due to Asia Format, those are not allowed unless reprinted more than 1 month before the Qualifier.

Also found this image for the Yugioh 5Ds Manga :

Seems like a Tournament coming up in the 5Ds manga world.

Looks like Sherry, Boomer, That Flame skull dude, that guy from Season 1 who has not Appeared yet in this Season, Carly???, Kiryu??? Oh and Ushio.

Err, yea thats the lineup I guess.

Would this mean that Infernities and Fortune Ladies will be getting support from the Manga as well? O.O

What if Kiryu and Carly from the manga run different Decktypes than the Anime , I mean it does happen with the GX manga, why stop now?

Either way, I do hope I get better soon, because there are more videos for me to upload.

.......And more voiceovers for the deck videos XD

Hopefully my voice wouldn't be too affected to do a voiceover X_x

Thanks for reading ^^

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Then is then , Now is how?


It appears like I am having Upload problems for my Youtube again.

This has been a problem since the start of my Yugitubing Career and I believe that 1 of my 2010 New year's Resolution was to find a solution to making the upload time to 15 + mins.

My usual Upload time: 4 to 11 Hours. If it got above 6 Hours I just cancel.

Normal upload times for users: 15 mins to 1 hour.

Very strange. 0.0

I would like to request assistance from anybody who reads this . It would help if I could upload more videos at a go.

But anyway, I need to upload the videos as they include Infernity duels.

So Monday, I am not too sure if I am free, but most probably going around Singapore to scout the Infernity players in Singapore, I think the number of players are now around 6 or 7.

I also find it ironic that 1 week Black feathers dominate and this week Sporesworns dominate ( Referencing the Tourney at Khatib yesterday and Not the one in Jurong.)

It tells me that the meta is shifting, which is not unusual during this phase.

I am still finding a good Ritual build to play Perfect Herald.

I've tried the following builds:

RitualSworn ( Dump the Djinns by milling)

Tethys Draw

And even the Hand advantage engine that seems to be consistent , but starting hand needs to be good. And by Good , I mean Manju and alot of other stuff must be inside.

An Angel Ritual deck got Top 8 Here

I could be wrong, but Hamamatsu CS is not a small shop right? Its got enough players using Infernity and BF.

So after awhile I understood and acknowledged that the user of this Angel Ritual deck could have relied on his Side deck more than his Main deck and the 2 Mained Oppression could have been intended for Infernities.

But anyway, I am not giving up on Perfect herald because it seems like a very interesting concept, but maybe everyone going for the first turn lock could try for a prolonged duel and then go for the lock.

Lock would mostly be :

kristya and Perfect herald out on the field while you have around 4 to 6 Angels in hand. Nice!

Onto Lightsworns:

Lightsworns are seeing more play and I know I may be one of the few Bloggers who know that its definitely got a shot at becoming Tier 1.5 if the right Variant is found.

So far, Sporelord/ sworn is overtaking the Christia Variant because Spore is too cute and Awesome sauce! =D

Seriously though, Spore is very good!


1) I feel that MGS / Fabled in the TCG Have a really good chance to buck up in this format for some reason. But the only thing hurting it would be the lack of players playing it. Still Holy Wyvern OTK is fun!

2) For Gladiator Beasts. The Anti-meta build may be the way to go through this format thanks to Smashing ground at 3.

3) After much thinking, I would like to conclude that Hellway patrol should be used in 1 for Infernity while the second copy be sided in the Side deck.

Why? Because People overlooked the Fact that Hellway is a Fiend, had he been a Warrior , ROTA Would have more meaning in the deck.

ROTA is used to mainly search Gerpher , Hellway at 2 or 3 in an infernity deck could give you dead draws and Dead draws in Infernity can break the Handless combo.

I believe that Infernity are very strong and while I don't run Infernities ....yet, I feel that the mindset of the Players using the deck is already in the " If Infernities do not do the Loop on the First turn, then they will lose." Thats not a bad mindset, but that's also not the Only mindset the player can have right?

I feel that a change in a player's mindset affects the outcome of their duel. But how many mindsets can there be? Does this change dictate whether we are pro , noob or an Amateur .

Anyway, I have a feeling that this format would be very random. Reasons are because in Japan, Infernities are pitted against Balckwings whereas here in Singapore, we have Black feather topping 1 week and other decks topping in another.

