Sunday, December 27, 2009

A look back at 2009

Hmmm, its been a Long and rough Year, with 2010 coming soon I would like to Say something kinda important:

I started in March this year and its really been A LONG LONG Way just to get 1000 subs as of now.

I started with Zero Credibility of who I am or What my achievements are .

I feel that Youtube Has sort of become like a Subscriber game and after re-reading Goofy's Post on the changes to his channel, I removed My sub count in October because I feel that it can become a barrier for me and affect how I view Myself as a Yugituber.

I occasionally check the sub count twice a month out of curiosity but at the same time I don't really feel satisfied about having Subs, not that I mind having them in the first place XD

But as I look over 2009 , Its really been a long long Journey , I sort of have changed from the start of 2009 and have made new friends and contacts.

Overall, 2009 was pretty good, Can't wait for Iron Man 2 though =D

But yea , Yesterday I met HD Lam and LGQ in person at khatib, their Nice people so go check their Blogs out! Nowzzzzzz!

LGQ's Blog :

Lam's Blog :

While your at it why not check out Goofy's blog too! :

I guess My Youtube Journey started in March so lets recount from there
2009 Timeline :

March 2009 : Posted first Youtube Video - Macro Monarchs , felt nice nice.

Late March 2009: Filmed my first Tourney treating it as a tutorial level ( used Music because I was afraid of the noise being received badly by Youtube Audience.

April to Mid June : Did a Couple of Deck videos and duels ,all with Music, it sort of became my style but I decided that if I continue like this it would be impossible for me to tap into my full potential in Yugitubing so When SD17 : Warrior's strike came out I decided to use my voice and talk.

It was hard to do this Product review ( Took me 5 re takes.)

Overall it was pretty well received, but everyone was surprised that I could speak English xD

In the Span of June to August I made new Friends in the Youtube Community who still remain my MSN Pals to this day. I also acquired 100 subs in this period after much hard work.

I also filmed at Singapore's World Qualifiers for 2009 , even though this is the only big event Filming I ever did , I am kinda Content despite not being able to film future Big events in Singapore unless I had Approval for filming .

I soon became friends with Robbie or as Youtube knows him as mkohl40, his a really nice guy and me thinks you should subby to him.

His new channel design is cool too XD

Also , I havent changed my channel design since I first started and I know I will have to change it soon because its getting abit old T_T

August to now : Did 3 Duel Puzzles ( will decide on the third's future later.) and a few vlogs ( which kinda fails)

And made alot of new Friends, Got to know Baha better ,met Rau in person ( Nice guy in real life =D ) , Met alot of cool people.

Tested alot of decks and did alot of vids, Got to know alot of my subscribers through MSN and built long lasting friends.

Come to think of it 2009 was pretty cool.

In blogging:

Overall , Got to know Alot of Bloggers .

2010 Seems hopeful ,Iron Man 2 and a couple of neat Movies would be coming out, GS02 and DT0Cr8p will be out soon too.

WAAAA, DT08 Please Don't be Hype , Please at Least Have good Reprints like Allure, Kycoo ,TRAGOEDIAAAA, Babaros and Alot of others that would make my day.

Sigh, 2009 Was a Long year but at the end of it I feel that it was a Great year,

What was Your 2009 Year like?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Berry Larry Christmasy!!!!!

Merry Christmas to you fellow Blogger/Human/Yugituber/Reader/Slacker/Cows who happen to stumble on this post of mine, which is the Day Christmas IS HERE!



So heres Yesterday in 5 Lines!!!

1) When to locals in Jurong

2) Didnt join the Tourney

3) Saw alot of G.B. action !

4) Filmed a couple of my friend's Creative decks ( Will decide which to upload because some need cutting due to bad dialogue/Bad Puns.

5) Tourney ended went to watch Avatar with Friends but decided not to as i ll be late for the Last train home so I watched it at an "Alternate" source.


Avatar was a pretty Awesome Movie.

Storyline was kinda predictable

< Spoiler tags !>

The story has elements from "The Last Samurai" and " Dances with Wolves" since it follows the :

Main character doing something because its his job or because he needs to have $$$ ( In this case it was that he needed $$$ to fix his legs.)

Jake scully ( Main character.) goes into the Avatar Program that allows the human mind to be digitally transferred into a genetically made body of the planets Natives.

An interesting thing here is that James Cameron ( The director of this Movie and alot of other ground-breaking ones.) chose to create the setting on the planet Pandora , where nature thrives alot and the sole reason why the humans went there is to harvest some Ore.

