Monday, November 30, 2009

Post,Post,Post, NET! =D

Today's topic will be netdecking via online mediums

Netdecking is a common problem in Yugioh Communities all around the world. And believe or not, it is also an irritating issue in an Argument.

Recently, I was notified by a good friend of mine from Malaysia that there was some sort of Argument going on in the Shriek OCG News Site.

So being the Neux i am, i decided to go check to check it out of boredom for being in class ( Ironically : I am Typing this as my teacher is blabbing about a subject i studied the night before X_x )

Disclaimer :This is just for showing purposes, Neux is not responsible if an Actual Argument gets into the comments or Chatbox. I LOVE COOKIES!

Seems like this is a 3 day old post on Shriek .

Its a flame war in the comments section regarding the Decks in question.

Personally, i find the decks really creative =D , I mean c'mon!  Personally I feel that Duelists who have been exposed to the meta too much, Have developed a "Mindset" that creates a standard in their minds of how decks should run.

These Decks are Awesome! Reason because they serve as Reminders of what Yugioh can truly be! A fun and creative game ! =D

Kudos to the makers of the decks too! ^^

Ok, but what does this have to do with netdecking via Online mediums.

Lately, i've been getting a dumpload of PMs and Comments on Youtube for decklists of certains decks ( *cough* Empty Jar * cough* )

< Teacher walks pass my com, switch screen for 2 mins!>

Ok, there is this issue on Youtube that i will address in a future video, and i also noticed this in Blogs, Forums and Sites like Shriek.

That is the questions for decklists and requests for the deck etc.

I get that netdecking means different things to many people. So i'll just say the Top 5 variants of netdecking mindsets that come into my mind like......Now!

1) I want to net so I can master the decktype in question!

2 ) I will net so I can prove to the people in locals who bully me that i am strong!

3) I shall Net so I can be like the person i admire!

4 ) I shall net since I have all the stuff needed sleeping in my Binder!

5) I will definitely net to utterly Pwn someone to the point where the only way to win me is to suck my ########### #$$#%$#!

Ok , don't know where the last one came from but you get what i mean!

Online places that can be accessed for Decklists ( Blogs, Youtube videos, Forum etc.) Can serve as inspiration or fall victim to netdecking X_X

Thats a fear and a very good reason why people don't post their decks online, because stuff like this can happen!

Senario ( Worst ending.)

ND: Wow this deck is strong!

Mr Original : I just posted this decklist for your viewing pleasure!

ND : < Net!>

ND : Behold! I am now the top in my locals!! MUAHHHAHAHA!

Friend of ND : eeeeee, his deck so strong!

Friend of ND :

Friend of ND makes alternative deck to counter ND's Netted deck OR Runs the same thing to piss ND off!

< Insert Chaotic Rumble here!>

And that is a senario of Netdecking!

Point 1 :Creativity goes on a vacation!

Point 2 : Its like stealing........ only that its online + easy to get away with .

Point 3 : It creates Paranoia! ( Owners who made the build or deck will withhold the decklist from said online mediums.)

Is there a solution to netdecking? No.

Because at the end of the day, it is human to desire and the fuel for this desire is either Fame or power.

Believe it or not, behind netdecking are multiple traits which i believe can twist a person into something his not.

I know that you can probably list down more netdecking senarios but in the end, the internet is a gold mine for resources and people WILL and CAN take advantage of this.

Moral of the rant/story/ text : Netdecking exists. We as players cannot deny it, it can be good,bad or neutral in the eyes of different people.

What does it mean for us bloggers, Yugitubers,Forum threaders? Well, to be honest there is no Direct solution to solving the netdecking except for holding back the decklists. But if we do, are we selfish for protecting something we made ? O_o

I feel that Netdecking is situational, at first i thought that netdeckers really have no moral qualms over what their doing, but i slowly realised that in some special cases netdecking does help people, it gives them personal hope and understanding. So , i am at a loss to judge netdecking as a whole.

But, at the end of the day, on that Shriek post, was the proof that underneath it all, people DO know that netdecking is heavily present and that alone can start up an Argument.

