Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hmmmmm # 2

Yea, its becoming something i keep saying when i do my thinking xD

But yea, for those of you who don't know, ZeroRyu501st's account got closed and this is his new One


Sub to him.

But yea, im also having abit of questions that i have for myself.

(1) Why hasn't Rally made another appearance in this Season of 5Ds?

(2) Will i ever be able to do a Good Junk and Debris tutorial?

(3) Living in a World with Cookies is fun! ( Wait thats not a question thats a thought!)

(4) Should Envy be a pre-dominant factor in a Children's card game?

(5) Which came first? Chuck or Norris?

So i uploaded a Junk and debris tutorial for a window of 1 hour, and then took it down due to me thinking it needs more work >_0

So now im kinda lost and Busy,

Lost in the sense because:

(a) A good friend of mine ( ZeroRyu501st) Had his account closed for some reason and i'm doing a shoutout for him to get him back up. Trouble is i don't know how to go about it.

(b) The only other tutorial video i ve done was a Counter Fairy one, and that is abit outdated now since Solemn got limited, so Junk and Debris is kinda wrecking my brain as to how to come about it too X_X


(a) Because i m making a Yugi and Jaden deck and getting alot of old cards is no small task.

(b) Training Gadgets for a Tourney on Saturday

(c) Need to do videos too X_X

But heres the progress for the Yugi deck

90% Completed- Just need the Magnet set ( Valkerion, Alpha, Beta and Gamma.) and Big shield Gardna and maybe a Summon skull. Then its done!

Jaden/Judai :

55%- just needs:

 glow moss, Flare scarab, aqua dolphin, Stratos, 1 Miralce Fusion, 2 E Calls, 1 Oversoul, Prisma and NecroShade/Necro Darkman.

Prisma is gonna be a problem getting since his so exp >_0

But yea, after getting the decks done, i still don't have a straight out review and how to do them X_X

But yea, i ll get through somehow, im going to do my best for the vids i have to do currently, even if it may only get a handful of views, i must still do what i set out to do !!!

< Goes off motivated!!!>

Thanks for reading!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Quest for Yugi cards at Khatib and the tale of CHAKRA MAN!!!! + JUDAI Cheated??

So before i begin, its time for the

DAY IN 5 LINES!!!!!!

1) Camp the Whole night on MSN ,saw SJC Orlando Results and Was " OMGFTWBBQSauce!" all 9 LS decks in Top 16 die, waaaaa they had mirror matches for the LS but in the end Vayu win niaaaa!

2) Watched Jennifer's Body and Nine + (  District 9 again!) lol, thats how i wasted the whole day XD

3) Re read Yugioh GX manga and found that Judai-Kun cheated! But i doubt anyone would care lol!

4)Hunt for Yugi cards and Judai Cards!!! None found due to trying to do that Junk and Debris vid!!

5) Randomly surfed Pojo , SG Forums and Youtube for the lolz but still havent got the mood to do a Yusei review, So i decided to watch Yugioh 5Ds all over again and take NOTES!!!! WEEEE! No seriously i am still doing this for the sake of a review >_<

So How did Jaden cheat?

Well it looks like someone else found it first and posted it on Pojo:

So i ll just copy and paste and thank him for writing what i wanted to write down !!

Quote from Thread:

I was rereading the GX Manga vol 1 and I noticed that Jaden cheated in his duel against Alexis.

Jaden (1300 LP) puts Backdraft facedown, and activates Heat Crystals to remove Heat and Lady Heat from the game to summon Inferno (2300 ATK). Its special ability increases its attack to 3300 when fighting water monsters, and it attacks Blizzard Master, but Alexis uses Doble Passe to shift the damage to herself, reducing her LP to 700. She attempts to directly counterattack with Blizzard Master, but Jaden activates Backdraft, causing her to take damage equal to Inferno's attack and lose the duel.