But the only problem is that the Natives of the planet : The Na vii ( Dunno if I spelt that right.) are kinda in the way and the humans want to make them leave so that they can harvest the Ore in peace.

Now heres a clear distinction :

Na vii are Primitive and use Bows and Spears and the various Creatures that they can "bond " to.

By Bond I mean putting their Hair into the creatures their riding.

Humans have robotic mechs...........yea that and guns and thats about it.

In the Movie, Pandora and the Na vii are more developed than the humans ( except for the main characters of course.) There was also the scientist played by the actress who played that Main character from Aliens and I thought of it as a sort of cameo because Aliens was also a James Cameron film XD.



Tomorrow I ll be meeting HD Lam and Duelist LCQ from M'sia and Film Rick's Christmas Tourney at Khatib's locals!

Expecting a huge turnout because the First would be Starlight Road if there are more than 24 players!

I wouldnt be joining because I may be helping Rick with the Tourney .

Hmmmm, Hopefully I can film more Creative decks.

Merry Christmas People! =D

I see alot of people doing Christmas Specials, wondering if I can think of one!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stuff and Updates and more stuff. SIN!!!!!!!!

Was looking at Shriek when something interesting popped up.

Handless Fake

                                                             < Image from Shriek>

Continuous Trap

Effect: If you control a face-up "Infernity" monster, once per turn, you can remove play your entire hand face-up until your next Standby Phase

Combo with Necroface for RFG Milling EVERY TURN!

Behold! Necro Infernity! 

You can run Dimensional Alchemist to return lost Infernities and even be a Light target for Chaos Sorc.

And you can use D.D. Dynamite! Fun stuff!


Stuff and Avatar

Been finishing up alot of the footage into videos for Youtube, really hope they get well received due to the obvious fact that I felt asleep on my Keyboard ......Again!

Hmmm, apparently I've used up alot of the footage into videos. Looks like I need to film more then.

Another thing I've been watching are Movie reviews.

One of which is Avatar, that James Cameron Movie.

Considering whether or not to watch it.

Its perks are having Awesome CGI effects but a heavy downside is that critics have noted that its story takes elements from "The Last Samurai", " " Pocahontas" and even the classic " Dances with Wolves."+ blah blah blah .

But near the end of the review, they do leave a good impression on the film and say that the ending battle was awesome.

Either way, I ll watch it sooner or later.

DT08 : Worth it?

Another Issue that Seems to come up in my mind often is that DT08 May be too hyped up. 

Note that I am still getting it for Trishula and REDMD.

But thats just it, those are the key cards that alot of people are going to get the set for.

NeoFlamvells seem ok but like Ally Genex they are a subtype for an Original DT set. I am on the fence on whether this set will live up to the standards laid down by DT07.

Looking at the new Ally Genex Synchro - Triforce, I don't know what to say but what I do have hope for is Gold Series OCG 2010.

Its got JD in and unless they changed the rarity layout we may be seeing more players run Common JDs in their LS decks. ( Fun fun budget.)

Overall , I do hope that DT08's reprints are better because I feel that the previous DT Sets have covered alot of the important Reprints ( Icarus,Oppression,Prisma,D Hero Malicious, D Draw + many more.) and its kinda hard to pinpoint whats going to get reprinted.

YGO Movie rumours ? Sin World ? 

Hopefully the YGO Movie ,despite being 49 mins long , would be a well rounded story with a twist that can shock me.

                                                                  WAAAAAAAAA, SIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently, there is word of Sin World being in the movie pack. I want to wait for concrete proof because I keep hearing about the Movie's Sin Monsters to be :

Sin Gandora

Sin Rainbow Dragon
Sin Cyber End Dragon
Sin Armed Dragon

Sin Stardust
Sin Daemon Dragon

And Sin World



And someone please help me translate this info I found and share with me if you think its real 

2010年1月23日 遊戯王OCG「MOVIE PACK 2010」期間販売
1パック5枚入り 300円
「Sin 破壊竜ガンドラ」「Sin サイバー・エンド・ドラゴン」「Sin レインボー・ド ラゴン」
「Sin アームド・ドラゴン」「Sin レッド・デーモンズ・ドラゴン」「Sin ブラック ローズ・ドラ ゴン」
「Sin World」

MP01-JP0XX「Sin サイバー・エンド・ドラゴン」星10 闇 機械族 4000/2800
自分のエクストラデッキから「サイバー・エンド・ドラゴン」1体をゲームから除外した場合に特 殊召喚できる 。