I hate Arguments , doesn't solve anything and in the end it can hurt people X_x

So thats my rant ( Yes, its a real rant!) that i want to do on Youtube BUT Don't have the time for.

Now as the teacher is walking to my desk, i ll have to sign off!

Note : These are just my thoughts on netdecking, i think i have missed a couple of points but i am sure you readers get the picture . Thankies! =D

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cyber Zwei Deck : A look =D

Hi ! =D

Cyber Dragon Zwei has become a major factor in players rebuilding their Cyber Dragon based decks .

Lets go to the start of this deck with the history of the Cyber dragon.

Cyber Dragon is a defining Card in Zane Truesdale/ Ryo Marufuji from Yugioh GX. He ran 3 of it and in this format if a Character deck was to be built around him it would have to break some rules ( Cyber is limited.)

The sheer usage of the card ensured a 2100 Beatstick with near to 0 effort. This card was a major card used in Monarchs as it was a quick Beatstick to hit the field !!! ( Also, it uses up your opponent's Bottomless so your Monarchs don't get hit.)

On September 2008 , Cyber dragon went from Semi limited ( it got semi-ed in March 2008) to Limited, marking what most players said was the " end of the Chimeratech OTK deck" The OTK deck was Popular in the past, but due to the Banlist constantly chipping off the key cards ( Future fusion, Overload fusion and Cyber Dragon.) the deck's popularity died down and the limiting of Cyber dragon confirmed its death.

While people were concerned about Cyber being limited, others were wondering if the Cyber dragon fusions ( Twin, End and Overdragon, not fortress because it still sees play.) had any future left in the game.

Now we come to Cyber Dragon Zwei ( Zwei means two in German for those of you who don't know.) While the GX Manga has potential to show new Support as Ryo is in it, this card has many perks and potential to bring back the Cyber decks of old.

Cyber Dragon Zwei

Level 4 Light Machine

1500 ATK/ 1000 DEF

Effect: If this card attacks an opponent's monster, this card gains 300 ATK during theDamage Step. Once per turn, you can reveal 1 Spell Card in your hand to your opponent to treat this card's name as "Cyber Dragon" until the End Phase. Also, if this card is in yourGraveyard, this card's name is treated as "Cyber Dragon".

Lets look at the advantages this card has:

1) Becoming Cyber dragon in the grave And on the field ( If spell is shown) - This perk is the main feature that this card is being see in the deck. Being cyber dragon enables the Cyber Fusions to come out and make the deck Have 4 Cyber dragons instead of 1. Being a Cyber in the grave opens up the Chimeratech OTK as well ( Depending on the number of machines).

Also, heres an obvious tip Reveal Evolution Burst and Zwei becomes a Cyber dragon and shoot!

2) Zwei is a Light Level 4 Machine - support cards that can help this card to be fully utilized include Jade Knight, Honest, Shining Angel . And with these support cards, you can expect Newer cards like Lord British to be used and simulate an alternate OTK!!!

3) It can gain 300 ATK when it attacks an opponent's Monster- This part is often underlooked but the importance of this can be used to run down monsters that have less than 1800 ATK or ram at 1800 ATK Monsters like Kycoo. Also, people forget that this ability of Gaining the ATK can help to save your Honests in hand!

Heres a decklist for a Cyber Zwei deck if your interested!

3 Cyber Zwei

3 Honest

2 Lord British

2 Shining angel

2 Jade Knight

2 Proto Cyber Dragon

2 Hex stone-Light

1 Gorz

1 Cyber Dragon

1 Sangan
( Note: You can replace Sangan and Gorz with Cyber Eltanin if you want =D )

Spells : 12

3 Evolution Burst ( Sometimes 2 works just fine!)

2 Power Bond

1 Future Fusion

1 Overload Fusion

1 Heavy Storm


1 Limit Break

1 Lightning Vortex

1 Giant Trunade

Traps : 9

1 Solemn Judgement

1 Call of the Haunted

1 Mirror Force

1 Torrential

2 Bottomless trap Hole

3 Trap Stun

Extra Deck:

3 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon ( Depends on the deck you face, Machines are fun!)