However Jaden could never have activate Backdraft. Backdraft reads


"Activate only when a FIRE monster you control inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent. Inflict damage to your opponent equal to its ATK."
but he had set it that turn and therefore couldn't have activated it, therefore he should have lost.
lol, but then again you would only care if you care about the GX manga , which i do but feel that this duel is filler to show readers what Alexis is using in the Manga.
Since we are talking abit about Pojo, heres another one:
Theory on whether 5Ds is in an alternate timeline!!
Now thats all i can pretty much say, i watched movies back to back and surfed Youtube and Forums for whatnot.
Progress for videos:
J&D Tutorial - finished filming the deck ( Space build.) but now wants a mandate from Rau to Approve certain things- 60% done.
Yusei Review- Should i use His deck? I Keep straying off topic to GX for some reason, need to review this seriously, even if it takes me another nite!!-20% done.
Yugi and Judai-Kun decks: Need to finish the decks first, Thank you all for helping me look for commons like Hero signal etc. - 0 % done.
Other reviews or tutorials that were requested:
Exodia-10% ( Got the cards for the decktype.) ,
GX Season 4 Review ( I actually did a really good Audio track with this, i noted the key points and the ending of the season especially, but im now looking for Season 4 Pics of Yami Yugi and Judai.)- 40 %
Yugioh Tag force 4 Game review ( My first Game review but problem is i don't have the game, BAHA!!!!!!!! BAHA!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!) -0%
In other Crazy Sad news: Xbox 360 tio Red ring of death while Playing Batman >_< WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why hasnt Neux been posting? #1

Best Excuse EVA!

I forgot my Password for my Blogger account XD

Found it under a piece of paper in my drawer though ^^

So now heres a Wrap of this week.

Monday- Tested Gadget deck against Vayu deck ( Conclusion: Current Gadget Build Sucks against Vayu.)

Tuesday- Thought about making a video on Zombie Synchro but got distracted and somehow fell asleep on my keyboard >_0

Wednesday-Parents leave to go on 1 week vacation to China.  Let the chaos begin lol.

Thursday - Chaos phase 1- Watched the latest 5Ds ep, was like " WTF" Skateboard duel? But the BEST PART: TORRENTIAL TRIBUTE!!! Yay!! Old card washing away all those new monsters we may never see in the anime again.

Friday-Chaos Phase 2- Decided to make 3 theme decks : Yugi, Judai and Yusei for a Character review video, since the New Movie was made to specifically put these 3 Dudes together, i wanna make sure i can at least do something about it XD

Saturday- Chaos Phase 97-Finished the Yusei deck ( without level warrior though) will have to wait for STARLIGHT ROADOOO! zzzzzz feeling the urge to pre order that damn Disk lol.

Sunday-Chaos Phase WTF- Well its 1: 25 PM as i write this, so i guess i can shot the stats for the decks ive been making:


Judai-45 % ( Prisma,2 Emergency Call, Hope of Fifth, Miracle fusion, Bustinatrix,Clay dude, Glow moss, O-oversoul, R Justice, Hero signal ,Mirror Force, Necroshade and Aqua Dolphin. WTBBB!!! )

Yugi-35% ( ALOT!)

Video Progress:

Zombie Synchro Review-85% ( Got deck footage, but still reviewing it to make it up to standard for Youtube.)

Yusei Character+Deck Review-18%- I may actually need to write a SCRIPT to do this vid.I find myself getting lost in reviewing Yusei's Character+ Deck >_<

Junk and Debris Deck tutorial- 30%- been redoing alot of aspects of this vid, feeling that Something is missing.

Exodia Tutorial ( requested help) - 0%-This was a recent request i agreed to help in , an Exodia tutorial, No deck would be used as im just gonna explain tech and cards for an Exodia deck ( 5 pieces obviously.) and the engines the deck can run by. Will do this later after i finish the others.

No duels XD- Felt the need to emphasize on reviewing since its what im becoming known for =D

Thanks for reading!!