MP01-JP0XX「Sin 破壊竜ガンドラ」星8 闇 ドラゴン族 /
MP01-JP0XX「Sin レインボー・ドラゴン」星10 闇 ドラゴン族 /
MP01-JP0XX「Sin アームド・ドラゴン」星7 闇 ドラゴン族 /
MP01-JP0XX「Sin レッド・デーモンズ・ドラゴン」星8 闇 ドラゴン族 /
MP01-JP0XX「Sin ブラックローズ・ドラゴン」星7 闇 ドラゴン族 /
MP01-JP0XX「Sin World」フィールド魔法


In the meantime, stay tuned for new videos . I am trying to learn more video editting skills to improve my video quality and standard, I think its fair that viewers should enjoy videos as much as I enjoy making them.

Which brings me to my last point of this post which is : Be content with what you have.

 I believe that one can choose to be content with what they have or become something more


I also feel that if you aren't content, you should go all out and do your best. But at the end of the day, if you still feel as unsatisfied as you were at the start of the day then you probably wasted your day.

Either way,

Did you know that if the writers replaced Yusei with Jack in the " Saving Kiryu from a desert" arc in the Anime the WHOLE Arc would be over in 1 Episode??

Episode Structure

< Jack walks into town and sees Kiryu dueling that one forgettable dude from the arc's first ep. >

< Seconds later>

Kiryu :................Jack.............You just punched 1 wall and the entire town is now a Crater.

Jack : We 're GONE!

Kiryu: ........Wha < POW!>


Lotten : Oiiiii! What about me? What about My AWESOME Gatling Ogre FTK thats gonna make me look like a serious and Pro Character!

Jack : The only thing anyone sees in you is a Boomer wannabe who would be thrown away like a used toy by the writers ( Example : That jailor dude who ran Iron Chain.)

Lotten : .............. *sniff * *sniff*

( Lotten was then admitted to a mental Hospital due to the mental ass beating that was Jack Atlus.)

Random viewer: But Jack, what about those 2 kids and the workers in the mine?

Jack : Paah! Those things sound like stuff that the writers would come up with to make this filler ep into some sort of arc where Yusei tries to be as Bad ass as me. Not like it' ll ever happen!

< And so Jack WALKED back ( Because this filler was deemed unworthy of D-Wheel goodness by the Great Jack Atlus.) dragging along Kiryu because apparently Jack is too Awesome to carry someone else.>

There , whats the Worst that could happen? I mean a town was reduced to a crater ,Lotten pissed himself at the sight of Jack Atlus and they all lived Happily ever after.

You know another interesting Plot twist that was meant for the previous season?

Jack Was the cause of the Zero Reverse Incident! He just sneezed when Yusei was announced as the main character which resulted in a shift in blah and ha and in turn created the event that served as a plot point for 5Ds.

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas human! =D

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Week Week!

YAY! Its the last day of school term!!

 A 2 week Christmas Break is on its way ( But Project group meetings = Not much of a holiday 0.0 ? ) So I may as well blog XD.

Been going around blogs, Youtube,Pojo and the Sg Forums lately. Current talk is on:

1) How the "Saving Kiryu from a desert town" Arc is going too long and ppl are complaining ( I am actually waiting for the whole thing to end so I can just watch it as a whole. Still watched until the current one though xD.)

2) Ra got Neutered by an unknown human force ( Paradox maybe? )  and now his behaviour as a God card is now more like a Sacred Beast Monster.

3) YGO Movie is 49 mins long ............Sad face =(

4) The usual speculations about Gold series 2 for OCG and complains on how broken OCG is with Judgement Dragon coming in GS02.

Theory Mode : CCV and monster reborn were reprinted in GS01 and got banned in Sept 2009 .
                        Hmmmm, wondering if Konami would do something like this again. 0.O

So yea, nothing much but lets look at some cards first:

TSHD ( I like the set's lettering xD  The Shining High Definition! )

From the Shining Darkness


Light /Thunder/Effect
1200 ATK/ 100 DEF
Effect:  This card can attack your opponent directly. When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent as a result of a direct attack, your opponent cannot activate the effects of any SpellTrap, or Effect Monster Cards until theEnd Phase of this turn.

I see Potential in this card .........Provided he doesnt get killed by an attack stopper ( D Prison, Mirror force etc.)

To be able to prevent an Honest in an opponent's hand from dropping:

1) Whack with Elekirin 

2) Use bigger monster to whack Opponent Light Monster

3) Opponent tries to Drop Honest you go " NOOOOOOOOOO!" And Shock him with your Elekirin that looks like a Pokemon........ hmmmm Pokemon ....Yugioh .....YUGIMONZZZZZZ!

