Sunday, January 31, 2010

Time for Evil!

Will do the remainder of the deck videos when I get back ( now out of the house using laptop =D)

Apparently, there have been alot of theme decks lately.

Could this be a sign that people are trying to anticipate the March Banlist?

A few reasons why I don't feel like uploading that many Deck videos

1) Banlist is coming out in a month.

2) This is my Exam month.

3) Errr, there is no  3.

Today we look at the Power of Evil!!!!!

What could be more evil than.......THE INTERNET! MUAHAHAHHAHAHAA!

Nah, the power of evil is being human and God wants to Destroy us all because his lost faith in us and its up to Archangel Micheal to save us by cutting his own wings off and going to some toy factory to stock up on ALOT of guns and Kick ass!

That would sound more like a Movie though, not sure what.

So heres the weekly Singapore OCG meta :

E Heros increased in usage over here, with builds on the Shining and Zero seeing more play and Gungir seeing more play in Zero builds with Debris dragon as WIND Material for Great Tornado.

D.D. Based decks.........seems to have come to a halt for awhile ( Could the Banlist hurt D.D. Eatos? Highly unlikely.)

DT Decktypes : Increased in usage ( To be honest, this is just from seeing my friends play so I could be wrong on this.)

I saw 2 Disaster Dragon decks at locals on Saturday so maybe its making an entry over here?

Onto Video news:

I am trying to film my empty Jar deck review, but apparently I have been out of touch and doing too many Voice-overs, so it may take awhile.

Also , for the issue concerning the Upcoming banlist affecting Deck videos. I think i'll state my concerns in one of the deck videos.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away.......

Neuxcharge thinks to himself about the DT Monster sets:

Flamvells: ok I guess

Neo Flamvells: Haven't tried

Jurac : Pretty good

Genex : only controller is nice

Real Genex: Kurokishan solo FTW!


Worms: eh?

Mist vally : Soldier and a couple of them are worth trying out.

Ice Boundary: Brionac, Trishula and the Synchros are worth it, monsters hmmmm maybe later.

Natural : Abit tricky to use, but I feel like making the deck lol! looks so adorable!

Ally of Justice : Not sure what to think lol.

Dragunity : Pretty interesting

Magoshin/Fiend roar deity: Steals the show and is said to be the LS od all the DT Sets.

X Saber: Cool!

XX-Saber : I still like! Better than X-Sabers and can be considered X Sabers too!


Any interesting decks for today?

Well, let me access my brain


Decklist found


3 Caius the Shadow Monarch
3 D.D. Survivor
3 Cyber Valley
2 Raiou
2 Dekochi that Demonic Train thingy ( Read a couple of threads on Pojo and this seems to be nice tech.)
1 BF Gale
1 Morphing Jar
1 Spirit Reaper


3 D. Fissure
2 Allure of Darkness
2 Book of moon
1 Brain control
1 Mind control


3 Macro Cosmos
2 Bottomless trap hole
2 Starlight Road
2 Dark Bribe
2 Dimensional Prison
1 Mirror force
1 Torrential Tribute


A Marco Deck!

But but.... only 3 Caius doesn't make it Marco monarch? What is that?

Well, thats apparently a D.D. Deck, I won't make it though because I don't have Starlight Road.

So what about.....


I have been asked a couple of times on the upcoming "Infernity format" and apparently crafted a likely theory that more players are using D.D. Decks in hopes to counter Infernity.

Errr, apparently this will also mean that D.D. Eatos will be staying around for some time if players think that its
a good answer to Infernities.

Personally, I think Infernity is going to be pretty nice to play =D really hope to film a couple of Infernity duels when the set comes out.

So without further ado, here are some speculated theories on the next meta:

Infernity / BF / D.D. Eatos - Abit likely.

EHEROS/ Machiners/ D.D. Eatos/ BF - Hmmm, not sure about this setup , maybe throw in Infernity?

BF/ D.D. Eatos/ HAMSTERS! - Errr, hamster love much?

Singularity Mode ACTIVATE!

Machiner- Has a chance but should finalize on the best build

EHEROs- Quite likely, its past the point of being a "everyone plays this" kind of deck so why not try for top?

Infernity - Hype or not? Lets wait for 20 Feb!

BF- LS too weak to fight back??? Or will Black Whirlwind get hit by the Banlist? lets wait and see

D.D. Eatos - Infernity is a graveyard based deck, will we still see Eatos after the Banlist?

G.B.- Still an underdog deck in TCG, will they come back? will Bestiari ever get semi-ed? lets wait and see!

Anti-Meta decks- Still a possibility , D.D. Eatos was initially considered an Anti-Meta deck, until it grew out into its own kind of deck.

Gadgets- Me wants MOAR Gadget fame!


Overall, we are still in the "lets wait and see" phase, and this is my most hated phase of the meta, because this is also when we become more careful and play safer decks in hopes to bypass the Banlist.