Have a Great day!! ^^

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tourney Report 19/09/2009 + Video Update

Haven't been making videos because of a certain deck i wanted to finish up XD

Today i went to another Tourney to test my Gadgets once more,

12 noon: Left House .

12: 14: Arrived at Locals to see alot of People around.

1: 30 Pm: Tourney Starts ( I lend my Skill Drain plant deck to Sazabi before we entered. )

Tourney feedback Mode engaged!

Round 1 : Twilight ( XX)

Game 1: I run through my Gadgets but miscalculated Royal Oppression's limits so i ended up scooping when he brought out Judgement.

Game 2: I sided in wrongly, I sided in Light Imprisoning Mirror and remembered that it Hurts DDWL and Raiou too late in the duel.

Break: Feeling abit down, and downer since i didn't bring my Binder to do trading ( Seriously though, i've Harvested all i need from it and may need more time to rebuild it. )

Also when to Buy CHEESE-KUN!!! ( A type of Bread) from the nearby Bakery!

Round 2: Blackwings/Black Feathers ( OO)

Game 1: I couldn't stop his Whirlwind from Swarming the field with Synchros but i kept drawing Fissures and Slowly thinned the deck with Gadget advantage. Eventually, i whack all my Gadgets into him.

Game 2: I didn't side much, Raiou Helped to stall but Oppression really saved the game here, in the end i topdeck a Gadget and whack.

Break: Everyone had Binders for trading >_< , Must resist urge to peak at Cards!!!

Round 3: Level Stealer Monarch Deck ( OO)

Game 1: Raiou and Kycoo.......yea, and abit of Yellow.

Game 2: Kycoo solos after my 2 Green and 1 Red get Ouched by a Mirror Force. ( I didn't side because i didn't know what to side lol . )

Break: I forgot what i did lol!

Round 4: Glads (OO)

Game 1 : I didn't know what deck he was using, but when i saw Equeste my reaction was to rush him with all i got and set Oppression, When i Saw Icarus Attack, I flipped in my head lol!, Only Raiou can save me now! And he did, along with DDWL!!!

Game 2: I tried Siding in Dust tornado and Divine wrath, but they never came out, but this time, Oppression did its job and shook of an incoming Gyz!

Break: Got abit Sleepy, so i went to buy Some BIGGER CHEESE-KUNS!!!! (  =D )

Round 5: Top 8

Saz Gave me back my Skill Drain Plant deck, he did ok with what he had.

Faced: The same person who won me in the finals of last last week's Tourney.

( XX)

Game 1: Was hell when Tragoedia landed.

Game 2: Was still Hell when Tragoedia landed and Stole my Raiou!

Note: Tragoedia in Zombie Synchro= EPIC Pwnage!!

Break: Was ok i guess, at least i topped 8 but was soon informed that they needed to decide the 8th to 6th placing so i went along.

Round 6 : Glads.

Game 1: Oppression at the late Game saved me from Gyz and won the game via his now empty field.

Game 2: He got a Bad Hand, so he kinda had to scoop . >_<

Round 7: Zombie Synchro

Tragoedia was still affecting my mind, so i played more cautiously in this duel

( OO)

Game 1: I control the field and eventually won via Kycoo.

Game 2: I sided in D.D. Elements and surprisingly only 1 D. Fissure appeared, Was a Tough game but after a long duel , a Gadget ( I forgot the color) whacked for game.

So basically i got 6th place, i Forgot to film the finals because i was Tired and Sleepy for some reason >_<

My Prize was a Goyo, But i traded him away for a XX Saber Gottoms because i wanted 1 more for my XX Saber deck lol.

Feeling Sleepy, But i Have to make some vids =D

GO GO Gadgets! Make me a COFFFEEEE!!.

Pros :

Getting 6th Place

Gadgets still Awesome

learned more about siding and now have some idea of modding.

Skill Drain plant used by Sazabi was working well.

Ate lots of Innocent Cheese-Kuns!