2 Chimeratech Over dragon ( Only when you want to go for the Kill!)

2 Cyber Twin Dragon ( Most common to be brought out.)

2 Cyber End dragon ( Not so easy to bring out.)

This is a Trap and spell Balanced build, trap stun solves a couple of problems concerning the OTK Prevention traps like Threatening Roar, Rainbow life, Waboku etc. And the amount of traps, though abit too much, works pretty well.

Stuff to clear the field- Mirror force, Torrential , 2 Bottomless, 3 Evo Burst, Lighting Vortex, Heavy storm, MST, Giant trunade.

However, a Problem that can occur is when your opponent Drops Battle Fader ( Another new card from ABPF) Caution is required to do well.

Also, if you want to have a spell based build, Just use 3 Royal Decree and maybe 1 Call of the Haunted and use alot more spells to make up for the lack of traps!

This deck can do the following OTKS:

Cyber Twin OTK ( With either Honest or Power Bond or Limit Break)

Chimeratech OTK

Lord British OTK

I would say that this deck isn't bad, but i feel that it can improve as time goes by.

Thanks for reading!!! =D

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Youtube video update and my experience in collecting Duel footage these past few days!

Hi again guys and gals and aliens in my closet who read this fun line in a blog!

Today, i ll just be updating your guys on what to expect in the upcoming vids

Duels and the ABPF Review ( Which was done last night)

However, Youtube is being retarded again and Not only making my uploading time 5 HOURS! but also rejecting my video files halfway through.

I have been sitting on my ass doing the videos and uploading the whole the day that i had to miss today's Local Tourney XD

But its ok, i got to spend time reading everyone's Blogs , watching alot of videos on cows jumping off airplanes and other things that i shall not mention.

These past few weeks has been Hectic, i was doing a school project for the past 2 weeks and just handed it up yesterday.

After that i remembered i had alot of footage that needed to be done in videos.

It seems like alot of people in Singapore are playing more theme decks, and their really pushing for excellence in these Theme decks.

I've seen :

Empty Jar, Chain Burn, Exodia Scrub, Retarded OTK ( Don't get me started on it . Hint: 37 monsters and 3 spells Thats the deck!!!) and others like

EHERO Beat, Blue eyes Hopeless Dragon, Aliens , DragunitySworn, Juracs. MAGOSHIN (Aka Fiend Roar Deity/Demon Roaring Gods/the Deck that everyone wants to make if they had the $$$/ Not Scrub alot deck.) And of course, the newly popular Cyber Zwei Decks.

Seems like after the Asia " Qualifier" , There has been many theme deck players refocusing on the extra decks that they made. This is Inspiring as now i see more Fun fun Decks pwn the crap out of decks that are Meta.

I took footage of a Lightlord deck vs an Empty Jar deck. But Youtube is not giving me a good time uploading. Seriously though, i'm glad that there is this increase in theme decks, makes my day abit better to see more creativity =D

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Asia Qualifier ( Singapore) 2010 : My day!

Just got back from Singapore's Asia Qualifier.

Didn't Participate in the Qualifier, Played the role of trader today =D

And i was not being allowed to take Footage of the Top 8 Matches X_x

But To cut things down, Lightlord win.

( Warning: The following day description can be very boring so skeeming through the post is allowed! Or you can just skip to the sum up part!)


6: 34 AM :Woke up and packed for Asia ( Did some last minute checking on the Weekend Report that was recently uploaded. )
6: 40 AM:Packed Binder with alot of foil stuff.

7: 10 AM: Made my way to SMU's Settler's Cafe.

-Met my friends there , Friends from everywhere in Singapore ( Quite scary to be honest.)

Open Album = Swarming the field niaaa!!!!

Anyway, to be certain, There were lesser Lightlord players than I expected, but it was still ALOT!

There were G.B. and Graveyard BF, No Zombie Synchro as Expected.

8:40 AM :Walked Around to inspect the players and Judge's Table, looks like alot of people are camping around in Areas.

( Everyone who joined, acquired a 2010 Asia mat!!! Will as Sazabi for pics of his lol XD )

9+ AM : I inform my friends that i'm not joining , they don't believe me. Also, i finally acquire 2 Jap Kycoos =D !!!