Have a fun day guys! And expect a couple more videos this week! =D

Saturday, January 30, 2010

30/01/2010 ( Yesterday)


12:34 PM 31/01/2010

Just got home from Locals at Jurong East today, nearly missed the Last train nia!!

Now doing alot of video footage work. So anticipate alot of videos ( Mostly with my voice.)

Today, I brought My newly finished Empty Jar OTK Deck and it worked pretty consistently!

I got footage which will be voiced over in hopes of teaching Yugioh dudes about Empty jar XD

Also , Got some Eatos Footage! YAY!

Overall, Saturday 30/01/2010 was a filming day =D


11:39 AM  31/01/2010

TOOT! Fell asleep Again!

Uploaded a few of the videos , still doing a couple more.

What to blog now....hmmmm.

Well, alot of people are asking me for the decklists for alot of decks. not sure how to feel X_X

Yesterday ,I saw 2 People playing Disaster Dragon.

Yea, I would type about this deck but I am too lazy X_x

I decided that I shall do my best to upload as much as I can today , I will upload the duels first and then the decks.

Ally Genex looks pretty fun, hope more people would play it.

but yea, its time I got to do some vids, will blog back later! =D

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Psycho! ( Fake title, read post if you want to know new things!)

Greetings and Welcome to another edition of Stuff!

Fun things you can do :

- Bring around a Dimensional King Drain deck ( you know.... Babaros Skill drain with Gemini spark and D.D. Elements.) I bet that Alot of people will immediately assume that its D.D. Eatos ( Like everyone from khatib and Jurong east were like ," OMG , you playing D.D. Eatos!( LALALALAAWHine BLaha!) "

- Find More Ally Genex Birdman


Lvl 3 Dark Machine /tuner/

By returning 1 face-up monster you control to your hand, Special Summon this card from your hand. If the returned monster was a WIND monster, this card gains 500 ATK. When this card is Special Summoned by this effect, it is removed from play when it is removed from the field.

I know that ALOT and I mean ALOT of people are blogging about how good this card is, And IT IS! You should believe them.

At first, he may look like a Genex that follows the Mist valley theme ( Returning Stuff ) But him being level 3, a DARK and A Tuner and being able to recycle monsters that you want to use more than once!

Like EHERO Airman/Stratos! Obvious!

- Oh noes! Random Fiend Beatdown Decklist has appeared!


3 DoomCaliber Knight
3 Battle Fader
3 ArchFiend Soldier
3 Tragoedia
3 Caius the Shadow Monarch
2 Dark Resonator
1 Sangan


3 Solidarity
3 Book of moon
2 Allure of Darkness
1 Heavy storm
1 Brain Control
1 Giant Trunade

1 Lightning Vortex


3 HATE BUSTER : Me <3 this reprinted in DT08 Card!
2 Bottomless trap Hole
1 Solemn Judgement
1 Mirror force
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Call of the Haunted

Deck is Self explanatory, Just use Fiends and BEAT!

Thought that this was a deck on Birdman? Nuuu!

To make things More psycho, lets talk about DRAGUNITY!

Dragunity is a DT Archetype that Specializes in Synchro Summoning.

How do they achieve this? The Equip themselves onto Other Winged Beast or Dragon monsters in a Similar fashion like the Cyberdarks!

A main strategy Offered here is using this guy


                                                         Dragunity- Phalanx

                               Lvl 2 WIND Dragon Tuner
                                 500 ATK / 1100 DEF

                                        Effect: Activate only if this card is equipped to a monster due to it being treated as an Equip Spell Card by a card effect.Special Summon this equipped card to your field. This effect can only be used once per turn.

He will be our Main tuner for Dragunities!

Combine him with


            Dux                            Legion            and            Primus Pilus

These non tuners help serve as good Synchro Material with Phalanx!

Dragunities have Knights, and these Knights are their Synchro forms , and they too follow the Same equipment concept but mostly to boost their ATKs.

Support cards one could use are Cards like :

- Icarus Attack ( Their non tuners are Winged beasts.)
- Instant Fusion
-WIND ART Miyabi. ( Their All WIND.)
- Blackwing/Black Feather theme! ( This forms Dragunity Wings!)
- HARMONY'S TREASURE! ( Most of their Dragon Tuners have less than 1000 ATK!)
- REDMD ( There are some builds that just run the Dragunity Tuners. Due to their levels being quite low, Synchro with higher level monsters is easier!)
- Dark Simourgh ( Not highly recommended may need to be tested.)
-Genesis Dragon ( If your running the Dragon build, this would be nice!)

Heres a Dragon Build.


3 Core Chimar Drago
3 Dragunity Phalanx
2 Dark Horus ( Optional)
2 Red Eyes Wyvern
2 Dragunity Black Spear
1 Genesis Dragon
1 Sangan
1 Gorz
1 BF Gale ( Dragunity Black Spear can revive this.)