Hoped for a Better Prize

Felt that the Judges in the Tourney need to pay more attention to the players

Forgot to get Footage ( I brought my Cam and Tripod as Dead weight lol XD )

Felt Sleepy ( Could it be?? Cheese-Kun's Fault???  0.0 )

Gonna have to do more videos over tonight then =D

Thanks for reading!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Youtube 101 Part 1

Recently, the thoughts of Archiving for future Yugitubers,Bloggers or Players of a certain decktype has been an interesting idea i intend to work on, Heres the official first one on Yugitubing lol XD

Youtube 's Yugioh Community can be classified as either very Critical about things ( How you run your deck, the cards in your deck,misplays in duels etc.) or Very Understanding and Kind ( Quite rare these days >_< )

When you want to enter Yugitubing, and get Subscribers etc, there is an UNSPOKEN RULE that not many people have addressed which i feel like stressing.

Youtube = A possibly Lifelong Thing.

There are Cases where a majority of your subscribers actually demand , kindly or not, for more videos, more is expected as you get more subscribers.

There was 1 case i even remember a long time back in around 2006, where ( I won't show name. ) SoandSo has alot of subbers (1200-2000 range, Not Yugioh community but i still won't show name because it feels wrong >_< )  , but he sort of takes a small "break" without informing his subscribers.

Weeks later, He comes back to find at least 100 people un-subbed due to lack of content >_<

Writing until this point, i have a feeling that this Archive would be a 23 parter, Because there are so many things Youtube has to offer, and so much more to be afraid of .

I feel that we are starting to treat Subscriber counts like a game, this is just a personal opinion, but i do see rivals coming out of Youtubers who used to be good pals, when Youtubing , i Have a Note hanging above my desk with something i wrote when i was starting out, it reads:

" I love what i'm doing, i do not want my vids to invoke a unintentional uprising , i just know that when i do this , someone enjoys or gets inspired by what i do , And thats what i feel is what matters."

 Hmm, cheesy i know XD, but we concern ourselves with the Subscriber count at times that we lose track of what we do.

Enough ranting by me , lets start with some basics .

Yugioh Videos 

There are many types of Yugioh vids on Youtube, here is a list of the most popular ones:

Deck vids ( An area which i like to film in XD) - Really popular because it involves the game like Duels but also the target for criticism and netdecking .

Trade Binder related - For those who trade online

Duel vids- Yugioh in its Fullest form, Attracts attention to a decktype ( Especially if it can be seen over and over again.) but also requires the correct rulings if a certain play occurs.

Vlogs- People talk about Yugioh and their lives and what they think etc, really interesting, Here are some channels added into the Archives under Vlogs

Shouts from my Blog- : My friend on Youtube and also branchin out to duels i guess , Did trading in the past , not sure about status now though.  : Interesting channel : )

Hmm, now wondering about the possiblity that people will give Shoutouts from their Blog onto Real Youtubers , >_< .

These are the basics for now, Part 2 we shall cover deck vids .

Thanks for reading!! =D

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Updates 13/09/2009+Youtube WMM 101

lol, Finally re connected to the world lol

Now giving out my research info on Pojo's TCG Strategies section, wonder if they' ll listen lol.

Anyway, I Hoped you guys enjoyed the New Duel vids! Supervis Loop FTW!!

Also, i feel that it is needed to stress that THERE is an unspoken rule and that is......

I never reply to comments on The Extra Pack 2 "review" because of personal embarassment reasons.

But the LS deck is different now, added in 2 Arkus and searching for the 3rd Celestia, +  1 More Garoth now because i have to give a crap >_<
Hmmm, I Will Now Be giving another Opinion on EXP2

Ehren is the Allure of Darkness for EXP2


I Seem to pull 1 of her in every box lol!

Anyway, i have the following vids to do and upload:

Power tool Plant deck  (Doing as i type this >_< )

Junk and Debris tutorial


Blog wise, i am going to post a Tutorial for those using Windows Move maker now:

If you are using Windows chances are you have Windows Movie Maker so if you want to improve the quality of your vids by adding in Life point count etc.
Then this is one of the ways to use .