But a key flaw in this is when your opponent gets his turn, 1200 ATK is easy to run over so protection is needed. Still, being a Light ( Honest hint hint!) and being able to be searched out by Shining Angel Does give this card some potential in a Deck.

Next card : 


Normal Trap card :

Select 1 face up Synchro Monster on your opponent controls and remove it from play, and Your opponent draws 1 card.

Errr, an Anti-Synchro card. Breaks the Sun and Moon.

Well theres not really much to say about the card, it gets straight to the point, it kills Synchros. I feel that a number of people will be put off by your opponent drawing 1 card because some thing like this can happen:

Player N: I use SYNCHRO EJECTION!!!! On your Armed Wing So I can direct attack you with all my monsters!

Player E: AHA! I Had KURIBOH! in my Hand for dunno how long! I ll USE HIM!

Player N: NOOOOOZZZ! At least Ive reduced you to 200 Lifepoints,Draw your last card!!!


Return Armed wing ,vayu and some random thing.

Player N : NOOOOOOO!!!!!! My life points is somehow 100 because the plot says so!!!

Player E : I use Vayu and Armed wing to bring out Armour mastaaaaa! and whack that Monarch of yours!!! Just nice too!


And that was the story of how Micky mouse made cupcakes.

Overall, I like that Infernity is getting alot of new Support and I also like that Ice Boundary ( Ice Barrier in TCG) Spell, it hints that Konami is going to give out the spell and trap support for the DT Sets.

MaGoShin ( Fiend Roar Deities ) ............I wonder if their spell support isn't something like

Imagination mode ACTIVATE!!!

< Insert MGS Name here.>
Quickplay spell
Effect : Discard 2 Cards from your hand to add 1 level 4 or lower MGS from your deck or graveyard to your hand.

I just discard 2 Cerebal and add A Grimlo to Hand lol!

Thanks for reading!! =D

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hmmmm # 3 ( Read post if you can see behind the title.)

Hi =D

Seems like we are seeing alot more Dimensional Eatos Decks in Singapore X_X

This means that its expected to become the new deck to run.

What makes it so strong?

From my initial thoughts on it, its a Control deck that can apply heavy beatdown if done right.

After seeing more players running the deck, i've decided to text review it , giving as much detail as I can.

The More popular build people run is the build that has E HERO Another Neos ( Alius in TCG) and Gemini Spark.

Copy and Pasting from Shriek.

5th December article.

Dimensional Eatos

Total : 40


3 Eatos
3 Babaros
3 Another Neos
2 Crusader of Endymion ( Alot of debate that this should be Evolector because ROTA is being ran.)
1 Stratos
1 D.D. survivor

Spells- 9

3 Dimensional Fissure ( Controls LS and Protects Grave from monsters to summon Eatos)
3 Gemini Spark
2 Emergency Call

Traps-18  ( Alot of traps)

3 Skill Drain ( Controls LS .)
3 Sakuretsu Armour ( Can be 3 Starlight Road.)
3 Dimensional Prison
3 Dark Bribe ( negates any s/t hope opponent may have.)
2 Bottomless trap Hole
2 Macro Cosmos
1 Solemn
1 Mirror Force

Hiding this under the title of " hmmm #3" , this post will actually be an analysis on Dimensional Eatos. ( Reason why I like to hide my info with awkward titles is because this way I can fool people .)

Dimensional Eatos is an Expensive deck to make.

If it does become a full fledged meta deck, then it'll be the first control based deck that doesnt follow a set theme of monsters ( LS,BF,Glads,Monarchs are all examples of theme sets. Dimensional Eatos is more assorted and this hasn't happened in awhile.)

But its one of the best control-based decks that is rising in the meta.

Lets see the monsters first:

3 Eatos
3 Babaros

The 2 main beaters in the deck and shows us something about the deck.

Eatos needs to be played carefully and in some cases, relies on Dimensional Fissure to be successful.

Babaros gets the full potential out of skill drain.

A thing that players must know about Eatos when running her here is that she can clog the hand easily if there is a monster in grave.

This is the part where we see the player's Playstyle.

The Dimensional Eatos player would have to develop his field for 2 things:

- Control the opponent ( Skill drain ,D. Fissure and Macro)

- Control their own field ( No monsters in grave , protect their assets ( Skill drain ,D.Fissure and Macro.)

