Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tournament Report 25/10/2009

Today was a Good day to test my Black Feather deck.

But before that , its TIME FOR MY DAY IN 5 LINES!!

1) Prepared BF deck to go to Jurong East Tourney.

2) Got to Locals and realised that i dun have a Specific Prize i wanted ( Until much later.)

3) Met My old Friends who decided to come down to join the Tourney.

4) Duel , Duel , Duel

5) Got into Top 4 shall write details now.

My BF deck uses Oppression , which is suddenly all the rage for BF decks . ( Probably thanks to LCQ lol XD )

Note: Im aware that vwind has a Deck of it from Pojo, But the Real deck structure i used on the deck i ran today, Mostly came from LCQ's Vayu Control Build .

Heres his deck for reference ( Serious though, Thanks for letting me know where everyone is getting their Oppression in BF idea from =D )

Hmm, but i ran 1 Raiou inside for Player pref Choice and he did Pretty ok =D

Also, I didnt run Caius cause his pissed at me again.

Match 1 : Deformer/Morphtronic ( OXO )

Game 1 : My good friend whose using Deformer, so we shake and Duel.

I swarm with BF and win.

Game 2: He Heavy storms my 2 S/t first turn, Did a 1 Turn Power tool, Stuffed his Dragon with Equips and In 2 Turns i scoop.

Game 3 :  We decided to go Honour Bound and Don't side, so after de-siding, we duel and I finally use Oppression to run through his Handphone.

Shake Hands..

Match 2 : Black Feather. ( OO )

 It was a Mirror match, But this match shows the difference between Oppression BF and Standard BF.

Game 1: It was a Close game, but in the End i whacked with Raiou for Game.

Game 2: I decided not to side, because i felt like i could control the match enough so siding for now wasnt a choice i chose.
I managed to slowly empty our Fields and Hands until my Vayu was Set up, Game ended With Raiou teaming up with Arms wing.

Shakie shakie

Match 3 : LightLord ( AxeHead ) ( XX )

My friend AxeyBoy shall serve as My testing ground for Oppression BF....

Game 1: Errrr, Scoop  0_0

Game 2: Gay Mill + 2 JD in Hand + My Oppression under Royal Decree= Voodoo Session with an AxeHead Doll! ( Now only 19.95!!!)

Shakes Head with Axe =D

Match 4 :  Glads/G.B. ( OO )

This match decides whether im in Top 8 or not.

Game 1:  Oppression Kills Gladial Beasts...........True Story told by Laquari.

Game 2: I played abit , then when i flipped Oppression, he scoops.

hmmm Data Added, Dark Bribe is fun!

Match 5 : Top 8 Glads/G.B. ( XiaoCola : Boss Fight. Lvl 3 Duelist, Knows Bankai with Godhand.)  ( XOO)

Its the Cola, such a Legendary Cola related Player.

So far his got Perfect Score, but this is Single Eli, so i must becareful and Predict his moves.

Game 1: I thought i had Everytime under control, Until Guard Hedge Appeared and He Storms My Oppression That could Protect me from that Big Bird ( Im going to have Nightmares now.)

Game 2: He goes For D. Fissure so I can't use My Qualat, thing is, I don't have any in my hand, What i Did have was 3 Icarus Attack, 1 Shura, 1 Gale and 1 Whirlwind. Gay Trap attacks are fun!

Game 3: After a long round, Oppression stood there protected by an Old man and an Uncle trying to bribe him.

Data : Book of moon was Not very useful against Glads/G.B. , Sided Out for Anti- s/t / Anti-G.B. Stuff.

Match 6 :  (Top 4 ) AxeHead Again ( Boss Fight Fail. ) ( XX)

Was still mentally poking AxeBoy so that his mill would be bad.

Game 1: Mills were Godlike, Need less Poking More Burning!

Game 2: Threatening Roar is your Best friend............For a While.

After the match, we scan each Others decks and surprisingly AxeHead just made his LS deck a week ago, and He didnt Run Beckoning Light and His LS Deck was 40, hmmmm but with his God mills i understand how he topped. ( Note: He ran Card trooper too!)

Top 4 ( Battle for the Bronze ) : Glads ( OO)

This decides who gets 3rd and 4th

This is also the Guy i played against in Match 4

Game 1 : I show Oppression , He emo scoop.