Step 1-Get Footage: Use your cam to capture a deck or Duel on a media format.

Step 2-Using WMM ( Windows Movie Maker)

- First is to Import the media from your cam to the Computer, usually done via a USB port  ( Or you can use refer to your manual on the cam's functions .)

-Next is to Import the Media again! This time to the WMM itself, this can be done by opening WMM and clicking the Import media button around the upper left side of the Maker.

- Once you have Imported all the media you wanted , you will now have to focus on :

StoryBoard: This is where the Main titles ( Slides and credits etc) and your media go, Drag the media onto the row of boxes.

Timeline : This is where you view the media in a frame by frame mode, Also where you put your on clip titles like Life point counts , card info etc.
Go ahead and experiment with these and you will improve your video quality and style.
When you are done, You press the "Publish Movie" Button which is along the same row as Import Media.
Name the vid And choose its Quality ( Normal Res, HD etc.)
And wait for it to process.
There, you have a new vid with titles like Life point count and Card info all for your youtube account!!
Thanks for reading!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


AutoMessage: Busy my Extra pack 2 vid hiding from TCG Ranters on Pojo and Youtube >_<

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tourney Report+ Duel videos and Report vid.

Today I Topped 2 in a Tourney in Jurong East lol XD

I Ran: Oppression Gadgets that can be sided into D.D. Stun.

My Day :

Woke up, MSN-ed and talked and asked about Gadget tactics.

Went to Thousand Taste Trading At 12 : 33 and Reached at 12: 57 XD

Hmm, I duel-ed alot and then the Tourney Started

Tourney Report Begins

Round 1 : OO

Deck vs: Vayu turbo

I duel-ed My Good friend so it kinda hurts to play against a Friend , whose using a deck you were once playing >_< .

Game 1: I swarm with My DCK + Raiou =PIMP-age!

Game 2 : I sided in everything related to D.D. And whack with my Kycoo!!!!

Round 2 : XOO

Deck vs :  ZombieSworn

Note: The Person im dueling was my random friend ( Lets call him " nannerb!" )

So in nannerb language.

Game 1:



Game 2: Sided in Kycoo DA Pimp and Everything that screamed D.D.



Game 3: AKA Comedy Dueling 101

Me and him: TURN PLAYER PRIORI......SCREW YOU!!!!!

Somehow ends with My Kycoo in his Ass >_<

Round 3: Rescue Glads ( XOO)

Game 1: Natural Beast + Natural Balkion + Alot of Glads vs my tiny tiny   Gadget hands so small!!!!

Game 2: Oppress and DCK like no more Heaven NIA!!!!!!

Game 3: DDWL Vs Bestiari then both of us no more Hands or Field, Became a topdeck race with a Green Gadget Out!!!!

Round 4 :  Autowin because i am the only 1 with a perfect score lol XD

Round 5 : Finals ( Zombie Synchro) ( XOX)

Game 1: Gonna be on Youtube

Game 2: Read Game 1

Game  3: Read Game 1 and 2

Round 6 : ( Zombie Synchro )

Note: Because Double eli rules were kicked into even the Top 8, i still had 1 life left.

Game 1: Zombies!!!!!!! X.X

Game 2: GO D.D. GO GO!!!

Game 3: Duelled our heart out on Youtube and i lose to Tragoedia . Great match!!

Omen: I Must have 3 Trags in DA DECK NOW!!!!!! WAAAAA.

Prize: OCG Dark End Dragon

Overall: Ok, Great Tourney!!, Not many people understand the concept of Gadgets, now i ll have to vlog about this but i m feeling Happy since i learned alot about LS, Zombie Syn and My Gadgets ( Red Gadget loves to eat Yogurt!!)

Props :
Getting 2nd
 Becoming a fan favourite lol ,People all expect me to win nia! XD
( Sorry for losing , but i had fun and What counts most to me in a Tourney!)
Dark End Dragon , Gotcha as a Prize lol!