3 Another Neos
2 Crusader of Endymion ( Can be Evolector.)
1 Stratos/Airman
1 D.D. Survivor

The 5 Gemini targets for Gemini spark plays 2 important roles:

- Be 1900 Beatsticks
- Be fodder for Babaros and Gemini spark.

D.D. Survivor is for the Obvious D.D. Elements. Stratos should be used before Skill drain is out. Simple enough logic.

On to the spells

3 Dimensional Fissure
3 Gemini spark
2 Emergency call

Spells play a key part in the deck.


ROTA And E Call : They ensure that there is a monster in your hand. This is IMPORTANT because you don't run that many monsters.

Gemini Spark : This card is your MST to Royal Decree, Your jinzo killer and ensures that Your gemini that got targetted by a bottomless did not die in vain. + This card lets you draw, and drawing cards is important for this kind of control deck.

Dimensional Fissure : Helps Eatos in mid to end parts of the game.

Now we move onto the Heaviest part of the deck : Traps

3 Starlight road
3 Dimension Prison
3 Skill Drain
3 Dark Bribe
2 Macro cosmos
2 Bottomless trap Hole
1 Mirror force
1 Solemn Judgement

Traps sort of define the deck, its where most of the control in the deck comes from.

3 Dark Bribe+3 Starlight Road and Solemn : Control cards, in road's case you get a free stardust too.(Note that Stardust is also a protection measure and can beat off jinzo.) Dark Bribe is irritating.

3 Skill drain and 2 Macro cosmos : Control elements and helpers to the 2 Main characters ( Eatos and Babaros) Hurts the Opponent greatly too.

2 Bottomless,3 Dimension prison and Mirror force : Non-Speed 3Traps that disrupt the Opponent in their phases. ( Summoning a monster and Battle phase attacking.)

Weaknesses of the Deck

However, every deck has a weakness, this deck is no exception.

- Trap Negation

- 1 by 1 destruction

- A monster in the grave = No Eatos + Eatos can become a dead draw

- Has a high chance of trap opening hand ( Not a major problem if you drew the right traps.)

-Reliant on draw phase ( The deck doesn't have a fixed draw engine and will need to rely on the draw phase, Gemini spark is ok but can only happen 3 times at best.)

But these weaknesses can be easily overturned if the player does the right plays at the right time.

For D. Eatos players:

Expect a s/t field of 3 to 5 set cards most of the time.
Your Beatsticks ( Gemini ,Eatos and Babaros.) will be luring traps and destruction cards most of the time,
Counter them with Sparks, Dark Bribe and Solemn.


For players fighting Against D. Eatos:

- Side decking is key

- Play much more carefully than usual

- CONSTANTLY check the opponent's graveyard. Why? count how many Dark Bribes , D. Prisons, Starlight Roads,Sparks and Skill drain are inside. Assume that they run 3 .

Psycho factor :

When playing against D. Eatos , I noticed a sort of psychological fear that stems from seeing alot of set s/t.

A way you can break through this fear is to "Assess the situation".

If he sets 5 s/t with No summoning, the last card in his hand must be a s/t .

look at your hand and plan. If nothing can be done then its ok it happens.
Motivate yourself , if you experience a sense of fear of losing or a fear of seeing so many s/t face down that you cannot predict. Motivate yourself to break past all that and know that Someone, Somewhere and Sometime has been in the same situation And won.
Thats all I have for now,
Thanks for reading! =D

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tourney Report 12/12/2009 : NecroFace says Merry Christmas from the RFG Zone!

Greets and tweets Fellow Humans from No Man's Land!

Today I ran a Necroface deck ( Surprise ,Surprise.)

Its Not Shuten Zombies , It just.......well nevermind this will probably be linked to a vid i'm making soon.

Anyway, Heres the popular segment: My Day in 5 Lines!!!!

1) Went to Khatib CC bringing Junk and Debris. UndeadLord ( I wanted to run this.) and A Necroface deck That I was wondering whether or not it would work.

2) Joined the Tourney, won 2 Dimensional Eatos Decks, but got KILLED by Baha in Top 6.

3) Went for Dinner with Baha and Co.

4) Realised that I Forgot to get my top 6 Prize and went home sleepy......

5) Remembered that I filmed and am now blogging while I listen to random answers to Christmas like

" How do Snowmans have  *sX ? "

" You see, when a Snowman loves a Snowoman ( hehe, only 1 w =D ) , They do stuff and ()&*&^^& and then they ^%&$#%$#% till their carrot shaped &^*^s turn into Ice!"