10+ AM : Tourney started around 10: 20AM With all the pairings. I stayed behind to trade and sell and duel my old Friend Koko!

Still 10 + AM : Bad End Queen Dragon + Crystal Beasts= O.O

11+ AM: Most of my friends win their rounds, happy for them but warned them to becareful as i am developing some hunch, dunno on what though.

12+ AM : I go for Lunch .

1 + PM : Second round commenced i think. Did some trades and Buys.

2+ PM : Trader life is boring niaaaaaa! Filmed abit of casual Dueling, friends win and Lose all over the place, Can't keep track of who win , who lose X_X

Still 2+ PM : I start to see some pissed off people, starting to see the mental toll on people.

Still 2+ PM : Dueling with my Junk and Debris deck against Mr R.'s Oppression BF Deck ................hmmmm, lets see :

Junk and Debris with bad Hand on first turn ( 2 Glow moss, 2 Junk Synchron, 1 Pot of Avarice and 1 MST )


Lucky BF Hand ( Whirlwind + Shura and Black Lance etc.)

Errrr, yea my J&D Luck was gone for the day X_X

3+ PM : Mr R.( Errrr, dude from Khatib/Shopkeeper)  Sees My newly pulled Black Rose Witch , Loli POWA Ensues!!!!

R: NUU!!!! I want that cute cute little Girl!!

Me : WAH!! Pokekid Order from me already NIAAAAA!

R: How much he offer?

Me: Dunno, i ask to res..

Pokekid : Dun sell that cute cute Girl to Him!!!

Me : O_O

Pokekid : I need 2 more to complete my set!!!

[ Flashes 1 row of 1 Black Rose Witch  ]

R: ME TOOO!!!!

< Shows 1 row of 1 Black rose witch!>

Black rose witch : T_T


Still 3+ PM : Walking around and Randomly looking at people walking....Tired at this point in time!

4: 00 PM: Saw a 1 Dollar foil card SALE!!! WARGH!!!!! GO BUY ARHHH!!

- Its a good thing that alot of people were Having their rounds at this point in time =D

- KS-ed everything that was useful, now all thats left is a bunch of cards that few would use.......... like WATAPON!!! muhahahahaha!!!

5 :00 PM : Informed by the Tourney Organiser that my services is not allowed for the Top 16 X_X

Still 5: 00 PM : My friends finish their rounds while i walk around mentally probing people's current Mental status.

6 to 7 or 8 PM : Top 8 instead of top 16 caused all my friends to get the kick.
My Mat went missing and i was helping a kid find his Synchro pile, after awhile i find my Mat in my own bag! ( Facepalm to Self! ) The kid's Synchro pile is still missing X_x


Sum up:

- People get disappointed for good reasons : Too sudden change in rounds ( First it was 5 rounds, then changed to 4 rounds.)

- I "THINK" that the % of the following goes as follows:
      - Lightlords : 60 % ( Definitely around this percentage!)
      - G.B. And BF Decks : 35 %
      - Rouge and Uncommon decks: 5 % ( I saw 1 Burn deck, 1 Anti Meta, 1 Random Control and 1 or 2 more Decks that can be classified as Rouge or uncommons.)

-155 Players joined. ALOT When home emo due to the "sudden" change in format.

- No footage of Top 8 , only casual duels i got from sitting around ( Note: I wasn't allowed to film Top 8.

- Overall, those who came to compete kinda got abit cheated in my Opinion, but the Playmat looked pretty cool =D

Now as i write these last words, i can feel a heavy Storm of Flames coming onto the SG Forums. I can just smell the Flames and Hate of all the Players X_x

I seriously feel that the players got cheated.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

T'was the Night before that Asia Qualifier!!!

As i write this post before the Asia Qualifier 2010 for Singapore X_x

I am Not going to be joining this Qualifier even though the Oppression BF deck i've been using has been doing pretty well.

Reason being : I'm so tired XD

Seriously, i think i will have to sit this one out.

And that only means 1 Thing!!!