Spells- 13

2 Allure of Darkness ( Genesis Dragon can help you search for targets.)
2 Harmony's Treasure ( Genesis Dragon can help you search for targets.)
2 Trade-In ( Genesis Dragon can help you search for targets.)
2 Instant Fusion
1 Future Fusion
1 Heavy Storm
1 Giant Trunade
1 Brain Control
1 Mind Control

Trap - 8

3 Wind Art Miyabi
2 Starlight Road
1 Solemn Jugement
1 Mirror force
1 Call of the Haunted

Extra deck:

3 Stardust Dragon
2 DarkFire Dragon ( lvl 4 DARK Dragon Fusion, your instant fusion target!)
+ 10 Generic Synchros

I see Alot of Potential for this deck! Someone , if you do make it and test it, let me know of the Results!

Have a Fun day readers! =D

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The power of underuse.

Hi all! =D

Today , we look at 2 under used but nice cards.

Time Machine and Miracle Reborn ( Afteglow of a Miracle)

Time Machine


Normal Trap

Effect: Activate only when a monster is destroyed by battle and sent to the GraveyardSpecial Summon that monster to the same side of the field it was on, in the same battle position it was in when destroyed.

Afterglow of a Miracle

Normal Trap

Effect: Special Summon 1 monster from your Graveyard that was destroyed by battle this turn to your side of the field.

So heres a Random deck that By right SHOULD Look familar if you play EHEROS or any Babaros decks .

FINE! BE THAT WAY ! little one!

GO !

Another Neos Beat : You can't Kill me!

Guess starring Babaros as " I will become 3000 ATK After you kill me the first time!"

Monsters -17

3 BeastKing Babaros
3 EHERO Alius
3 Thunderking Raiou
3 Honest
2 EHERO Ocean
1 Gorz
1 EHERO Stratos
1 Sangan


3 Miracle Fusion
2 Parallel world fusion
2 E Call
1 Heavy storm
1 Brain control


3 Afterglow of a Miracle
2 Time Machine
2 Bottomless trap Hole
2 Hero Blast
1 Call of the Haunted
1 Mirror force
1 Solemn Judgement

AHA! A Babaros deck with no skill drain.......FAIL!

TOOT YOU Feeble minded grasshopper!

Skill drain is in


Side deck - 15

2 Twisters
2 Mirror of Oaths
2 Light Imprisoning Mirror
3 Dust Tornado
3 Skill drain
3 Dark Bribe

...........its just an expensive Sidedeck that enables above Main deck to side out into Skill drain Babaros , Wheres Gemini Spark? FAIL!

Me : Stop trolling me nub nub man!

Gemini spark can be fitted in both Main and Side.

Use that thing you call a brain! =D

Extra Deck:

3 EHERO The Shining
3 EHERO Absolute Zero
3 EHERO Gaia
2 EHERO The Great Tornado

But you know that Afterglow and Time MACHINE Cannot bring back the Fusions? FAIL!

Me: TOOT LA, I know but I bet your trolling this blog post in hopes of achieving Something. BUT THIS IS NOT YOUR DAY! TROLLMAN!

???: Eh?


??? : Toot la, you again!

                                 < Lots of offscreen violence later.>

This deck should be tried out because :

Reviving a 3000 ATK Babaros after Opponent Suicide a Raiou into it is fun!

EHERO The Shining..........must I say more?

Time Machine works on Opponent monsters too! So you can Torture!

Example :

Opponent's Attack Position Sangan gets killed by Raiou , Use TIme Machine to revive Sangan and Whack again, do this while laughing and saying :" Search la, Search la!!!!!" to which the Opponent feels the feeling of sianage!

Sianage is a new term coined by EHERO Kamen Rider 555! It means that your damn sian to the point of sianness!

That didn't make sense? then it shouldn't ! =D

People should never forget the Past! because if we do, then we won't remember how Joey used Graverobber in the Duelist Kingdom arc to use Time Machine to somehow revive Red Eyes Metal Dragon Against Bandit Keith!

.............IN CHINA!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Speculation time! ( 5Ds Anime)

Lately there have been alot of speculations on the Banlist and I have seen Alot of random stuff ( By random I mean people suggesting that Tribe-infecting virus be unbanned and Ab Zero Semi-ed.......why?)

Truth be told , I do not like to talk about the Banlist that much, so lets talk about 5Ds again like I always usually do.

In Anime News:

Episode 93 has been bogging in my head so I decided to pour some concerns and speculations ( Yes, it is ok to speculate about the Anime all the time because its fun + The writers may not know what their doing.)

Firstly, 5Ds is usually compared to Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal skulls , with Crow hiding in
a Fridge to escape a massive dark cloud , mayan and Incan things happening and whatnot.

However, Episode 93 shows us that its becoming more like the Matrix and Terminator Salvation fused together.

So , After  reading through this Speculation thread :

On a side note:

Anyone thinking that Bruno was intended to be the final boss of this season after he gets his memory back? 0.0 SPECULATION!!!!

Heres a neat Theory someone came up with at Janime:

Originally Posted by ???
Above all, the thing they encountered inside the computer looks like two things we've seen before:
1. A Kikoutei core
2. A Jibakushin's heart.