Meeting up with my AMK and Jurong East and Khatib and Random Friends after i recovered from being sick =D

  Gadgets Winning lol XD

Managing to have a Comedy Duel With nnanerb XD



lol, i wouldn't say losing, But its kinda sad to see more cookie Cutter decks invading locals >_<

Overall, it was a Great day!!
Thanks for Reading!!! Youtube Vids coming soon!!!    

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gadget research + Status + My day of 10/9/2009

Hmmmmm, today was an ok day lol XD

Managed to field test my Gadget deck that i may or may not use for the next 2 Tournies, gonna do some vids after this post , Really need to do some vids cuz i can feel the lifeforces of multiple subscribers wanting to PM me a picture of Aki crashing her bike that looks like Uria lord of searing flames in this week's ep X.X

So today in 5 sentences:

1- Woke up and did the usual daytime stuff

2- Went around town then went to Khatib

3- Informed Rick that i ll be going for the Locals On Saturday

4- Bought Cards

5- Duelled like all Hell broke loose!!!

There thats my day ( Not including ,blogging, dinner or Vid-making .)

Deck used today : Gadgets

Not revealing decklist because Tourney is around the corner +  Random people may net my deck now and go to the Tourney say : "HI Neux!!! IMMA YOURZ FANZ!!!!! WANNA DOOOUEL??"

Me: O.O


Hmm, Gadget deck is an Oppression build, and in the past few days while i was sick, i have been cramming all the history of Stun decks + Re-learning my Gadget skills by having a mkohl40 duel marathon + Reading Pojo threads + Drawing Red Gadget ( Yea, don't ask >_< ) + Other secret stuff.......

hmm, today's test was very good, Gadget deck responded well against the meta threats, Oppression and Doomcaliber Knight and Rai-oh are Beastssss when it comes to facing Zombie Synchro.

A Surprising thing is that instead of me running 3 Tragoedia in the deck like alot of Gadget players do , i decided to stick to my own style and normally max out DDWL So i can have fun ramming into things. And believe me, Rammin her into higher monsters is fun.....and painful >_<  and wrong if you think about it.

Overall, i can safely say that Gadgets still have hope in this format and can still run quite well. However, with Charge of the Light Brigade coming out soon in OCG , Gadgets may need to have 3 Trags Either way > _<

hmmm, I think maybe a Gadget user with the correct Side decking know how can do pretty well in a Tourney too!

But its really weird that i don't see more than 2 Gadget Players in Singapore ( Not counting this returning to basics person.)

But on the other Hand, More and More Lightsworn players and decks are being seen, and i do mean More!

Could it be that they have been Hiding until the right time to strike??!!!??

Oh Noes!!!! the Next 5 or 6 Months will be .........


Thanks for reading : )

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Collecting and researching 1 : Zombie Chicken Build.

Feeling much better now, i Think i can start making vids again soon so this post will be pretty much to answer alot of People's Questions on Vayu ,Builds and Etc.

Vayu Turbo Decks are the Decks that speed out alot of Synchros using Vayu

Vayu turbo With a Zombie engine based around it are actually faster if you put in the correct stuff .

A Vayu turbo deck will have these as the Staples

3 Vayu ( Our main Chick in a school uniform)
3 Sirroco  ( Vayu's Best friend)
1 DaD
1 gale
1 Or 2 Armageddon Knights (  Dumper for the deck)
2 or 3 Necro Gardna ( Alternative Dump for the deck)
2 or 3 Dark Gerpher ( Dumper for the deck)


3 Burial From D.D.  ( This is a Staple for the Deck like Vayu and Sirroco)
2 Allure of Darkness
1 ROTA ( Recommended)
1 Or 2 Foolish Burial (  Helps)

-----------------------------------Zombie Build-----------------------------------

The Zombie Vayu build is a hybrid of Vayu and Zombie Synchro decks that plays on higher speed due to Zombie Abuse like Mezuki ,PSZ etc etc.