MORE FOOTAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wargh!!!! I actually took alot of Duel Footage this week, a few featuring a Cyber Zwei deck in action XD

But i intend to do this along with the Footage from Asia After the Asia Tournament .

Building up Binder and its looking pretty good.

Heres a Tourney Recap for todays Locals at JE!!!

14 November

My day in 5 Lines!!!!!!!!

1) Woke up and Got inspired to use 3 Soul release in Junk and Debris Side deck for the lulz ( Worked quite well! =D )

2 ) Surfed the Net and Look at my cringing Performance for the First 2 Vlogs ( I Sound so fricking Slow! X_x )

3 ) Watched some Movie reviews ( Hmmm, 2012 is a Visual Fest ? O.O )

4 ) Went to Locals at JE for Tourney

5 ) Play , Eat and Go home !

Locals start

Deck used : Oppression BF!!!!

After joining, Had the sudden urge to drop out of the Tourney and look at People's Binders.

Match 1 : JH ( Lightsworns ) XX

Game 1: I inform him that i intended to lose for this one for no apparent reason. I get outran and Scoop after awhile

Game 2 : I drew a Monster hand ( No Qualats .....) And watch as my Kycoo gets RAEPED by Celestia!

At this point in the Tourney , i learned that it was Double eli X_x .

Life left : 1

Match 2 : Alex ( Stardust Assualt BF .) OO

 I know he came here to test test Deck , if he wanted to, he can whip out Lightlords and Do very nasty stuff to my innocent KFC Monsters of Doom!

Game 1 : He had a Bad hand and i whack With Black lance.

Game 2 : I sided in my 3rd Oppression and Transmigration Prophecy. No stardust appeared, no Prophecy appeared. i forgot what happened after that.

Feeling Sleepy all of a Sudden  X_x, Could be because i ate Chicken Rice for Lunch

Match 3: Mr A. ( Gravekeeper Kitty!) OO

Game 1 : God Bird Attack is Gay............ True Story.

Game 2 : He drew abit bad, i swarm him thanks to the Black Whirlwind!

I helped him mod his deck since his joining Asia Tomorrow.

Match 4 : WQ ( Lightsworns ) XOO

I was Damn Tired and Sleepy at this point of the day! I wanted to stay on my mat sleeping lol!

Game 1: I could have done Something , but i let him swarm me and I die......

Game 2 : I play abit more seriously , and after controlling his grave with Soul release, i win.

Game 3 : Armour Master + Light Mirror + Soul release and D.D. Crow in Hand= Happy Face!

After the match i had to fight JH again to see who gets first
( Because a Banana ( Yes, thats  a Real Name ! ) Left the Tourney and His 2nd Placed.)

To be honest, i really don't care for winning at this point lol, i just want to Sleep!!!

Match 5 : JH Again XOX

Game 1: I let him hit me for awhile then randomly scoop.

I Side in my "Hidden" Arsenal against Lightlord hehehe!

Game 2: I play abit more seriously and after i control and Win with the Help of Mind Crush, the People around me thought i was Damn Angry! ( In my Mind: I JUST WANNA SLEEP!!!!!!!)

Game 3 : I draw Bad and scoop!

I get to sleep, Then suddenly Match for 3rd and 4th Placing appear out of nowhere!

Me: ............

Match 6 : YL ( Anti Meta) XOX

Game 1 : I draw all spell and traps , there was Nothing i could do!

Game 2 : I draw good and play God Bird Attack correctly and win.

Game 3 : Spell and Trap hand + 1 Dead Dark Armed in hand= Scoop !

My position : 4th

My Prize from the Pool :Judgement Dragon!

Note to self : Sleep more in Tourney, that way people will be scared to duel u when your awake and looking like the devil from Outer space!

I was surprised that no one took Judgement dragon as the Prize! Seriously!

Overall :
Pros :

-Got 4th and a JD
- New love for D.D. Crow
- Learned that Soul release Hurts more people than i thought.
- Got 1 Duel footage ( Ok this is actually a Con, but i was too tired to film that much X_x)

Cons :


- People all say i am Angry or Emo, No Guys, I . JUST. WANT. TO. SLEEP.