And that was Why we have Snowman Eater, because Snowpeople having < TOOT?> is too disgusting!

ok, down to Serious Business, it has come to my knowledge ( Yes, I have knowledge! =O !?) that alot of people have started to play Dimensional Eatos , I see the numbers rising and people wonder whether this is the "New Age Meta deck to play!" So Here are some tips to beat them:

-Moved and shredded into tiny tiny hints in the Match reports . hehehe ,I'm evil that way =D

Match 1 Dimensional Eatos ? ( I think its more of an E Hero Gemini Beat, but it had alot of similarities to Dimensional Eatos.) OXO

Game 1: I just rushed and D.D. Bomb him.

Game 2: We played until my deck had 1 card left.

Game 3 : I played more cautiously and wriggled out of a bad hand.

Match 2 VayuLord /VayuSworn/Benjamin  XX

Game 1: I draw Crap and lose eventually ( Couldnt recover X_x )

Game 2: I milled out the top 10 cards from our decks thanks to Allure of Darkness -Out Necroface+ Gold Sac the second one.

Then he drew Burial from D.D. and brought out Dark Arm and I Diao in my head X_x

Match 3 Dimensional Eatos ( Highlight!) XOO ( I Know this is DEFINITELY an Eatos Deck, Why? There was Eatos and Alot of cards similar to this build : )

Game 1 : I didnt know what deck he was running and soon, I get my Ass handed to me when Skill Drain was out.

Game 2 : This was a Great Duel!

I sided in 2 Royal Decree, 2 Nobleman of EXTERMINATION and 2 Malevolent catastrophe.

I Exterminate his Starlight Road = Best moment of the day!

See kids! THE ROAD CAN BE BROKEN. Now stop thinking that Starlight Road = Must quit until next format!

I Outed alot of stuff since Necroface resolves while shes/his out of play ( Skill drain did hurt my valleys again.)

< I had to get rid of every s/t he had 1 by 1 , it was hard!>

This is when I Malevolent his skill drain when Babaros attacked valley ( Re- enables Valley's effect.)

Eventually, I D.D. Bomb him.

Game 3:

It is at this point whereby I got over that initial fear of the deck and realised that I MUST Get rid of each and everyone S/t in order to go on with my Standard Win strategy ( D.D. Bomb.)

Dimensional Eatos is a Deck that Counters your win strategy ( D. Fissure, Skill drain, Starlight road, Dark Bribe, etc.) That causes a problem for you if your deck has a win strategy ( LS is milling and utilizing the Grave , Zombies is sending to the grave and manipulating the graveyard to its max potential and etc.)

Its a deck that causes you to " face your fears" and make you manually kill each and every s/t while enduring a barrage of attacks from Babaros and Eatos etc.

A key problem I noted is that there are too many traps and too few monsters. However, when a monster is in hand then it can stay on the field for quite some time.

So just side in Trap negation or singular destruction cards to avoid Starlight road.

On to the match.

I use Royal decree when he had 4 or 5 s/t and he was forced to use Solemn to prevent future damage.

After that I experienced 2 or 3 Dark bribe negations and skill drain out.

He successfully Dark Bribed all my D.D. Bombs so I had to focus on good beatdown, but Babaros was still too strong until I got rid of Skill drain and E Hero Another Neos .

After awhile, Babaros was gone ( By chaos sorcerer I think.) and I played defensive because I had damn little lp left ( 200 or 1000+ ) but he drew no Monsters and I synchro-ed ( Yes this was the only time I synchro-ed in the Tourney!) For BRD to whack him to death.


Dimensional Eatos.....was harder that I thought in Theory.

Top Rounds Match ( Angels) OO

Game 1: Necroface just ****-ed a bunch of angels and D.D. Bomb was fun!

Game 2 : DarkLord Zerato killed my gorz, but thanks to a nice combo with Dark Armed. I D.D. Bomb Him 3 times!!!!!

Top 6 Match ( Boss Baha) MGS Synchro XX

Game 1 : I am stunned to see how fast MGS  ( Magoshin) Monsters swarm the field and see Brionac Bounce my Sangan back to hand and 2 Legions appearing to kick my ass!

Game 2: I use 2 Necroface and was later on forced into a corner. Rather than dying like a pussy, I decided to fight on, Killing Ganashia with a 1800ATK Dimensional Alchemist and A Normal summoned Necroface of 2400 ATK to kill Legion.

After awhile I die X_x

At least now I know this decks potential, will continue to mod it.

But next week, I feel like playing Chaos Control or Anti- Meta.