Let's look at some facts we know.
1. Both Kikoutei and Jibakushin are larger-than-average monsters and have special connections to their owner.
2. Both of them are summoned into the real world as well as into the game. (Evident by the Kikoutei casting shadows.)
3. Synchros were used to take down most of the Jibakushin we've seen - the very same mechanic that Kikoutei were designed to counter.
4. One of the defining aspects of Jibakushin were that there could only be one on the field at a time, whereas the Kikoutei work together. (Evident by the effects we have.)
5. The Three Paladins are members of Yliaster, the organization that 
de facto triggered Rudger's Dark Signerhood and one of whose important members - the 360th Star Guardian, Rex Godwin - was a Dark Signer.

Speculation henceforth:
The Kikoutei are evolved versions of the Jibakushin, enhanced and split into parts. Yliaster have learned from their past mistake, and gave their champions something to counter the Signers better. It's not "alien technology" as has been suggested before, it's merely adaption. The tablets contain whatever information is needed to modify the Jibakushin into becoming Kikoutei.
The two Kikoutei we've seen so far include a giant and a bird. The three first Jibakushin to be summoned were Ccapac Apu, Ccarayhua and Aslla piscu, in that order. This suggests that Jose-el would be reptile.

People are also talking about the eye that was in the core in that Matrix room and how it looks like Yusei's eye turned upside down.

Another theory is that That is Yusei ......from the future? Not too sure though it sounds to far-fetched.

Below is Something I wanted to sig, however it was too long so that blows X_x

From Janime on Episode 93 :

Originally Posted by ???
Lol, the Security Door with duel inputs. I suppose a future toilet can't be probably utilized until the Life Points drop to 0 too.

Oh, wtf how is a tazer attached to a duel disk. I want a Swiss Army Knife Duel Disk.
I can just picture that,
Guy: Oh god, i gotta take a dump! *goes to public bathroom*
Toilet: Security Anti-Prankster activate. Duel Mode Engage
Guy: I gotta take a dump!
Toilet: *flashes and the guy's duel disk activate* Draw.....
Guy: Come on come on! (ok, my hand is good, i'll kill it soon)
Toilet: Draw. Finished.
Toilet: Monster Set.
Toilet: Spell Or Trap Set.
Guy: My turn now?
Toilet: A Second Spell Or Trap Set.
Toilet: Magic Card Activate...
Guy: .....what card is it?!
Toilet: ......Card Destruction. Opponent Discards hand and Draws Five Cards. Draw Two Cards for self. Draw.....
Guy: *Draws the five cards*
Toilet: Draw. Finished. Draw...
Toiler: Draw. Finished. Turn end.
Guy: Draw! Summon Breaker The Magical Warrior and then i activate-, why doesn't it activate?
Toilet: Trap Card Open.....
Guy: *beads of sweat drop as his veins start popping*
Toilet: Bottomless Trap Hole...... your.....
Guy: no....
Toilet: Monster.... is removed..... *crashes*
Guy: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH... i need new pants now *goes to pants store* i would like this pair please.
Cashier: Sure, *registers* Ok, that'll be 35.50 and you need to defeat me in a duel *activates duel disk*

The end!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Movie where 3 dudes fight 1 dude to save us all..........Again!

Hi guys ,

So what was Mr Charge doing the past 1 week other than Studying for his exams in Feb, Duelling awkward decks and scouting all his internet info breakers for information about the Yugioh 10th Anniversary movie so he can eventually blog about it blah bah ha?

Hi, today we shall be talking about the Yugioh Movie that was released in cinemas in Japan yesterday on 23/01/2010.

From my various sources located around stuff ( People who went for the Movie , forums and some Alien I found in a dumpster truck.)

So in the end Neux could not contain his curiosity for the Movie , so here is an Archive post on the info known so far for those of you who are dying to watch the Movie or need something to be spoiled for you.

WARNING : The below text contains Spoilers, anyone who reads the below will now know stuff some people in the outside world don't know about the Movie known as Yugioh: Super Poly something Something.

Ok , you have been warned.



It took about 20 or so minutes just to get the plot going (i.e. bring the three main protagonists together). The duel itself was much shorter, about half of the movie. In other words, its a Movie to just get 3 main characters together.

Posted by ??? ( I cannot disclose the user because i haven't asked him for permission for I apologize if its not ok =( .) 

one user on Janime saw the movie, and it seems SPOILER:

  • Paradox is fused with his own monster, so when it's destroyed, he dies.
  • Yugi and Judai only play 1 turn each.
  • The plot and duel it seems was not that important in the movie, the overall hype was about the 3 protagonists meeting each other.
  • Paradox's name isnt revealed, he only says Paradox, maybe thats he's real name.
  • Pegasus appears in a event giving cards to children and then is crushed to dead by Paradox.
  • Yugi's gramps is the same, he's with Yugi in the same event but later when Paradox attacks everything is destroyed and he also is crushed to death
  • The heroes have to defeat Paradox quickly, because after he appears in a world and changes something that dimension starts falling apart.