- Errr, not get enough Footage?

- Had a not so great dinner ( Chicken rice. I LUV Eating Vayu! )

Went home to sleep for awhile and now i'm typing this post =D

Now as i am doing the Youtube Video on the Weekend Report, i shall fall asleep and remind the reader that i am not joining Asia Qualifier 2010 X_X

But to those who are up at this point of the night , go to sleep and Dream, DREAM, DREAM , DREAM , DREAM , DREAM!!!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yugioh 5Ds Episode 84: The Epic Jack Episode!

Episode 84 of Yugioh 5Ds shall go on as one of the Best episodes i've seen in this season of 5Ds.


Number 1 : 3 Red Daemons Dragons!!!! Seriously! Fake Jack summoned a Bunch of Monsters in 1 Turn! And his Not rich! His a Robot!!!!

Number 2 : 7000 ATK Saviour Daemons Dragon!

Number 3: Errr, Dark Bug's Second appearance?

Number 4: Seems like Trust Guardian Can be quite Broken if :

Use Trust Guardian And Synchro for Stardust ,

If Trust Guardian gets made and Has its effect lingering ( Unlike Hyper Synchron's case where Stardust would become 2500 ATK if Stardust used its effect and returned at the end Phase.) then Stardust can stay on the Field for a Very Long time =D

That is......unless your opponent Doesnt have Caius or Evac Device or even a Reprinted D. Prison etc.

Overall: I liked this Episode, It felt like that 1 Episode in Yugioh where Yugi had to duel Ghost Kaiba ( Gay clown? O.O ) But in this case its Jack vs Fake Robo Jack!!!!

Wait a Minute........

Kaiba "Ghost"

'Ghost' in 5Ds was a Robot

Fake Jack summoned 3 RDD  in 1 Turn

Kaiba Ghost Summoned 3 BEWD in 1 Turn


OMG, Their Recycling the old Filler Episode Structures!!!!


Or it could be my imagination!

Either way, it doesnt change the fact that Asia Qualifier is coming soon and ABPF Can't be used.

Battle Fader X_x

Piano Tuner wants to suck some Vayu Synchros !!!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Testing decks and techs : Oppression BF

Part 1 : Video Upates + BF Testing

The first 5 Vlogs should be up either tonight or tomorrow morning or afternoon, Ive been staying up late at night doing these vlogs on Asia, Updates etc. And most of the time i've found it abit harder than i thought since in the middle of a vlog you can actually lose track of time X_x

But anyway, i have been testing Oppression BF in hopes of using it in Asia ,along with a D.D. Deck ( In Hopes of people Actually running D.D. For Asia. Trust me , i know some of you will be running D.D. And praying for a Graveyard based deck matchup!!!)

Lets start this then =D

Oppression BF

Changes to deck:

Currently , i m running 2 Oppression with the 3rd in the side deck.

I m still not running Dark Armed because i can't find a copy of it.

I'm now Maining 2 Kycoos and no Caius, reason being because my luck is abit hard for these past few days.

Tested this deck against Lightlord and G.B. but this post will focus more on the Lightlord aspect.

Lets be Honest,  Lightlords can swarm this deck in the first game or they can slowly outrun the deck if your Icarus or Oppression Don;t hinder them.

I find myself being able to read Lightlord Players as they use Charge and Mill for that Garoth ( Means they have a Lumina in Hand ....or not) Pitch garoth for Solar recharge and afterwards summon Lumina and dump a N.Guardna For Garoth , End phase mill.

Its all working like Clockwork now.

Not only do you have to contend with the fact that Your opponent has mantained his/her hand enough to possibly have an Honest inside but the graveyard would be filled with Either good or bad mills.

I find myself actually checking the graveyard alot, Counting the Honests, Beckoning Lights, Monster reincarnation ,Necros and JDs.

< Enters Game 2>

After siding in Light mirror And Soul release and Other stuff like D.D. Crow, I will say that its hard to say who will win Game 2.