Filming time was fun though.

After that was dinner.

And now I am looking at my cam and com typing this line XD

That was my Saturday I guess, I forgot to collect my top 6 Prize X_x

Thanks for reading ^^

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Neuxcharge's Tourney Report 05/12/2009 : The Day Self Touching became an Addiction for Everyone!

Self-Touching is a scientific term to describe the feeling One feels after doing something for a damn long period of Time.

In Yugioh, Self Touching can cause the Following:

-Your Opponent becoming Sian ( Frustrated, Diao, Pissed ,etc.)

- Your Opponent will fantasized about strangling you ( DANGER!)

- Your Opponent will Look through your deck and hope to netdeck it ( Or be like Weevil and put in an insect card inside.)

- I am Rambling again!

So, here is my Day in 5 Lines!!!!!!!!

1) Went to Khatib Locals

2) Nearly came late

3) Got into Top 3 and got Second Prize: Ehren

4) Saw Baha and others Self Touching themselves

5) Filmed Baha's Self-touching and some deck vids

So heres My report

Deck used: UndeadLord

Match 1 Some Friend ( Oppression BF) XOO

Game 1: He wins after awhile, it was here that I realised that Wulf Loves my Hand ( REMEMBER THIS!)

Game 2: He used Skill Drain, I tio Stun Until I drew My Beautiful Giant Trunade and Double Judgement his &*%!

Game 3: He double Whirlwind and I blow it all Up with a Heavy Storm.

Abit Happy, but the Shop was getting too cram! Need to escape and sleep!!!!

After a while Round 2 Starts

Match 2: Sam ( Twilight) OO ( REMEMBER HIM FOR LATER!!)

Game 1: I self Touch myself with 2 Lumina and 1 Garoth milling 2 Necro and my beloved Zombies!

Game 2: His Tragos and Gorz and Chaos Sorc were good, But Brionac loves me.......... I guess.

I relax and Hang loose as Rick said that those with perfect round wins can relax and skip round 3

Soon its Top rounds .

Match 3 : Hong li ( G.B.) OO

Game 1: He plays defensive and I can understand that ( Honest in hand is Psycho fun!)

Game 2: I Drop a JD and Goyo when he had Little Hand left.

Match 4 : Sam ( VayuLord?) OO

Game 1: My best Turn in the Whole Tourney , I remember it :

Charge: milled Lumina ,1 Lyla and 1 Spell ( Searched for Lumina)

Summon Lumina, Special Lumina, Special Garoth ( Discarded for effects: 1 Necro)

End Phase Milled 3 for Lumina and 2 For Garoth

Milled the next 3 and for Garoth I milled 2 Wulfs!

Drew 2 and had 2 Honests in Hand now!

Game 2: He used Light Mirror, I used Shadow Mirror. Battle of the Mirrors ( Hint: Honest Loves me.)

So I was in Top 3 Swiss

And I face Sam ( Twilight Again)

Final Round : Sam ( Twilight) OXX

Game 1: I use 2 Lumina and eventually milled 2 Wulfs with 1 Honest in my hand .

Game 2: Mills were all Spells so Judgement wasn't happy.Sam played well here.

Game 3 : The climatic shocker/Plot twist Opening hand: Double Wulf X_x

So I died trying to rebound from having 2 dead Wulfs in hand with no Solar Recharge so I decided to go out doing something stupid and just Foolish Burial a Lyla and Monster reincarnation her discarding 1 Wulf. And in the end I milled 2 Burial from D.D. and 1 Honest ( Cries in Fantasy!)

Position: Second ( Top 3 was in swiss format.)

Overall It was a Great Day =D

I used My UndeadLord as the test deck against alot of Self Touching decks and had alot of Fun!! =D

Will be Going totrain with SazaPOPO and some others on Saturday and train them for the Team Tourney the next day (Note: I can't attend the Team Tourney thing so count me out =D )

Thanks for reading and Have a Great self touching session!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Starlight Road Issue........ WARGH! and LOVE!

Hello again =D

Heres some advice for Yugitubers intending to do Deck videos in School Areas ( Be it College,university etc. )

Its really Hard to look for a quiet place for privacy X_x

Unless you book a quiet room somewhere, but here is my experience.

I just spent 20 + minutes walking around and looking for a place to film a deck review during my 40 + minutes break. And everywhere I went seems to have random people walking across me when I'm filming X_x

So i ended up hiding in a well lit location X_x

Either way, i still got filming done, but quality was definitely not the best .