Game 2: I summon a Monster set 4 s/t, after a brief fight and tricking the Big Bird into Oppression, he scoops.

Errr, Yea.

I took footage for the Finals Top 2


Due to too Many AxeHead vs Little Lucky Boy and swearing + Random cursing + Secret Voodoo session, i ve decided to sum up their game

AxeHead's Ls vs LuckySworn

Note: Luckysworn doesn't run Charge of the Light Brigade, and Both LS decks are 40 cards..............yea.

Game 1:

AxeHead has Godmills and Conservatively controls Lucky's Movements!
AKA, AxeHead Wins!

Game 2:

Lucky eventually slows the Great Head down to a mere 1 Hand card. AxeBoy decides to use Mimic voice!!

It was Super Effective!!

But Lucky counters with Monster reincarnation!

Judgement blasts the Head off of AxeHead!!!

The Crowd Swears!!!!

Game 3: AxeHead starts with a Bad hand, But can he make it?

Using his Skills he survives until a few Lifepoints and the crowd becomes pissy for him not doing better!!

Quick AxeHead!!

Use The new trend of Self Sucide in YGO!!

AH:" I summon CARD TROOPER!!"

AH:" I ll mill 1 Card and Suicide into Judgement!!!"

AxeHead Decided not to let Luck end his Game!! He died a Hero alongside his innocent Duel Spirit That he courageously send to die in Battle despite the fact that Card trooper was Screaming half the time to " Go ****" Himself!!!

Prize: Junk Archer!!!

Yusei Deck updated, Now the Power of Junk archer shall rise!!!


Junk Archer and Top 4.......... Nuff said.


Was Sick
AxeHead Voodoo Head Broke..........Again.

So yea, nothing left for me to write but yea Overall Oppression BF was very fun to play ( Especially against G.B. )

Note to Self :Find to way to defeat LS with this Deck, if i can't , i will find another way!!!!

Thanks for Reading!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Asia Tourney : How to train and deal with Post traumatic Stress disorder!!!

With the Horrible Horrible Asia Tourney approaching and people all changing into Lightlord ( Seriously, this is very disturbing, even 12 year old kids can use LL's like pros, Very scary !!!!)

In this Post, expect me to cover how to train for the Asia Tournament or any big Yugioh Event and how to deal with Post traumatic Stress Disorder if you lose ( Note: People go for self-esteem talks but when they lose at Asia or World Qualifiers they really go home sobbing like little Girls!!)

How to Train

There are 3 Steps to Training for Asia Tourney!!!

Step 1 : Have a Deck!!

This is the Main component to your victory/loss , without this step at the time this Post is written, you can simply not join lol!

Seriously ,there is more to this step than meets the Eye!

The Theme of your deck is important to what will be in your Extra and Side decks, as well as how you will play!

Lets use the Most common Example for Asia : Lightlords/Lightsworn/Sacksworns/"HAHA , Im a little kid who won your noob deck!!" Deck.

Lightlords have a "standard"

A "standard" is present in ALL decks that have a strong theme ( e.g. BF Has 1 Gale , 3 Qualat etc.)

Standard for LL

2 Judgement Dragon
3 Lumina
3 Honest
3 Necro Gardna
1 Gorz
1 or 2 Garoth
2 or 3 Wulf
2 or 3 Celestia
2 Lyla
1 Ehren
0 to 1 Arkus


3 Solar recharge
3 Charge of the Light Brigade/Reinforcements of Light
1 Heavy Storm
1 Giant Trunade
2 Monster reincarnation


0 to 3 Beckoning Light

Note: This is a Standard for LL That most ( If not all ) LL Decks have or run by!

From the Standard, the Main deck is structured  ( Removal like Mirror Force is Added, Cards like Spirit Burner are added.)

Another thing to consider are the strengths and weaknesses of the deck.

Using LL as an Example , D.D. Decks are an obvious Weakness, and if you read locals carefully, there are some who are preparing D.D. Decks to combat the LL in the Asia Tourney.

This can lead you to remember D.D.G.B. , That is also an expected deck in Asia!

As for Strengths of LL : It relies on the Graveyard due to the immense milling they do.