And also, I am wondering how Japan has so many Infernities, I am estimating around 20-30 ish Players but I may be wrong.

However, Infernities would be assumed to be dead in September because Gun would most likely get hit and this was why I stressed over mindset earlier on, because if an entire decktype based itself around a loop you know they would be asking for trouble from the Banlist. =O

So, moral of the story : Keep changing and Keep Adapting! =D

Thanks for reading! ^^

Friday, March 19, 2010

To do list as of 20/3/2010 + Meta report

To do List:

Find a Lightsworn build that works ( Flame, Christia/Kristya, Spore etc.)

Field Test the New Zombie Synchro deck

Field Test Christia/Kristya Deck

Finish off the Angel Ritual Deck by Adding in the final cards.

Find the Hamster. 3 of them.

Find some Gravekeeper Spies ( 4 Spies will do.)

Stockpile Smashing ground.

Finish building Common Gadget deck.

Field Test Rock Stun

Film the Gauntlet Thingie.

Get own Website.

Create Neux Symbol

Acquire the Neuxmobile!


Today I went down to the Jurong locals. ( Gonna have to go to khatib locals next time lol, too much of one ! XD)

Anyway , the purpose to go there was to test my new decks.

Decks brought:

Another Neos Beat
Amaryllis Burn
Black Dark Knight
Zombie Synchro
Rock Stun

Analysis of theme decks:

1) Kristya Deck was awesome today, Kristya facing Infernity is too fun already!
Case senario : Discard Hecatrice for Valhalla and Special Summon Kristya! Infernity Player scoops!

2) Another Neos Beat proved to be very versatile against alot of decks, including Black Feather/Blackwing. I feel that it would be time to add Starlight Road in!

3) Gadgets were still Awesome today! The advantage generated was still enough to piss my opponent off! Also, I am surprised that not everyone has figured out the way to properly kill Gadgets ( Not telling you readers of course XD) I think a few of the people in locals got the idea though.

4) Amaryllis Burn Was disappointing today. I based the Idea around the Charge engine seen here:

I know alot of people saw this build awhile back, it would have been nice to use it for fun lol.

But from testing I'd say that the owner used many personal tech cards to his advantage. Probably to combat the meta in his area!

5) Black Knight Dark - Basically Birdman abuse deck and alot of nice nice stuff! Really fun! But I need More practice with it!

6) Zombie Synchro - Was not that strong, but still quite fun to use XD

7) Rock Stun - Worked better than I expected! =D

Anyway, today's Tourney had 10 Participants, yea thats abit too few but its strange since I noticed that a couple of Tournies in Japan are lacking in participants as well. Could everyone be busy this time around?

So the distributions were:

3 Lightsworn/Lightlord
3 Blackwing/Black feather
1 Gladiator Beast
1 Infernity
1 Kristya Deck
1 Gadget Deck

Top 4

1st - Gladiator Beasts
2st - Lightlord/Lightsworn ( Using Spore)
3rd-Kristya Deck
4th- Blackwing/Black feather

YAY! The lone Gadiator takes the Tourney!

But anyway, Summon Priest is not that good in Infernities.

Also, 3 Stygian Patrol /Hellway Patrol is overkill in I nfernities, run 1 to 2.

Trap dustshoot does shat to Infernities unless you do it on the first turn. Against Blackwings/Black feather Dustshoot does fine.

I am also yet to see an Infernity deck that uses Dragged down into the Grave inside XD

Overall, a nice weekend Tourney =D

Expect some videos soon ^^

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ZOMG Episode 101 review + 102 hype hype!


If you didn't see what Yusei would use to Win in the next episode I'll just tell you :

Yusei is going to use The Cover card in Duelist Revolution to Win!!!

ZOMG!!!! Fusions!!! My previous post about only Jack using Fusions is becoming abit invalid!!!!!

Surging Dragonic Knight Dragoequites

WIND Dragon Fusion/ Level 10

3200 ATK/2000 DEF

1 Dragon-Type Synchro Monster + 1 Warrior-Type monster.

This card cannot be Special Summoned from the Extra Deck except by a Fusion Summon. Once per turn, you can remove from play 1 Dragon-Type Synchro Monster in your Graveyard. Until the End Phase, this card's name is treated as that monster's name, and it gains that monster's effect(s). While this card is face-up on the field in Attack Position, and an opponent's card effect would inflict Damage to your Life Points, inflict that damage to your opponent instead.