Reason being that the Opponent will usually side in Royal Decree X_x And that card wrecks Icarus so i'll find myself synching for Armour Master .......alot , that doesnt Stop Judgement and/or Celestia.

But , if i draw a good hand for a start, Light Mirror Wrecks Lightlord, I can;t stress this enough. You have to try it out for yourself too.

However, i also noticed People siding in Raiou to combat the Black Whirlwind and Synchro-ing of the BF Deck. Not too sure on what to write on that, reason is because i never faced a Raiou in Game 2 against Lightlords before! X_X

But i ll just say, Icarus??

Part 2 : BF Armour Master

Lets now talk about Armour master .

Lets list the couple of ways He can be brought out without Vayu in grave:

1) Gale + Lvl4 Monster/BF lvl 4 Monster ( Easiest to do!)
2) Sirroco+ Blizzard and/or Mistral ( Abit uncommon)
3) Vayu ( Brought from Shura) + 2 lvl 3 Monsters and/or Qualat ( Errr, hard?)

Even in an Oppression Build,i find myself Synching with Method 1 often in my duels.

Or he will use Shadow Imprisioning Mirror, which kind of affects the Vayus and Kycoo but Doesn't negate the swarm from hand ability of Black Feather.


Part 3: Kycoo and The Duel between him and Soul release!

Overall, I'd say that Kycoo can be main decked in BF , but like most of the time he will be more of a Player Preference card. Because Some Players will have trouble with him in the main ( draw him too late when you needed a BF for whirlwind to combat that Stardust.) Or find him really good ( Hint:  Graveyard Control )

Lately ,People have been debating whether Soul release or Kycoo is better.

Not the Ocg Version For reasons of possible p0*n .

For one side , Soul release doesnt take up a Summon and as a spell, excels at getting rid of cards in the grave, seriosuly 5 is alot of monsters.

Just remember that there are Cards that can be chained to Soul release ( E.g. Necro Guardna.)

For the other side, Kycoo is an Allure target and His controlling the grave effect is too good . Also , Even though he can't remove mass amounts of cards in the grave like soul release, he still has field Presence.

However, Kycoo is a Monster card, and is therefore susceptble to cards like Bottomless or Torrential and thats what makes players of Oppression BF Abit concerned.

Reason being

a ) He takes up a Summon

b) There is no guarantee that he will be staying on the field for long ( So is the feeling that all monsters will end up in the grave one way or another. )

But hes a Versatile card nonetheless, at least his ATK is reasonable high ( 1800 ATK )

And he has proven to be a Game breaker.

So this debate on who is better is actually up to you, the player, i believe that each player has his own perception and thoughts on the game. And its important to ask questions and give your thoughts on a subject.

Reason being that Your Opinion Matters.

In my opinion, Oppression BF does stand a chance in Asia, but i also somehow feel that this Asia Tourney will depend more on Luck than Skill ( Note: Lightlords needs Skill and Luck, But its abit more on the luck side+ Power cards like Charge and Judgement really speak alot for the deck!)

Whatever it is, i'll just be there for the sake of chronicling another Asia Tourney as part of my Life, as well as film of course.

Next time, i ll just post on my testing for Junk and Debris in an Asia Format........Which would  Probably be sometime tomorrow night? O.O

Well, its that Week right before Asia, just remember not to let the Pressure kill you first XD

Reason why i am Writing all this down is because i still have these Test duels fresh in my head and would like to share it before i go on to study.

Also because if this was in a vlog, it would take around 12 minutes of talking ,hence this long Blog post.

Ok , i'm starting to sound like im beating around the bush so:

- Showing of Mat and Updates on Videos will be in the next Post.

Until then, See ya! =D

Friday, November 6, 2009

vlogging : The foray and Trouble and Effort and Blah!

Hello Everyones, I'm currently on my laptop in my room in my dimension and will now Blog about vlogging.

A vlog is a video that works like a blog, except that its a Video and not text.

There are some things Videos can do that Blogs can't and vice versa.