In other news, I am doing this 4 Hours before my test XD

So i ll keep this pretty simple.

I recently had a chat with an old friend of mine who quit Yugioh during the Perfect circle era ( Disk Commander+ LADD Fun!) and was considering to come back after reading alot about what was new and about the New decks he missed.

Now this chat actually went to being a talk about Starlight Road. And after the convo was over,I felt that I should Blog about this.

So, it appears that Starlight Road ( SR for short) has become the most splashable card in this format as of late and being a $$$ card doesn't help its already infamous reputation.

And the topic me and my friend discussed was whether Money cards affect a Player's decision to quit or return to Yugioh.

I find it amusing that players who have played years on a cardboard card game would want to consider quiting due to the release of 1 "Godlike in their eyes" card.

So without further Ado, Neuxcharge of ChargeLand shall now state the reasons why one Shouldn't quit the Game they spend so much time on , over 1 card.

1) Its a broken piece of cardboard , nothing new.

2) Its still have WEAKNESSES , its not a God card ( There is no godlike card that can cause 50 to 60% of the YGO Population to pack up and quit.)

3) Think about your friends!( What would they think of you if you quit over 1 card??)

4) Think of JINZO! ( Think about how you use your Heavy Storm with a Jinzo out on the field while your Opponent cries as he sends his 5 s/t cards to the grave! )

5) Think of your achievements! - Because you can gauge how far you came from Point A to Point B and quit when a $$$ card comes out.

6) K, I've ran out of reasons.

So , to convince the people not to quit over the release of 1 $$$ and broken card, I shall now list the following cards that can bypass and hopefully KILL the Road.

Jinzo : Block the Road

Giant Trunade : Bounce the Road ( Joey would be proud, 2 of his cards can defeat a futuristic card!)

MST: DIAO the road ( Made the word up!)

Breaker! : The Release of the Road was predicted to cause ppl to cry, so Breaker shall be unlimited to counter this! 3 Breaker vs 3 Road , Yugi vs Yusei, BREAK THE ROAD!!!

Nobleman of extermination : I love this card. I Seriously Do!

Royal Decree: BLOCK THE ROAD.........ROYALLY!

Trap Stun: STUN the road.

Royal Oppression : OPPRESS THE STARDUST!

Dark Bribe and/or Solemn Judgement: Bribe the road, OR LEAD IT TO JUDGEMENT!!!

Creature Swap : Couldn't stop the road? Its ok! Swap  a sangan for a Stardust Today! Now only 0.99 cents!

Cold Wave then Synchro For BRD! : Long tactic , but it still kills the Road!

I know that players would set the road with Some protection or backup ( Dark Bribe , Solemn , Fake Trap etc.) But this is when your SKILL OF ANTI SCRUB!! comes in!

Theory of Anti-Scrub ( Prototype)

Opponent filled his backrow with 5 s/t ?? Scared for your future? Everyone around you think you will Scrub?
If so, then Anti Scrub is the way to go! ( Note: I have no idea what I am Typing about!)


WARGH! You are pissed! and want REVENGE!!!!! Tired of Losing to that pesky Starlight road?? FEEL LIKE EATING THAT STARDUST DRAGON BEFORE Your opponent slowly takes it out of that Extra deck???


ANTI ROAD DECK!!!!!!!!!!!

Total : 40 cards


1 DaD ( Look kids! he only destroys 1 card each time!)
3 Jinzo
2 Strike Ninja
2 Jinzo Returner
2 Armageddon Knight
2 D.D. Scout Plane
2 Breaker
1 Gale ( Halve Stardust!)
1 Cyber Dragon
1 Sangan
1 Cyber Dragon

Spells ( JUST SPAM!)-18

3 Fissure ( Don't use when Stardust is out!)
3 Nobleman of Extermination
2 Foolish Burial
2 Allure of Darkness
2 Creature Swap
1 Giant Trunade
1 Future Fusion
1 Cold wave ( Optional!)
1 Brain control ( Brain controlling Stardust and tribute for Jinzo IS FUN! )

Traps - 4

3 Royal Decree
1 Call of the Haunted

This is Jinzo + Strike Ninja control + ANTI ROAD SPAM! and I haven't made it yet! I just thought of this in class ( And Ironically, I am still IN Class!)

So feel free to use this Deck Against any Deck that has Starlight Road in it! And if you DO destroy the Road......Alot, please inform me of any fixes that led to the Road's destruction!

This is Neuxcharge Signing off from Class ! =D
Take Care!

Whose this dude......Again!

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