Heres a Sample decklist:

Monsters: 21

2 Vayu
2 Sirroco
1 DaD
3 Tragoedia ( Yes, 3, i ll explain later on...)
2 Mezuki
2 Zombie Master
2 Goblin Zombie
2 Pyramid Turtle
2 Dark Gerpher
1 Gorz
1 Sangan


3 Burial From D.D. Land ( Fun overusage of Zombie and Vayus =D )
3 Book of Life
2 Allure of Darkness
2 Foolish Burial
1 Heavy Storm
1 Brain Control
1 Giant trunade
1 Card destruction


2 Bottomless trap Hole
1 Call of the Haunted
1 Mirror Force

Total : 40

Zombie Builds for Vayu decks Tend to have alot of monsters and the Reason for the 3 Tragoedia can be a great line of defense and Also be Great for the Zombie element in the deck.

Discard Mezuki to take control of Opponent Monster......Great combo XD.

Best to use Tragoedia's Control effect on................Raiou or KYCOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Seriously, Kycoo can Wreck both Deck builds so Tragoedia can discard the many lvl 4 s , Control the grave for DaD and Maximise the Usage of Mezuki.

Book of Life is Also a Key card here Because it HURTS Lightsworn/Lightlords and Speeds up your Synchro-ing.

So overall , its safe to say that the Vayu side of Zombie Vayu is abit Underplayed and that could be a reason why Zombie synchro is seeing alot of play due to a theory that:

First Play: Vayu turbo
Second Play: Convert to Vayu Zombie Turbo

Then: T-Virus Final State of infection, Became Zombie Synchro .


Oh Noes!!! Its a Conspiracy!!! DA Zombies are gonna come back using Vayu as a Viral Spreader!!! YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

So in conclusion, using a Vayu Zombie deck can somewhat be abit complex,


a) i get tired of running this hybrid deck so i choose the Vayu or the zombie side.

b) i don't do well with this deck so i still choose either Side


c) I win with it, i love it, But i'm not marrying this chicken cuz his a Zombie now >_<

Thanks for reading!!! =D

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Trend ??

It seems like there are alot of new Bloggers, Mostly from the Yugituber Community =D

hmmm, also interesting is the increase in twitter-ers from both Blogger and Yugitube Communities lol XD

But personally, i think its a pretty healthy trend since no one gets hurt in the process, at my sidebar on this blog you may notice alot of newer blogs linked here =D

In other News: I'm sick sick, i THINK I should run either Gadgets or Stun for the next 2 Tourneys coming up on Friday and Saturday, Or i can just go use JUNKO AND DABRISSSSSSSU!!!!! ........or even Six Samurai if i want to enter for the lulz XD

Hmm, back to topic : I think i ll go expand my collection on links to other people's Blogs lol, BECOME A NEXUS OF LINKSSSSS MAUHHAHHAHAHHAHAA!!!.........Random >_<

Thanks for reading!!! Take care!! =D

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kycoo is a Pimp!!!

Yea, I'm still sick >_<

But after alot of playtesting on MSN , Self Dueling etc, it comes to no surprise that Kycoo, Trap Dustshoot and other Control cards are packing more power than Before!!

Kycoo, Shadow Imprisoning Mirror, D. Fissure = Vayu Becomes the next KFC Special!!

Kycoo, Light Imprisoning Mirror ,D. Fissure blah blah blah: Lightsworns can Close Shop and Sleep >_<

Kycoo + Junk+Debris=Junk and Debris Episode 14 season 1 Guess starring Kycoo!

Hmmm, Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer has been Wrecking alot of the Potential Tier 1 or Already Tier 1 Decks .

If you are in a Vayu Mirror Match , First Player to bring out Kycoo and Protect Him can easily take the Game.

Control in the Game is still in that level before OTKs were hit by the Banlist. Simply Put that Control was always in the Game : )

Vayu and LS can OTK , Glads Are a test of skill ( Which is why they remain a fan favourite : ) )

Whereas Decks like Stun, Rock Stun , D.D. Stun ,Even Gadget Stun Seem to just need more time to develop and have a better foothold in the Meta.