Spoilers from Twitter and 2chan. Translations thanks to ??? from Janime:

[*]Paradox comes from a distant and ruined future.
[*]Paradox is a person who "seeks for the best history beyond time and space". He is experimenting in order to find the best outcome.
[*]Paradox damages Judai badly and declares he is about to erase him. (Mansion scene)
[*]Pegasus appears in the movie and is killed immediately.
[*]Yugi's grandpa is also killed at one point.
[*]Kiryu is mentioned several times in the blog, or is at least flashed back to.
[*]The Manjoume group is mentioned at one point.
[*]Judai snaps at Paradox, "How do you dare take Johan's card?!"
[*]Kaiser Ryou is mentioned.
[*]Black Magician and Black Magician Girl have dialogue during the movie.
[*]Second half of the movie is the duel against Paradox. Everyone has 4000 LP, Paradox went first. Paradox brings out the Sin Monsters one after another.
[*]Yusei's father apparently makes an appearance. (Possibly a flashback)

Movie starts from Paradox attacking Judai.
He uses Sin Rainbow Dragon and Sin Cyber End to blast Judai, who blocks with Neos.
Then he uses Sin Stardust to blast him, which leads to a cutaway to the 5D's era.
Paradox shows up and jacks Stardust from Yousay.
The 5D's group checks up on information about past Duelists, and notices that the one on Judai shows that Stardust Blasting scene from before. (how is this possible?)
They notice that Stardust shouldn't exist in that era, and also that the city is beginning to crumble.
Jack tells Yousay to retrieve Stardust so that what ever's happening can be stopped, so then Yousay uses the Crimson Dragon's power to go back to the past.
He arrives at the Stardust Blasting Judai scene and the Crimson Dragon guards Judai.
Paradox runs away, and Yousay and Judai joins forces.
They go even further back in time and finds Yugi.
The 3 Yu's calls upon their super powers and began dueling Paradox.

Fun facts:

Surprisingly, Speed Warrior was not used in the Duel.
Neos Knight is made from Neos and Junk Gardna in the Duel.
For some reason, Paradox's "title" changed from "The Strongest Enemy in Yugioh History" to "The Most Evil Enemy in Yugioh History".
Paradox only had 4 turns in the Duel.
...Which means that Yugi had 2 turns while Judai and Yousay both only had one...
The Gods were not used.
Yugi had no new monsters.
Despite what the movie is called, Super Poly was not used in the Movie.


New pictures in the last week :

Apparently people who saw the Movie gave good reviews on their Twitter.

Overall , i like this Pic best =D :

Back to the Movie ........


??? ( Again, apologies if you don't want me to use your post on this blog post.) 

Posted :

Just watched the movie today and I must say I'm kinda dissapointed....

I was expecting a LOT more from this movie. But still is a cool movie.

As already stated the movie is only 45 min, but the 3D in the movie is REALLY COOL!!!

I arrived late, so I started watching from when Yusei met Judai.

Other GX characters dont appear in the movie, except for Pharaoh, Yubel( has 3 lines on the movie), and the ghost teacher.

The Duel Monsters characters are only Pegasus and Yugi's Grampa.

It was sooo cool to see the 3 heroes interacting and they dueling that was really BAD ASS!!!

But the duel part is kinda of a let down, Judai and Yugi play only ONE TURN in the duel. And basically the cards they play are Neos and Black Magician/Black Magician Girl, no other monsters =/

I was also dissapointed by the fact that Paradox's character and his world wasnt explored at ALL. It was like, his world is destroyed goes back to the past all ''Im Evil hahah!!''. Then the heroes simply kill him( yeah since his fused with his last boss kinda monster when he is destroyed) and everything is over....

At least his Sin cards are really cool and can make a playable deck.

Another cool thing is that they used Yugi and Judai's theme songs in the movie!!

I would give the movie a 7.5.

Being able to see these characters again and the heroes dueling together, the aweasome animation and the amazing 3D makes this movie a MUST SEE for every Yugioh fan.

The duel works like this: The heroes share the same 4000 life points, Paradox also has 4000 life points.

The order play is Paradox - Yusei - Paradox - Judai - Paradox - Yugi - Paradox - Yusei - OVER

Yusei, Yugi and Judai win the duel when Yusei attacks with the 10000 ATK Stardust. Judai plays a Neos trap card that doubles a monsters ATK, then Yugi plays the same trap Black Magician version, leaving Stardust with 10000 ATK.