So cards like Necro Gardna or Black Shining G, Cards that work in the grave, would be Great choices!

But if Your in a Mirror Match, do side out Shining G as the Opponent's LL Would'nt need to rely on Synchro-ing to win!!!

Understanding the Strengths and weaknesses of the deck can affect how you look at the Decksize and the side decking choices.

LL Mills alot

Think phase: I need a Higher deck count if im to avoid overmilling myself!

Choices available:

Higher decksize : 42 to 45

Cards that can prevent me from overmilling ( Zombie Carrier, Spirit Burner etc.)

Thinking deeper!: But due to a Higher deck count, My starting hands can get affected!

Solutions available:

Trial and error: I'll test the deck sizes ( 42 to 45)  to see which decksize is my ideal LL Decksize.

Control? : I'll learn to control my mill by using cards like Book of moon to cover an LL that could overmill me or i could learn to develop an OTK Mindset so i will win before i overmill myself!

Side deck thinking:

< Hmm, i understand that LL decks are weaker against D.D. Related decks! BUT I do know that the D.D. Elements are usually in Spell and trap form and some of their D.D. Monsters ( e.g. Banisher of Radience.) are easy to take down and they would USE Protection in the backrow. Which are also spell and traps!>

So maybe

2 to3 Malevolent Catastrophe should do the trick!

LL Mirror Match

< Hmm, Lightlord Mirror matches are expected in Asia!!! I should be careful in what i use!!>


2 to 3 Thunderking Raiou : He hurts me too! But if his on my side, i can hurt my Opponent more because i can negate both of our coltb and negate Our Opponent's Judgement!!

+ His Honestable!!!
 + He can run over Banisher!


Step 2 : Playtest!

Another Important Factor as it helps you " get the feel" of your deck and what you can expect to face in a Tournament or Big event like Asia.

Get your buddies to playtest certain decks against your running deck, Test out Side deck strategies and even Borrow Cards from them!

Seriously though, Playtesting is key if you want to try out new Ideas or even practice the usefulness of your side deck in a certain Matchup.

Step 3: Build up Your $$$$ and Binder/File/Album!

At Asia or any Big Tournament, an Interesting Rule of Thumb is that Traders will Hub there to find good deals, Build up your $$$ To get These Great deals if Your a Good enough Buyer ,having a Good Binder on the other Hand, Could attract Potential Good sells or even Scams >_<

This last step Doesn't sound like Training to you? Well it is in a Sense , Because an interesting thing is that:

" The Battlefield for A War doesn't have to be in a Battle Ground!"
- Chakraman!

If you lose and don't get into Top 16, you would want to do some Trading right?

Well if you lose and Get scammed of All your cards, Do You feel better?

If yes, Go see a Psychologist cause you may have F***Tard Disorder!

Warning : People who bring a GODLIKE Binder to a big Event can Come home with Near to Nothing left inside! BEWARE OF SCAMMERS AND THIEVES! Cause this kind of events has their share of them. Think of them as Crows waiting for you to collapse from the heat of the event and snatch away Your key Binder cards!


Now we Come to The last section of this Post.....

How to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after Losing at the Asia Tourney!!


Step 1 ) Watch Hentai/Porn.

Step 2) Ignore Step 1

Step 3) Read the Block of text Below

Remember , If you lose in a Big Tournament, Don't REGRET!! LEARN!!!!

A cause of Players turning emo and twisting their Perception of Friends that were once weaker than them and had now Top 16 in a Major event while You scrubbed , Is Regret!!!!!!

Players That Regret not doing certain moves in their Games or even Getting scammed after Scrubbing will ultimately take nothing from the Tournament.

 You have to break through Yourself , Because the Real Opponent you face in Big events isn't the one dueling you to get to the Top, its You!!!!!!!

Only You can stop Yourself, You can argue that Lightsworn was luck-based and thats why you lost, but deep down, You will have that feeling that you could have done something.

This is where you Learn,

A competitive Yugioh can't be a Fun Enviroment, One can't have the other unless you mix both.

If its all Competition then It can't be all Fun!

If you lost, Its ok! It really is! No one is asking you to win but Yourself!

So did You lose to yourself?

People would rather lose to Themselves than to Others, or maybe not in some cases, but You get the Point!