Moral of the Story:

Yusei will TOPDECK Miracle Synchro Fusion!!!

BUT WAIT! Thats Not a Speed Spell!!!

So looking back at the Preview, we can see something looking like the Fusion speed spell in Yusei's Hand.

Squeeee!!!! Team Unidouche is finally going down!!!!

But this also means that Accel Synchro could be something thats different from these new Fusions that need Synchros as well.

Just a thought though , Yusei would probably use Stardust and Junk destroyer as the Materials as it needs 1 Dragon Synchro and 1 Warrior Monster. So why not?

And yes, Jean/John looks like a mental patient in this episode.

What, so your amazing plan to use your two teammates failed so Your going to assume that Yusei will lose to you because you have higher lifepoints and a bigger decksize ?

If there was anything I am supposed to learn from this WRGP arc is that arrogance will be your downfall.

So lets talk about Miracle Synchro Fusion.

Oh and just to let you know that Dragon's mirror can also bring out Dragonequites ( which is obvious to everyone by now XD)

I feel like the makers realised that the power of open-ended Fusion Materials can be applied to form a new form of Fusions. Hence the Synchro Fusions.

From the 5Ds anime, we can now safely assume that Synchro Fusions =/= Accel Synchro.

This would mean that more sets would be released to strengthen this current type of Fusions and that we can expect more stuff in future sets!

Also, notice the new sets ??? I feel like we would be getting our next generation Gladiator Beasts in a future set lol!

Also , have you noticed that DT09 Has spell support for a DT Archetype inside the set?

Yea, changes happening everywhere, it feels.............Familar.

Oh and yea I kinda came up with a decklist for this just in case, because we all know that Dragon's Mirror is UNLIMITED!

Surge of Equites

Monsters -18

3 Dark Horus
2 Red eyes Dark Wyvern
2 Dark Gerpher
2 Armageddon Knight
2 D-Hero Malicious
2 Dark Creator
1 Plague spreader Zombie
1 Sangan

Spells -15

3 Trade in
2 D.D.R.
2 Dragon's Mirror
1 Heavy storm
1 Giant trunade
1 Brain control
1 Future Fusion
1 Card destruction
1 Foolish Burial
1 Cold wave

Traps -7

2 Starlight Road
2 Bottomless trap hole
1 Mirror force
1 Torrential tribute
1 Solemn Judgement

Extra deck : 15

2 Dragonequites
2 Stardust dragon
2 Iron chain dragon
1 Black rose Dragon
+ 9 other synchroes!

Thanks for reading! =D

News News 17/3/2010

Welcome to another random post on new Yugioh Stuff coming up!

Well, the volumes 1 for 5Ds and 7 for GX have been announced.

But the VJUMP Seems to be having Sin truth Dragon.

This can be interesting because this could mean there would be some weird ( insert random condition made up in 10 minutes that is not like the method done in the Movie thingie) Method.

It could end up like Darkness Neosphere!!!!

I mean, makes abit of sense since Sin truth needed Sin world while Neosphere needed the Darkness field spell for Darkness's Combo of doom!

Hmmm, new cards announced in Duelist revolution.

These include the Unicorn cards .

And guess what?

Thunder Unicorn is nuked down and does not have its remove from play itself effect or that come back from the remove from play zone effect. It does however have a weakening effect which is abit weak.......

Even though the effects are not confirmed, I believe in the powa of ma Source!

In other words : Andore has such skillful cheating skills that he can scam our real life counterpart of thunder unicorn while he keeps the one which does all the good stuff >=

Start Rant:

( Insert a 1500 Word Essay of the importance of character balance and include Explains from 7 other Animes outside the Yugioh Franchise!) ( 25 Marks)

End rant .

I get the feeling that alot of these cards would be filler or foreshadowing of future decktypes used in 5Ds, Scrap could be Yusei, but it does not feel like him, perhaps someone in later episodes?

Overall, the Revolution is basically the enhanced Fusions where Synchros can be used as Fusion materials, which is honestly not such a bad idea but it makes me wonder if this is Accel Synchro-ing!

Maybe the art of Fusion is rare in the future ( Makes sense why only the Great Jack Atlus can fuse stuff!)