I lost the begining of the movie, from where Judai was at a Vatican like place, because there was a rumor about a duelist destroying cards, then Paradox appears summons Stardust and destroy everything, then Yusei appears and ask's for Judai's help. Then Judai gets all excited when he sees Yusei's D-Wheel asking if thats the duel disk of the future, and is impressed that it evolved like that. Then they search for a event in the past where Paradox went to. Then in Yugi's time, there's a event where Pegasus will distribute cards in a children's tournament and Yugi and Sugoroku are there too, then at noon Pegasus arrive and at that moment Paradox summons Sin Cyber End, Sin Rainbow Dragon and Stardust he stole from Yusei at the beggining I missed =P
He destroys everything, a huge ass building crushes Pegasus,then Yugi faints, and when he wakes up everything is in ruins and he only finds granps headband at that moment a crack in space appears and the crimson dragon eats Yugi.
Then Yugi is thrown out of another crack in time at the same place half and hour earlier, Yusei and Judai ridding the D Wheel show up right after Yugi. Explanations later they decide to face off Paradox together, to save Yusei's, Judai's and Yugi's dimensions from desintegrating thanks to Paradox screwing with time.
Yubel throw some fireballs at the event so everyone run away, then Paradox shows up. They have 20 min to defeat him before Pegasus arrive and the other dimensions crumble to pieces. So the 3 heroes challenge Paradox for a children's card game with the fate of the world at stake...again.( Sorry couldnt resist the joke there =P)

Oh yeah, Pegasus yells ''OH MY GOD!'' before the building hits him XD

About the crumbling dimensions thing, since Paradox is from the distance future, every time he changes a event at the past, like stealing Stardust, that dimension starts to fall apart, like dissappear slowly since the past changed, or something like that.

The Duel

Paradox4000 Vs Yusei4000, Judai4000 & Yuugi4000

Turn1- Paradox (1)
Field Spell Sin World activate.
Removed Cyber End to summon SIN Cyber End Dragon.
Turn End.

Turn2- Yusei (1)
Magic (not sure the name) He discarded two cards and in two turns will gain a monster from his deck [one of the cards revealed earlier, that's what i remember it does, but not sure]
Summon Junk Synchron, gaining Road Gunner which he had discarded.
Road Hedgehog was summoend by it's effect.
[3+2+1] Junk Guardna is summoned
Turn End.

Turn3- Paradox(2)
Summons SIN Rainbow Dragon
Something possibly happens, but, in the end no monster seems to get destroyed.
Turn End.

Turn4- Judai(1)
One of his themes plays.
Fusion, (Junk Guardna and E-HERO Neos) Neos Knight is summoned.
....Neos Knight kills BOTH the SIN dragons on the field, go Judai .-. (Neos Knight can attack twice per turn)
4 Cards set
Turn End.

Turn5- Paradox(3)
Special summon SIN Stardust Dragon
Summon some Tuner
[8+2] Synchro summon, SIN Paradox Dragon [My personal commentary, BUUUURN, Yusei's monster is nothing but synchro material for Paradox XD]
SIN Stardust is special summoned, and the heroes' monster's ATK is decreased by 2500?
Hero Barrier is activated (negating the attack?)

Turn6- Atemu(1)
An original theme plays
Black Magician gets to the field. [no clue how]
The Aprentice card activates, Black Magician Girl is on the field too.
Yuugi takes control of SIN Stardust?...
The card that was played on the final duel is activated, both Black Magicians attack together (4500) and destroy SIN Paradox
Sin Truth Dragon is summoned.

Turn7- Paradox(4)
SIN Blue Eyes and SIN Red Eyes are summoned
One of Paradox's cards allows them both to be on the field at the same time.
Sin Red Eyes attacks.
Junk Guardna stops it.
Sin Blue Eyes attacks/doesn't do anything
Sin Truth Dragon uses the effect, Stardust doesn't negate it even with its effect?
Sin Truth Dragon attacks, Hero Haste or something stops it.
Paradox revives SIN Stardust to attack Yugi
Yugi uses Flute Of Summoning Kirboh to get Kuriboh on his hand and negate damage.
Turn end, SIN Stardust is destroyed and Stardust is revived, and a card allows Judai and Yuugi to summon their aces

Turn8- Yusei(2)
Judai uses his trap to double Stardust's attack. (5000)
Yuugi chains his trap to double Stardust's attack. (10000)
Epileptic Three Dee Threesome Attack Of Heroic Doom, game over.
Paradox (0LP)

Post ends


And so to end of this blog post lets talk about Magoshin!!

   Luri : hehe, i'm stepping on your foot!
   Topy : Oiiiii!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

OCG Gold Series 2 And Jack Atlus Segment of Long doom!

Herrow! Welcome to another random episode of Yugioh News, starring Neuxcharge, that dude who can't find time to do a deck video on the Bahamut Zero deck that everyone was asking for!

This was in recently

List for GS02 :

Source : Forum
Source site :

V Note: List is not in order of number  V

Book of moon
Brain Control

Spirit Reaper 
Giant Trunade
exiled force

morphing jar
Lightning Vortex
magic cylinder
Skill drain
call of the haunted
sakuretsu armor
Magician valkyria
AOJ Catastor
judgement dragon
dark armed dragon

AOJ Catastor is a common occurence card

Valkyria and Babaros are the Normal rares

Firstly, i am pumped for Friday's release now that we know most of the list!

plus AOJ as a Common? cool! Means I have more to look forward to!