You may have paid $$$ To enter the Tourney and lost without having fun, but so long as you learn something about Yugioh and Yourself you would have improved as a Player and a Person.

Thank you for reading , i hope this wall of text proves useful.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Asia Tourney thoughts.

Ok, i think enough randomness is enough lol!

Every blogger from SouthEast Asia will usually blog about this topic, especially when its considered a Big thing.

First we Shall look at the Probability:

Lightlord ( Highest Number in Attendance.)

The sheer Number of LL Expected in this year's Asia Tourney is anticipated by Everyone. With Charge and Ehren out, LL Has become much faster and stronger.

But LL Can be inconsistent and more luck based than any of the other decktypes present. Apparantly People have tried to cure LL of this illness by Having a Great Monster count of 25 to 28 so as to " Get the most" Out of milling.

Players have also started to use Tech that controls the LL Success Rate by Using Spirit Burner.

Effect: Once per turn, you can change the battle position of the equipped monster to Defense Position. When the equipped monster is returned from the field to the hand and this card is sent to the Graveyard, inflict 600 damage to your opponent. If this card is in the Graveyard, you can add it to your hand instead of conducting a normal draw during your DRAW Phase.

Why is this card getting more notice in LL these days? Because skipping the Draw phase can prevent a 0 deck situation and Gives Dragonith and Ehren More Use in the deck.

This card also helps in Mirror Matches Where an Honest in Your opponent's Hand and None in Yours could end the Game in your defeat.

The Next card Seeing Increased Usage in LL is:

Guardian Of Order


Lumina Summoned and drags random LL= Conditions Met For Guardian to come out.

Why is He So important?

Swarm, Thats about it, He can Ram into that Stardust or Armour Master for you too!
But 2500 ATK is Huge! and With Above mentioned Combo that is so Common in LL , His a Good Reason to be used.

Sadly, Guardian is More of a Player preference choice card and requires Personal Playtest and Opinion to be used.

Overall, LL is the expected Winner of this Asia Tourney even before its begun! This Assumption Bothers me as i feel that its Unfair to assume that just because nearly everyone is gonna play the same deck, that deck will win.

C'mon! Give the other decktypes a chance!

Black Feather

I ll Start with the Vayu Graveyard decks first.

First of all, Vayu Graveyard decks don't run like the Normal Black Feather decks , it works on The Synergy of other cards that dump stuff into the Grave like Dark Gerpher or Armageddon Knight.

Nowadays, to level the Playing field against LL , Vayu users use a Hybrid between LL and Vayu Graveyard to form VayuLord ( VayuSworn in TCG)

But for those that choose to keep using Graveyard , a Safety Switch in the form of :

Royal Oppression

Since Vayu can Bypass Oppression, this card gives Vayu decks a key advantage against that certain Top decked JD!

However, a limitation is that ceratin big Plays like dropping DaD or synchro-ing outside of Vayu's effect can affect the player, so this card requires timing and player skill to pull off!

Black Feather / Oppression and Vayu Whirlwind.

A Build that can actually take apart many decks since Shura and Vayu can bypass Oppression and with Black Whirlwind being near unstoppable with no Raiou around, This deck can have a Really strong chance to top 16 and above!

Unknowns and Originals

Now this is an Interesting part of the anticipated decks for Asia, because there ARE People who do deck-picking ( Anticipate which deck everyone will use and form a deck to counter that certain decktype.) And may end up in Top 16 if all goes well for them.


90 % Lightlord

Ok, i brought a BF Deck and a Macro Pacman deck, i ll try Macro Pacman

Problem with this pre-Tourney tactic is that its usually based on Luck and Second guessing, its near impossible to know what deck EVERYONE was running unless you had access to the decklists on the counter, by then it would already be too late for you to sign up .

But i can really see people banking on the fact that alot of LL Players will be present and end up using D.D. Decks.

Another Deck that i feel deserves suggestion, is D.D.G.B. , Not D.D.G.G. Mind you!

Reason Being that G.B. Can still make it , but from the view of alot of players, stands to be the underdog in this Tourney.

Creative Decks are alright to use if they don't have a predictably side ( E.g. S/T Heavy card, LL Player sides in Decree and Malevolent Catastrophe.)