Anyway, this one seems abit interesting to me

Different Dimension Unicorn Knight
Level 4 Light Beast

1800 ATK/900 DEF

This card cannot be Normal Summoned, this card can only be Special Summoned by this effect. When your opponent controls a monster and you control a Tuner monster, you can Special Summon this card from your hand.

This one too,

Unicorn Beacon

Normal Spell

Select 1 of your Level 5 or lower removed from play Beast-Type or Winged Beast-Type monsters. Remove from play 1 card in your hand, and Special Summon that monster in face-up Attack Position.

Winged Beast means Blackwings/Black Feather nowadays!

201003171911000.jpg 201003171912000.jpg201003171913000.jpg201003171913001.jpg


I kinda like the Artwork!niaa!!!!!

Especially Scrap Dragon ( Upper Center ) and Dragonquites!

Credit to this site for the info! =D

Also, in TCG Meta News:

I keep hearing that Hamster decks are becoming meta!!!

And this makes me Happy!

So without further ado, to all Singaporean readers, should you be so Lucky and get this card

Please inform me as I would like to buy 3 or 6 ( If possible) of him and take his furry power into the OCG Tournies to LOL Pwn the crap out of people who laugh at Hamsters!

Seriously though, that card is making people side in Mirror of Oaths and Nobleman of crossout and Man I want it because not many people here side Nobleman of crossout!!!! WATGH!

That is all for today! =D

Ending thoughts : I would really like to find an Infernity duelist to film because the number 1 matchup people keep PM-ing me for is :

Blackwings/ Black feather Vs Infernities!

Thanks for reading! ^^

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sidedecking 102/101/10what?


Today I was looking through a very old thread on Pojo ( I believe alot of people would remember it if you know Pojo =D)

Problems I noticed on how people tend side deck in Tournies is when they :

-Don't know what to side in or out for their match.

- Assume that what they sided in will come out all the time

Alot of players ( Especially new ones.) Have trouble finding what card to side deck before they enter Tournaments.

Since you cannot alter the side deck while the Tournament is in progress, you would have to make your 15 card side deck count......alot.

WARNING: Long Simulation post below!

You would need to know what decks are in your meta or locals before making your side deck.

So lets start small .

Locals : Roughly 16 to 24 particpants would join.

Lets use a 4 round Swiss format as the simulation.

You know your locals has a rough gathering of Blackwing/Black Feather players. A small group of Gadget users and a few players using Gladiator Beasts.

So we begin the scouting phase:

Who would normally join Tournaments ?

This is quite important if your scouting potential players you would face in the Swiss rounds. Also , there are players who play Competitive decks but do not join Tournies , meaning they are either casual players or random competitors ( Players who join at random times.)

What deck consistently Tops in your Local Tournament?

This is an important part that can dictate what you would put in the sidedeck. Reason being that there will always be people awed by the success of a certain decktype that wins Tournies ( Blackwings/Black Feathers, Anything, etc.) and would hope to replicate that Success with their own Resources.

By doing so, you would expect to see more players of that Decktype and will be in need of a sidedeck against that decktype that now has a larger following.

This concludes the Scouting Phase.

There, that wasn't so hard now was it?

Now onto how you choose your sidedeck.

You need to know what deck you are using.


Because if you do not know this you would probably go and side in 3 Consecrated/Holy Light in your Blackwing/Black Feather deck!!!!!

So what do you need to know?

1) Your deck


2) Your format

Format is easier because its what everyone needs to know to stay current. One problem is that the Format tends to change alot given the release of new sets and innovations of decks.

But following the simulation, we are set at your locals.

So what deck would you be running?

Anything that you can afford or anything you are willing to use.

But since this is a Simulation, we have to roleplay abit.

So now you suddenly have a Blackwing/Black Feather Deck, Main deck, Extra deck but no Sidedeck.

Now you are interested in building a sidedeck as you would like to try out your local Tournament.

You have mastered all understandings and workings of Tournament processions and have mentally prepared yourself from any mental damage losing a Match can give you.

So you were abit overly paranoid???

Yea, in a sense.

Rule of thumb for Sidedecks:

A deck consisting of 1 to 15 cards of your choice that you can access to alter your main or Extra deck ( Yes, you can side out Synchros AKA I wanna use Arcanite Magician in my extra deck now! so scram Catastor!)