A vlog is ...................As defined by the "accurate" Site Uncyclopedia :

Usefulness of a Vlog

For some a vlog is a window to the outside world, allowing them to feel as if they are normal human beings. For others it is a way to yell angrily about topics in which they know little to nothing about. Still others use vlogging to draw sympathy to their plight of nerdiness, aversion to people, or struggle with agoraphobia. All in all, however, a vlog has no real purpose on the internet other than crowding server space and bothering sane video viewers.


This site is Fricking GAWD! Its a Funny Version of Wikipedia that Writes BullSh** Instead of facts,Damn funny XD

Vlogs are coming along well, Expect the first 5 to be uploaded some time soon.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Power of a random update!!!!!!!

After waiting and waiting for A chicken to  cross the road ( Trust me , its a damn long Wait!) I came home to randomly watch some random stuff and do some random < Insert random crap here>.

This is the first in a dunno how long ( Looks at previous Post date) 1 Week that ive actually updated.

Contary to what everyone is convinced of, I'm NOT Dead and neither is the Neuxcharge Youtube Account randomly uploading only 1 vid a week,  I Still Live!!!!!

I was just playing a game with my good friend Jigsaw!

Oh that horrible Horrible Dude who ended the recent movie getting part of his jaw cut off just to escape a Random trap his master's wife set up while he was asleep! ( Im pretty sure i was playing his apprentice's Game!+ I think the real Jigsaw is dead, But thats just me.)

And that was how i spend my Halloween, in a fun fun game where we see Random people fly from Room to room with some fizzling Bomb thingy on their backs ( Definitely not dangerous i assure you =D )

But anyway, after my bull****ing i watched the latest episode of 5Ds, New episode coming out tonight!!!!! =D

So after i recapped that episode where Yusei met God ( Solemn Judgement niaaa!) And summoned the most random monster card to help him ( Which i believe Konami would make into a Real card thanks to the power of Main Characterhood!) And the only moment that actually caused me to go Batcrap Crazy was that 1 Frame Was.


< Insert invisible Picture of Jeager's Family here!>

Did he < toot> His sister or something?

The mere thought of him pro-creating proves that there is no justice in the world!!!!!!!And the fact that the scene of the Massive amount of Ghosts in that factory reminds me of that mass robot scene from irobot ( That movie with Will smith + robots.)

But on a more Yugioh note.

I ve been testing out BF and G.B.

Rescue G.B. That can side into D.D.G.B.  vs Lightlord= Successful provided you can conserve and know what your opponent has.

I tested against 4 different Lightlord decks and from my understanding, D.D.G.B. is pretty good and the only instances of losing came from a topdecked Card of miralce or A bad starting hand or a blunder that cost you the game.

For the siding for Normal G.B. Decks it goes something like:

From side to main deck:

+ 1 Reitairi
+ 2 Kycoo
+ 3 D.Fissure
+ 3 Light/Shadow mirror ( Depending on what you play against.)

People have said that Lightsworn/Lightlord topdecking is easy, hmmmmm it depends. If i can reitairi their grave to the point of less than 4 Monsters, that Topdecked JD Wouldnt really hurt me.

But after awhile , i noticed the LL/LS Player i play against start trying to predict my s/t ( Chariot etc.) And Royal decree hurts G.B. More than Mirror of oaths X_x ( Well, thats from my testing .)

Overall, G.B. Does have a good chance, problem is that LL/LS And BF Decks are more popular Due to their amazing stuffz ( Oppression BF Hurts G.B. .......Alot. )

But if there is a point to this random update/post/Findings report/Jigsaw is my friend stop bullying his movies/ I forgot what to write/ Stuff, I believe that this report on my Testing of G.Bs should inspire people to give G.B. more chances in the short time left to the Asia Tourney.

I also noticed DCK being sided in G.Bs alot, didnt really test him in the side since his not Asia format friendly.

On another sidenote, Im trying to make vlogs! But im having trouble because i overshot the time limit for Youtube uploading X_X

Either way, Happy belated Halloween for all of you readers.

P.S. : Did anyone notice that majority of the Yugioh Halloween deck specials done on Youtube are mostly Zombie decks X_X ,What happened to the Real Halloween terrors : Fiends ? MAUHHAAHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh and Jigsaw Says Hi!

Whose this dude......Again!

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