I can see a handful of creative decks participating in the Asia Tourney and i really commend them because their in a Tournament surrounded by Decks that can easily drop JD,DaD or Armour Master etc.

Ultimately, Player skill and deck choice must be at their maximum performance and Choice in a Tourney like this .

For those who think that this format is too hard for them, i really can't blame them, this format is quite unforgiving, unlike the other formats, this one is the most Graveyard reliant Format ive seen in my whole time playing this Card Game.

Will be giving out tips from time to time leading up to The Respective Asia Tournies of Singapore and Malaysia since December is after November.

So Stay tune as i put up more Asia Tourney tech ideas and reports on how certain cards work for certain decks that are being anticipated for Singapore's  Upcoming Asia Tourney!

Hope you enjoyed my Block of potentially useful text!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Epsiode 80 : What can we learn?

Hi again, this is another "Daily" post by Chakraman!!!!

So Episode 80 is out and we learned :

Bruno is left Handed ( Like Dark Glass. ) When he almost used his left hand to shake Yusei's Right Hand.

Jack Atlus loves Ramen and would willing avenge them if taken by Gay Clowns.

Physics is a subject at Duel Academia!!

Gadgets were used in the duel Puzzle that was really interesting+Tragoedia and Mirror Force Cameo FTW!!! ( THERES YOUR DM AND GX REFERENCE !!!!)

In the Future, Everyone's fingerprints will all be in a Database that requires the solution to a Duel puzzle to get Hacked..........Fun.

Security doesn't have a place for Amnesia Victims to go to, so since Bruno has Mech skills, Yusei,Jack and Crow's Garage is the Place for you!!! Seriously, Who needs a Hospital or a Shelter home where People can use Futuristic tech to help you.


I liked this episode, it has a nice "not Filler" feel to it, it feels like things are moving again since this ends on a "to be continued" Kind of feeling. And the Duel Puzzle interests me.


Maybe a writer for 5Ds watches my videos lol

I mean:

Gadget deck
2 Easy to solve and 1 that has only 1 solution duel Puzzles


Episode's Duel Puzzle!!


Or maybe its just me X_X

Chibi Crow and Jack lol!!!!!

No seriously, the fact that a Duel Puzzle came out of nowhere was kinda Awesome!

And Bruno ( Dark Glass? )  May be my Fav Character for this season,


He Heavily Reminds me of Zane

The way he look at the Puzzle and solve it was cool because his like:

Silent: Think think think

" Lightbulb!"

Like a chess player thinking lol!!!

Prediction for the Next Episode!!



Thanks for reading!!!

Yusei Decky =D

Yusei in the Anime

Well, heres the day i archive a Yusei Highlander deck that i SHALL make real soon , when all the components arrived.

In the meantime lets enjoy some pics!!

Yusei in the Manga

Yusei watching the Yugioh 10th Anniversary 3D!!

Err, Yusei being a Kaiba!

Anyway, Onto the decklist

Yusei Highlander ( No Saviour mode)


Tuners: 8

Junk Synchron
Debris Dragon
Nitro Synchron
Turbo Synchron
Road Synchron
Hyper Synchron
Quick Synchron
                             Drill Synchron (Coming Soon)

Non-tuners: 11
                            Junk Blader ( Coming Soon)
Sonic Chick
Shield Warrior
Rockstone Warrior
Tunning Supporter
One Shot Booster!
Max Warrior
Fortress Warrior
Turret Warrior


Card Rotator
Junk Barrage
Fighting Spirits
Dual Summon
1 For 1
Prevention Star


                           Starlight Road ( Coming Soon)
                             Afterglow of a Miracle ( Coming Soon)
                          Scrap Iron Scarecrow ( KAKASHI!!!)
Angel Lift
Defense Draw
Miracle Lotus
Give and Take
Skill Sucessor
Urgent Tuning
Synchro Strike
Lost Descending Star
Truth Reinforce
Spirit Force
                           Forceful Stop ( Coming Soon )

Synchros: 9

Stardust Dragon
Road Warrior
                            Drill Warrior ( Coming Soon)
 Turbo Warrior
                              Lightning Warrior ( Coming Soon )
Nitro Warrior
 Junk Warrior
                          Junk Archer ( Coming Soon)
Arms Aid

Hehe, That is my Going to be real Yusei Highlander that doesn't need the Help of the Crimson Dragon deck =D

Thanks for reading!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


A Boy sees his Parents  < Insert Happy time here >

He asks them what they were doing, and they replied

" We are making you a New Brother or Sister!"