In other news: I'm still sick but should recover by Wednesday, Recently learned of 2 Tourneys on Friday and Saturday.

May be using something other than Vayu since My chickens need to rest.

Hmmm, Stun maybe ? XD

In Youtube Matters: Finished the Gemini Plant deck and now getting stuff for the Junk and Debris tutorial >_<

Sidenote: Jester Confit is Awesome in Macro Monarch!! =D
Thanks for reading!! Take care : )

Report for the weekends

I'm sick with a flu/I'm down with a Flu >_<

But over this weekend i learned the power of Zombie synchro and the impending Future where they,vayu turbo, D.D. G.B. And Lightsworn/Lightlords are the rulers of the Yugioh Metaa!! ( Or has it happened in your area already? )

Unless innovative Decktypes like Stun Samurai, Stun Stun Girl, Junk and Debris get stun, Junk and Debris Visit Gotham City or even Mickey Mouse using an Iron Man Armour Deck!!!! WAAAA Disney Buy Marvel WAAAAA!!!

Rant alert!

Waaaa, Spidey is now Mickey's BIOOOOTCH!!!!

Rant over!

So since i'm sick ,  the Videos will have to wait , now i'm gonna go wander around the Singapore forum to watch some random trade threads lol XD

Have a Great week guys!! ( Or possible Gals!!)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Video Updates again >_<+ Chapter 1 5Ds Manga ?

lol, Recently i have been sitting on my butt answering PMs and PMs on the Puzzles and Deck vids i ve recently put up X D .

But yea, you can say that i ve been abit busy since mkohl40 gave me a shoutout lol XD.
But his pretty cool, Informs me about TCG Stuff etc etc.

Also, MSN Has been busy for me too, contacts start finding their MSN failing them, others simply add me just to ask about stuff like " Are you eva gonna make a Binder vid etc etc . "  Overall, i find it pretty cool that people kinda want my opinion on stuff =D

Hmmm, On other news, I ve just read the Yugioh 5Ds Manga  Chapter 1 ( From where, I Shall never reveal , teehehehehe!)

Yusei vs a random kid called Sect.

Sect IN-Sect Deck , ( MAUHAAHHAHHHAH So funny!!! ok it isnt > _ < )

But it was a pretty cool chapter, Yusei used Lightning Warrior lol.

Lightning Warrior
Lvl 7 Warrior Synchro

2400 ATK /1200 DEF

Effect: When this card destroys a monster by battle, inflict 400 damage times the number of cards in your hand to your opponent.

(Images taken from Wikia lol XD)

Overall, looks pretty Interesting.

Unlike the Anime, A turbo Duel in the manga seems to not use Speed World or Speed Spells , its just them Riding a motorcycle and dueling regularly.

Why? i have no idea, its just the first chapter >_<

On the other hand, I m currently sorting out some PMs and Ruling questions + Youtube Still hates my uploading time so i m still trying to Upload the other 3 deck vids.

The Undead Fortune Lady deck had alot of fix requests and its really good : )
Alot of people have given suggestions and i really, Really Appreciation it =D

The next few vids that Youtube Seems to hate me uploading are:

Gemini Plant deck
X Saber deck ( Without Fullheim or Gardenstrike , i guess thats their name >_< )

Junk and Debris the tutorial ( I May have to up this next week, it still needs to be revised )

Shoutout vid ( Status : Haven't filmed yet, alot of people asking me for shouts , > _< )

Overall , those are my updates lol, Thanks for reading, Take care : )

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thoughts on Puzzle+Updates

So, ive uploaded the puzzle video and 1 day later, it gets solved XD

Wow, next time should be harder lol.

But it brought people together and thats what counts.


Now onto Updates, will be planning the new Schedule, to be Updated soon.

And also gonna go film 3 More deck vids and the Shoutout vid that i am dreading abit.

Whose this dude......Again!

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