Also , another reason I know that this could be the real one is due to another person confirming for me the normal rares as Valkyria and Babaros.

lets see what I would Like from the set ............Alot!

But its sad that there was no Kycoo, Prisma, DCK , Gorz or even Tragoedia.........well a player can Hope right? =O

But this also means that Speculation is over...........but at least now we know what to expect.

Now we move onto our new Segment


Note: The people from Janime are Awesome for making all these Facts! Heres a large extraction for you guys to read!

Facts from Janime that the Anime's writers wanted to keep out of the show.......REVEALED!

JACK ATLAS wins a duel by drawing one piece of Exodia. The rest are too pathetic to even be considered.

JACK ATLAS can control Ra without the chant. Its actually the opposite, Ra has to chant to JACK ATLAS just to be played.

JACK ATLAS can made Final Countdown count up to twenty in one turn just by looking at it.

 If you spell 'ATLAS' with Destiny Board, you win. Forever.

JACK ATLAS has never seen his own standby phase. He wins the duel before he draws a card. 

JACK ATLAS can fuse the 12 dimensions together with a single copy of De-Fusion.

If you want a list of JACK ATLAS' enemies, just check the endangered species list. 

JACK ATLAS does not use spell check. If he happens to misspell a word, Oxford will simply change the actual spelling of it. 

JACK ATLAS doesn't consider it a duel if the opponent lives.

JACK ATLAS once won a game of DDM without rolling a dice.

JACK ATLAS will live forever, or die trying.

JACK ATLAS doesn't do push-ups, he pushes the world down!

JACK ATLAS is the reason they started dueling on motorcycles, because if JACK ATLAS challenges you to a duel, you'd better have some way of getting the hell away.

No one can attack JACK ATLAS's life points directly. The holograms shatter just by touching him.

JACK ATLAS was once a boy. Not really, but his enemies sure like to believe it

Some people cosplay as Yugi Mutou. Yugi cosplays as JACK ATLAS

Time waits for no man. Unless that man is JACK ATLAS.

There are no cheaters in Yu-Gi-Oh... just duelists JACK ATLAS has touched.

JACK ATLAS doesn't actually duel, the cards play themselves out of fear.

JACK ATLAS deck doesn't really defeat people. It wipes out their entire existence from the space-time continuum.

JACK ATLAS created the Duel Academy… just so he had a place to put all his illegitimate children.

It is scientifically impossible for JACK ATLAS to have had a mortal father. The most popular theory is that he went back in time and fathered himself.

When JACK ATLAS tributes a monster, he tributes his opponent's monster instead

Toll booths pay JACK ATLAS to ride on their roads

Most people fear Kaibas skills. JACK ATLAS considers him "a promising rookie".

With the rising cost of gasoline, JACK ATLAS is beginning to worry about his drinking habit.

The Grand Canon is the result of JACK ATLAS winning a duel.

JACK ATLAS is a secret, unlockable character in every Yu-Gi-Oh game, but only JACK ATLAS can unlock JACK ATLAS.

The reason the North Pole is melting because JACK ATLAS found out Santa Claus wasn't real.

JACK ATLAS vs Predator coming this summer (JACK ATLAS wins)

JACK ATLAS defeated the fusion of the Three Legendary Knights, with a fish deck!

JACK ATLAS once played a heavy metal song with a violin & a piano.

JACK ATLAS can win a game of Connect Four in only three moves.

In America, you get pwned by JACK ATLAS. In Soviet Russia, JACK ATLAS pwns you.

JACK ATLAS doesn't have rivals...just people he hasn't killed yet.

JACK ATLAS videotaped the creation of the universe.

JACK ATLAS destroyed the periodic table, because he only recognizes the element of surprise.

When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night he checks his closet for JACK ATLAS.

Power corrupts. Absolute power is JACK ATLAS.

As a handicap, JACK ATLAS always sets his Life Points to zero. You still lose.

Superman wears JACK ATLAS pajamas when he goes to sleep.

JACK ATLAS died ten years ago, but the Grim Reaper can't get up the courage to tell him.

JACK ATLAS is the reason why Waldo is hiding.

Once a grizzly bear threatened to eat JACK ATLAS. JACK ATLAS showed the bear "The King" and the bear proceeded to eat himself, because it would be the less painful way to die.

Jack Atlas doesn't need a deck to win a Children's Card Game. He glares at his opponent's Life Point Meter and it automatically reduces to zero.

When Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon JACK ATLAS had a summer house there.

When JACK ATLAS blinks, a cat comes back to life.

JACK ATLAS has only one fear, and that is that all of his illegitimate children will one day grow up and surpass him.

JACK ATLAS will inevitably lose to Yusei. But only because Yusei is secretly the illegitimate child of JACK ATLAS.

If carrots are so good for the eyes, why does JACK ATLAS kill so many rabbits on the highway?