The boy thought for a while and exclaimed:


And so the boy grew up to become a Professional Scrubber who uses a Doggy Deck.

Ok, so that may have not happened but it COULD have happened since kids these days have the potential to explore their house at the wrong times .



Well, for one this Guy is an EARTH Monster despite him being related to the Underworld, Maybe His Gorz's Pet dog!

Maybe Gorz was that Boy from so long ago!!!

Maybe Gorz:

Could Actually be..........

Dark Glass

It would make sense!!

Accel Synchro happens on Opponent's turn, Gorz Can only Jump out on Opponent's Turn!

Gorz was used by Yami Yugi in the Yugioh R Manga

Could it be???

       Dark Glass is Bruno from an Alternate Future where Yusei and co. failed to defeat Yliaster so he was sent to the past to teach Yusei and co. about Accel Synchro. So the Bruno we see in the current episodes could either become Dark Glass in the Future or Could already be Dark Glass who was intercepted by the Yliaster trio!

But the Question is:


Wow, maybe i should take Blogging classes XD

Thanks for reading!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vids,Vids, and More ???

Hmm, it seems like i could have survived the FL Vs XX Saber Game 1 in the Video.

Apparently, i have a Ruling problem regarding Call of the Haunted.

This is Most Disturbing, there hasnt been a ruling problem in my vids since..............................that 1 duel with Caius a long long time ago!! 0.0

Oh noes!!! Must improve Standard and ignore this minor setback, Video ,video, vdieoooooooaaa eeww!!

But anyway, i had an ok weekend,

Completed the XX Saber deck with the Gardestrike and FullHeim but still have another match to upload, and a Deck feature.

Random Youtube tip of the day, not like anyone does Youtube Videos every week of the month >_< : Never regret!!

To make this post less Boring, Heres a random PANDA!!!

< Insert panda image here >


Ok, my week at locals was ok, so heres the


1) Finished the XX Saber deck, It roxs!!! ( OK, Not all of it is finished.)

2) Joined Tourney with Lightsworns for the first time and mill all my Spell and traps get milled....................................Fun.

3) Discovered that A.O.J. Cycle leader was Gay!!! O.O, Something i should have known had i not do some Reading on DT Sets.

4) Dueled with Yusei deck against my yugi deck, Did alot of nice combos and had alot of fun! ( Valkerion as only hand card + exchange= Fun.)

5)Got footage and ate abit and headed back. BAHA Vs DSummon taught me 1 thing.,......DSummon is a Magician!!!!! =D

So yea, Videos are halfway done and to end off.

Lighty has so many missed timing instances >_<

Random post is definitely Random!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yugioh News.....Where OCG Sets are announced and HOLY CRAP BLACK FEATHER DRAGON!!!

Welcome to a Speed World 2 Edition of Yugioh news, today i will freak out over:

GOLD SERIES 2010!!!! (Coming January 2010 to a Card shop near you!!)


( ^^^ Coming February 2010 ^^^)

5Ds Episode 79 :  A Flashback Filler That ends with a Guy that looks, Sounds and Looks like Dark Glass from Episode 74!!!

O levels: Coming to a...........Wait mines over, errrrr, screw that!

Absolute POWA Force!: Giving you Jack defying Powers like Punching the crap out of People, Wasting a Crapload of $$$ while your 2 best friends work hard for something =D

Spirit Burner in LS/LL: Giving you more reasons to Run Ehren!!


Beyblade had 4 sides :Dragon, Tiger,Phoenix and Turtle


Balkion is a Dragon

Beast is a Tiger

Landor is a Turtle/Torsomethingthatithinkshouldendwithtoise

that means the Last Natural Monster is a Phoenix!!!!

WAAAA Neuxcharge so whacked!

Sazabi so High!