It is not compulsory ( But it helps if your meta is too competitive for your deck to handle.)

It will NOT 100 % Guarantee your victory . ( Think of it as a sidekick to help your deck!)

Back to the simulation:

You scout your locals on the day of the Tourney itself ( Which is abit of a bad thing because its sometimes better to prep your sidedeck before the actual day itself, but your still learning so we'll take this slow.)

Good thing you brought alot of Side deck stuff to build the Side deck!

There are 16 Participants today.

12 Blackwings ( Including you)

2 Gladiator Beasts

1 Monarch deck

and 1 Anti-meta Deck.

So , using this amazing device called " Your brain" , you deduce that you would be in alot of BW/BF Mirror matches today.

So since its a 4 Round Swiss , you COULD get paired like:

Monarch or Glad

Or something along those lines.

You know that all decks in this Tournament would rely on S/t for some of their more important plays ( Glads: Chariot, BF: Black Whirlwind etc.)

So Dust tornado or Malevolent Catastrophe would help.

But wait!

You also remember that the shipment of Starlight Road tins were out last week and everyone in this locals have their own number of Roads in them.

This would mean that Malevolent Catastrophe may not do so well in your side deck.

Also considering that you may require your own Black Whirlwind to stay on the field, Catastrophe may hinder you at some point.

So Dust tornado it is.

But how many?

you know that using 1 would not do that much ( You may not even draw it.)

So 2 to 3 is a good range , but i'll leave you to choose what number suits you.


So basically , your thought process should be something like:

This Card! >>> What does it do? >>>> What to use it against? >>> How many to put ?? >>>

What do I side out for it?

So using Dust tornado as an example :

>>Dust Tornado !

>>>It destroys my opponent's s/t! and lets me set 1 s/t !!!

>>>> Opponent's s/t cards that could hinder me later on in the game!

>>>>> I dunno , maybe 2 or 3

>>>>>> Maybe something that proves to be not that effective in your duel.

Apparently this thinking process can be integrated into your subconscious to the point where you are doing it on instinct.

I'm gonna have to cut this post short, so remember to consider and evaluate yourself as you perform your siding in and Siding out =D

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

More testing and meta report for 13/3/2010


Hello reader,

Today ( which apparently is actually 14/3/2010 since I am writing this abit late!) I am doing up some interesting footage.

So Today in this blogpost shall = 13 March and not 14 march!

Today I went down to JE Locals to join the Starlight Road competition.

The Organiser wanted to clear off his Jap Starlight Road but apparently TCG Starlight Road tins are out in Singapore now!

So I secretly got 3 tins .

HOWEVER. I was so busy dueling in a Casual duel against a very strong Kristya deck that I FORGOT to sign up for Tourney XD

So I brought the following today:

Anti-Meta glads

Black Feather/Blackwing

D.D. Eatos ( I used it 1 or 2 times)

And Lightlords ( Which sucks in a mirror match but was awesome in Casual X_x)

So here is a step by step guide to my day.

Tourney details :

There were 10 participants , 7 Blackwings, 2 Lightsworns and 1 Gadget deck

Top 4 were

1st: BW
2nd: LS ( Impressive in my opinion.)
3rd and 4th : BW

Argh! Little Gadget did not make it despite Main decking 3 Trap Hole! XD

But its ok, his a Budget player ( Something I am not to be honest.)

Anyway, before I left my house I finished my 3rd Gadget deck!

Now I have 3 Gadget decks! ( Oppression, Machina and this new one is Budget!)

YAY! Sakuretsu Armour FTW!

And I used up my spares to make a Blackwing Main deck for training my other decks! ( Shares Extra deck with already existing BW Deck.)

Moral of the story : Me crazy!

Anyway, locals were pretty ok, did not really pay attention to the duels as i was too engrossed dueling the Kristya deck that I memorized it by Heart!

So here it is!

Mental Netdeck mode


Mr Long's Kristya deck

Total 40


3 Archlord Kristya
3 Darklord Asmodeus
3 Hecatrice
3 Nova Summoner
3 Tethys
2 Honest
2 Athena
2 Herald of Orange Light
1 Sangan
1 Grand mole

Spells -14

3 Valhalla
3 Creature Swap
1 Pot of Avarice
1 Heavy Storm
1 Brain Control
1 Lightning Vortex
1 Giant trunade
1 Smashing ground
1 Card destruction


2 Royal Decree
1 Call of the Haunted

Dunno if this is an exact mental copy of what I saw.......