There are no stupid questions - only stupid people, who's names are not JACK ATLAS.

Whoever said, 'like candy from a baby' has never tried taking candy from baby JACK ATLAS.

Jack Atlas swallowed 3 containers of sleeping pills, 5 gallons of NyQuil, 12 cases of beer, 3 bottles of vodka, and a Bloody Mary (with real Blood from a Mary). It only made him blink.

JACK ATLAS can write an autobiography even after death.

I have not lost my mind. JACK ATLAS took it.

A computer once beat JACK ATLAS at chess, but it was no match for him in kick-boxing.

JACK ATLAS once ordered an Egg McMuffin at McDonalds, at 11:05 a.m.

The road to success is always blocked by JACK ATLAS.

JACK ATLAS sued Phoenix Wright. And won.

A Typical Quiz senario

Q: If a car is headed east-bound on Route 66 at two-hundred thousand kilometers per hour and an airplane is traveling south from Antarctica at a rate of thirty-seven thousand millimeters per cubic foot, and assuming that wind speed was negative twelve degrees Celsius, how long did it take before the pilot succumbed to DID and crashed wingless into the car? This is assuming there were no earthquakes in Tokyo within the span of two hours.


The light at the end of the tunnel is JACK ATLAS.

JACK ATLAS would kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.

A magician can pull rabbits out of hats. JACK ATLAS can pull habits out of rats.

JACK ATLAS is Darth Vader's father.

JACK ATLUS can steal your cards AND get away with it. Suck on that, Kaiba.

Jack Atlas lost his virginity before his dad did. 

Someone drew all 5 pieces of Exodia against JACK ATLAS once. He then beat the crap out of them, switched hands, and won the duel. 

When JACK ATLAS eats in a restaurant, he doesn't tip the waiters. The waiters tip him.

JACK ATLAS taught Cap.Falcon how to use the falcon punch.

JACK ATLAS doesn't duel following Konami OCG rules. Judges just watch JACK ATLAS lay cards down on a table and interpret game rulings from there.

JACK ATLAS is the reason Exodia is in 5 pieces. He intends to finish the job next time.

The reason why there is a forbidden list in the OCG is not because the cards are too powerful, it's because they are an embarrassment to JACK ATLAS. 

JACK ATLUS's only failures are so epic, they're actually wins

Jack Atlas once punched a stone...and hurted it.

Yuusei bashers are JACK ATLAS' personal army.

Yuusei fans are JACK ATLAS' first victims

JACK ATLUS once tried to create something that can pawn as much as he does and that became the creature known as:Red Deamons Dragon.

Laughing at our own mistakes can lengthen our own life. Laughing at Jack Atlas' can shorten it.

Before stealing money from Jack Atlas, decide which you need more: The money, or your life?

If you read lots of books, you're well-read. But only Jack Atlas can watch lots of TV and be well-viewed.

JACK ATLAS is the reason Judai beat Darkness, Darkness knew he'd have to face him next if he won

JACK ATLAS once breathed on a child. We know that child today as Chuck Norris.

The journey of a thousand miles sometimes ends in JACK ATLAS.

Life is a game. Whoever escapes the wrath of JACK ATLAS wins. It's obviously rigged as unbeatable.

JACK ATLAS can win a 100-yard dash by crawling.

Jack Atlas is the real king of Atlantis. He just let Dartz take over cause he knew the place was going to sink into the ocean.

When someone tries to fire Jack Atlas and thrown on his ass, they cannot because Jack Atlas is born with the innate ability to never fall on his ass, example episode 69

 JACK ATLAS's Synchro Bento Box was so amazing the head chef fired him immediately in fear he would take over his restaurant, not knowing this was JACK ATLAS he was dealing with. The chef was found dead of ATLAS PUNCH-related injuries through a window several days later.

When Naruto Uzumaki tried to steal Jack Atlas' ramen, lets just say that even the kyuubi is no match for a pissed off and hungry Jack.

It takes the 3 protagonists to beat Paradox in a duel, It would only take 1 JACK ATLAS

JACK ATLAS doesn't watch the Ring and die in 7 days, the Ring watches JACK ATLAS and dies in 7 seconds.

JACK ATLAS can speak French in Russian

JACK ATLAS tears can cure any disease or illness in this world. To bad JACK ATLAS doesn't cry.

JACK ATLAS once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now The Islands.

JACK ATLAS once kicked a horse in the chin. Its decendants are known today as Giraffes.

JACK ATLAS has already been to Mars; that's why there are no signs of life there.

JACK ATLAS can set ants on fire with a magnifying glass. At night.

JACK ATLAS played Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun and won.

JACK ATLAS doesn't breathe, he holds air hostage.

The pen is mighter than the sword, but only if the pen is held by JACK ATLAS.

JACK ATLAS once created a flamethrower by urinating into a lighter.

And lastly...........

Jack Atlus wants his D-Wheel back!

Whose this dude......Again!

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