DT07 reprints that i want to get:

- E HERO NecroShade
-Botanical Lion
-Cute Doggy that works well with Brionac
-Arcana Knight Joker ( Yugi Deck .)
-Flute of Summoning Kuriboh ( Judai kun wants!)
-Discord ( Side deck card.)
-Royal Oppression : Hehehe!
-Icarus Attack : HEHEHHE!

Moral of the Story : SAVE UP YOUR $$$ RITE NOW NANANANAAA!

Wish cards for Gold series ( HEY! I can wish rite? ) :

Natural Beast
AOJ Decisive Arms
D. Prison
Gorz ( I mean, C'mon! You want a Common Gorz? )

These are my Most anticipated Cards for Gold series 2010


Konami can screw me again and give me reprints of Staples + Random cards ( THE RETURN OF WATAPON!!!)

Story Left Untold:

Worker 1: Ok men , What shall be the random card in Gold Series 2010??

Worker 1: Brillant!! Watapon again in Gold series 2010!! That ll make it more Kid friendly!!

Worker 2: But sir, what if the Players complain and have a Riot with Mass Watapon Burning On Youtube?

Worker 1: Hmmm, Good Point, LETS REPRINT THIS THEN!!

Worker 1: Man, we're fricking Geniuses!
Worker 2: .........

Worker 1: What? I mean Hanewata protects you From DDB/DSF What?

Worker 2: Err sir, DDB/DSF is banned now.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Overview and Thoughts on Yusei

Hmmm, after playing around with the Yusei deck, currently i can say that if your going to play a Highlander version of the deck then expect really bad dead draws and bad starting hands cause Yusei has ALOT of 1 time use cards like : Domino, Sliver wing, Release Restraint wave etc.

But given that 5Ds is still "young" in comparision to Yugioh or Yugioh GX i hope they will use more cards in the Future.

hmm, Yusei like the other 2 main characters in the Yugioh Franchise ( Jaden/Judai and Yugi. ) always treasure their friends . Theme of friends constantly appears in the Animes and manga. But what sets him apart from Judai or Yugi is that his obviously more serious and more mature when dealing with a threat. But comparing the "threats" that are in 5Ds to those of GX or the original Anime, 5D's threats like having a Huge Cloverfield monster covered in mud walking around town like he was Godzilla's long lost poodle!

Yea, definitely a poodle !!!

So what can i say about the way Yusei
Well, he takes all the blows the opponent has to offer and then uses a Synchro along with some combo that will no doubt enable him to win. He always uses Synchros to win with the exception of certain episodes ( Detention duel episode and against that Duel Academy teacher.)

 Heres a list of such cards that have affected the real life meta and used By Yusei:

1. Debris Dragon

Debris Dragon- Why? he only has 1 Dragon monster accessible for this card and that being Stardust, Perhaps he will be using more Dragon type Synchros in future seasons?

Real Life effect: Junk and Debris, Debris Hime and other very creative decks ( BEWD Synchro? Debris + Kaibaman?? 0_0 )

2. Level Stealer

      Why? - His a card you would expect Rudger to use lol, Seriously have you thought of

( Uru- 1 star, use level for Uru's effect and snatch a face up monster!!! ,Epic!)

But yes this card could have been the Last push for Konami to ban Card of Safe return.

Real life effect on Meta: Level Monarch , BAHA and the tale of Dark Dust Spirit!!!

< Note: Is it just me or does Yusei's cards affect the meta more than Yugi or Jaden's cards ? >

                                     3.Tunning Supporter/Tunning Ware

Why?- Ok this last but not least card is not very well known, but his got some pretty cool usage!

Example: Tunning Supporter FTK-The one involving Brionac and De Synchro that mills through a deck full of spells, ending the turn with 2 or 3 Magical Explosions set face down and burning the Opponent the next turn!


Yusei is also a character that gets the most ill-treated compared to Yugi or Jaden/Judai. Why? i mean the Guy gets Tasered, marked, insulted by the low tolerance idiots of Domino city , get shocked by that jailor , get thorn whipped in front of a live studio audience, get burned by Fricking Evil Thorn, Getting A piece of "****" Get lodged in his chest which led to a Hospital scene along with a " Rally's a Guy" scene in the Anime!