Props to the guy who made it!!! =D

Hmmmmmm, after testing Lightsworns and Black feather and the Anti-meta Glads I realized that the Tourney started.....

Yea, that was a bummer.

But I really felt like Filming SOMETHING For Youtube.

Only problem is that there were too many Black Feather decks around.

I did find a Counter dragon deck that works really well!

But it was still in testing phase as the owner was finding room for some cards.

But it was filmed nonetheless!

next was the Gadget deck that was in the Tourney.

After looking through his side, I realized that the reason of his loss was because of the sidedeck.

The main deck was irritating to Blackwings ( And that was a good sign)

But he was a budget player , hence the lack of Dimension Prison.

It would be relly interesting to see him get into 4th or 3rd. Which I believed he could do , should his power of $$$$ allow him to.

Hmmmm, alot of Black feather decks around.

I am very interested in perfecting the Anti-meta Glads I brought.

Its mostly based on the one I analyzed in an earlier post, but outfitted to my style.

However, my version was made to kill Blackwings and it does that Really well!

However, I find myself at a loss at times using it and sometimes have trouble against other decks as a result AKA Gadgets because of the 3 Smashing ground and 3 Fissure thing.

Basically, the Anti-meta Glad's main reason for existence is to beat Blackwings.

But its not fully completed.

But then again, doesn't mean I can't show it to you! =D

Anti- Meta Glads


2 Raiou
3 Equeste
2 Laquari
1 Bestiari
1 Reitiari
1 Murmilo
1 Hoplomus
1 Cyber dragon
1 Andal
1 Darius
1 BF-Gale


3 Book of moon
3 Gladial Proving ground
1 Smashing ground
1 Heavy storm
1 MST ( May remove this.)


3 Compulsory evac device ( Hurts BW/BF More than people think!)
2 Widespread Ruin ( May change to D. Prison)
2 Dark Bribe
2 Starlight Road ( Great in this deck! =D)
2 Bottomless trap Hole
2 Icarus Attack ( Tested this out today, have mixed feelings about this card..)
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Mirror force
1 Solemn Judgement

Sidedeck -15

1 Cyber dragon
1 Retiari
1 D.D. Crow
2 Nobleman of extermination ( I only have 1 copy of this atm.)
2 Gladial War Chariot ( I side this in against Infernities.)
2 D. Fissure
2 Fissure
2 Dust tornado
1 Lightning vortex
1 Trap Stun ( May remove this)

Extra Deck: 15

2 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
3 Gyarus
2 Heraklinos
2 Stardust dragon
1 BF Armour Master
1 Catastor
1 Brionac
1 Trishula ( LOL! I would love to try if I have 1 here! XD)
1 Black rose dragon
1 Goyo Guardian

Overall, I am nearly at a loss on what to remove or add. But I will come back to this deck sooner or later since its doing pretty well in its testing phase!

Anyway, where was I?

So I did some filming and filmed my friend's Prisma Glads deck....Which I would definitely do a Voiceover over! XD

Overall, it was an Ok day.

Props :

-Finally getting footage for Youtube even though its abit too little X_x

-Testing went well for the decks I brought.

-Got my Starlight roads at last!

-Had fun dueling the Kristya Deck, Gadget deck and Counter dragon deck!


-Forgot to sign up for the Tourney!

- Feeling sleepy now! But I still have to finish the footage niaaa!!!!


-Lightsworn are significantly slower but still alive.

- Chaos Hole wrecks Blackwings more than I expected!

- The fact of Stopping the first Blackwing summon is true.

- Icarus needs to be timed properly to work at best! Don't Icarus just because you can! You may get Starlight roaded!

-Starlight road in my Blackwing decks kinda sucks XD

- Compulsory evac device =Good card for disrupting the Opponent!

- BF Blizzard is too good in this format!

-Breeze is abit Pointless now. Black Feather treasure is proving to be pretty good as the replacement for Allure now.

-Budget players are still pretty good in this format!

Thanks for reading guys!/Girls!/Cows! Take care! =D

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