Also, i know his supposed to be portrayed as the "True king" who was born in tops but thrown into a slump life and works up to the top and also a tough character, skilled Character ( Fighter, Mechanic etc. Hell, i think he can even jump out of the Screen and run konami with only a Ping pong ball and a bar of cheese!)

Come to think of it, the Anime builds him to be a saviour class main character 0.0

Jaden- Hero who saves the day
Yugi-Duelist who finds himself
Yusei- Savior and the true king

Hmmm, sure Jaden/Judai has saved the world a couple of times but i would say his a Hero ( E Hero hehe!) , Yusei on the other hand seems to be made to look like his ready to be taking on a role that outshines the other 2 Main characters.

But , overall Yusei is really well build up by the Anime and thats what counts.

Good Review Neux, Now get this mark off me!

Also, I do have some Questions about this season of 5Ds like:

- Wheres Rally and all those other characters that were abit forgettable?

-  Why hasn't Yusei used this card that was given to him in Episode 10?

And finally the BEST Question:

When do we see Yusei use Mirror force??

We did see Jaden/Judai use not 1 but 2 Mirror forces in a filler episode!


-Why does Luna/Ruka/Luca use Nettles? I thought that would have been used By Aki lol!

P.S.: Spore looks like a really Broken card!!

Lvl 1 Plant tuner

Effect: You can remove from play 1 Plant-Type monster in your Graveyard and Special Summon this card from your Graveyard. This card gains the Level of the removed monster.


Thanks for reading everyone!! ^^

Monday, October 5, 2009

Junk Blader!!!! Yusei deck's Upgrade for the Future??

Wow, With :

Starlight Road+ Afterglow of a Miracle from The upcoming Duel disk


LE17 Having Lightning warrior + Junk Blader!!


More Yusei Deck POWAAA

Currently , im testing both Yugi deck and Yusei deck and i love how they duel lol.

Best Play of the Day!!:

Yugi: "Poly for Dark Paladin!"

"Attack Stardust!!"

Yusei: "Kuzutetsu no Kakashi!!!" (Scrap iron scarecrow for those who don't know .)

Yugi : " DE-FUSION!!!"

Yusei: " Oh Shimata!!""

Yugi: "Buster blader whack Stardust and Dark magician whack for GAME!!!"

Yusei: "WAAAA!"

Best Yusei Ending

Yugi: 400  Yusei: 1100

Yusei: I use Lost Descent Star to bring back Nitro Warrior!!
Use level stealer to steal 1 star

then i use Angel lift to get back Nitro Synchro

Synchro for Stardust dragon!!!

Attack Buster Blader!!

Trap card Hatsudo!

Synchro Strike!

Stardust ( 2500 + 1000=3500)

Buster Blader ( 3100)


Best Yugi Ending

Yugi:200  Yusei : 3200

Yugi Field: Gorz in ATK, 1 face down s/t

Yusei field: Stardust , Speed Warrior and 1 face down s/t.

Yusei: I use Miracle lotus on Stardust!! ( Stardust ATK: 2500 to 3500)

Stardust attack Gorz!!

Yugi: Magic Cylinder!! Epic Win!!

Yusei:" NOOOOOOO!!!"

Overall, it was really fun dueling as 2 different characters XD

Thanks for reading!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tourney report 3/10/2009 + vid updates

Secret weapon was Macro monarch and it lost lol.

Day in 5 lines:

1) Met Sazabi to go to the Khatib Tourney

2) Lost in the Swiss rounds

3) Bought cards and finished the Yugi deck that will be in the report vid XD

4)Watched Rick play Prototype on Xbox360 while the Tourney when on.

5) Filmed finals and a Junk and debris match .

Innovative deck of the Tourney scrubbed XD

But yea my matchup was Glads then LS and it was a 3 round swiss.

Hmm, Macro monarch would need more testing, maybe Gadgets?

But another good thing is that i got to test my Gadget deck and learned more about stuff.

So stuff i tried and learn:

Sided my 2 DCKs ( DCK gets hurt often in Graveyard deck matchups.)

now using 2 Tragoedias ( Need to learn more hand management on my part.)

may build an Extra deck just in case ( Since ive got Trago, Gale and 2 enemy controller.)

So yea, more videos coming soon, no creative deck though XD


Gadget testing
Finished Yugi deck


Scrub scrub
now have alotof vids to up!

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