Monday, August 31, 2009

Hmmm, Alot of deck vids coming soon...

So, i've been busy, Filming in my room as i write this,

-4 deck videos
-1 Duel Puzzle vid
and 1 Massive Shoutout vid!

I am not too sure how i am going to do the Massive 72+  Shoutout vid, but i know i ll find a way.

Thinking back, i realise that i have come very far, from 0 subscribers all the way to now, let me thank everyone who has subscribed , been a friend , commenter or even a person i met who knows i'm Neuxcharge XD.

I have come far, but going further would be awesome XD

Also, as i finish this article, i also finished doing the puzzle vid, And also finish reading Rau's Post on South East Asia.......the third time!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend Report + Video Update+ ????

Hi again, this is my Weekend report on the Tourney i just attended , Did pretty ok lol, Top 8 but lost in Single Elimination X.X

Deck i used: Vayu turbo,

Deck video and Report vid gonna be done,

The Night before was Lonngggggg!
Filmed a duel puzzle ( Had to Retake like 34 times i think X_X )

Did a Junk and debris deck vid with Online guidiance and permission from Rau .

Just uploaded Game 1 Of the Vayu Turbo match , will proceed to uplaod Game 2 and do the first Deck vid.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Themes do players want to see more of?

What themes do you want to see more of?

I would love to see more Gadgets, Six Samurai, Counter Fairy ( Yea, these can still work, but lesser control ...)

It would be Interesting to see BEWD Synchro or Batteryman Synchro.

What is Your Choice For the "Theme That needs new Support?"

My Choice is BEWD lol, Can't blame a BEWD fan =D

For those starting out in YGO.

Hmmm, after numerous trips to my locals and observing school children dueling on tables in Coffeeshops , i think its its safe to say that There is an increasing amount of Yugioh Duelists over here.

Looking back on the Game, it Has been changing alot , i remember it differently a long time back.

< Flashback>

Younger Me:" Muahhahhaha, Now i Have My BEWD Out , Nothing can stop MEEEEEEE!"

???:" Oh No!, I use My Snatch Steal to take Your BEWD and attack for Game!!!"


< Now>

Still Me:" Muahahhahahha, I now Have My BEWD out on the Field!!! Nothing can stop MEEEEEEEE~!!!"

???:" kk, i use my Brain control Do this combo, do that Combo, cook a chicken and Do even More of That and then now my 0 Monster field Became a 5 Monster ( 1 Brionac, Natural Beast, Natural Balkion, Your BEWD , Some random card from my imagination)  all slowly attack incase you got Gorz or Trag and you dun i ll all attack then Your BEWD Will Torture Kill you ."

Still Me:"..............."

The Gap is so great, even when you are training a new player, its surprising to see the Young but rich abusing all that power and depicting this game like a competition. Feels abit........wrong.But there are those who start out that don't have the privilege of knowing stuff.

Here is a Great post by RideTheSpeed which is a personal Must read for me as

So here is are a few of the things that Helped me when i was starting out:

Friends - They are more important and powerful than ANY card you possess, play, use. They help you grow and can't be sold or bought.

Yourself-You are the Only one stopping your own Progress as a person and a Duelist.

And here are some things that Was useful to me:

Budgeting- Learn to budget and be a Smart Buyer, you wouldnt want to make too many losses on a game you want to love......right?

Understanding-Understand how the game works, and how people works.Yugioh is both a Card and A People game, Understanding card effects help, but understanding others who play the same game like you is more important.

Out of everything that helps a person (or in this game a Duelist) the most important thing is Friends. Not Money or Budget or even Cards themselves.
For me , Friends helped me improve as a Duelist, They trade cards , show opinions and serve as your guide in life and Game.

As the Game changes, People change to, but we must always rememebr that the key to starting out, being in and growing in Yugioh, Is Friends : )

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Decks on Youtube: Good or Bad Or Just you?

This will be an interesting article, especially if your a hardcore Yugituber.

Have you ever seen a deck shown on Youtube?

Deck of the months, Deck reviews,Revolutionary deck idea build from a rock monster never used since 3 Formats ago.

Now take a look at the comments of that video.

And we see the,

" Awesome vid!"
And etc etc,

But then we see some or maybe none ,

" This deck sucks, your a noob"

" I Subbed to see this Deck? Waste of time, i'm unsubbing."

Or even,

" Noob"

I 've been going around forums and Videos for a long,long time before i decided to join the Youtube video uploading "way of life" and i see flames,Hate, People who insult a player because of their race, language, religon etc.

And it hurts as i realise that in every medium there is someone throwing an insult at someone asking for help.

This brings up the question:
How seriously do you treat Yugioh?

In the forums around the world, if you do search around there are people who start out , accidentally post in the wrong section and get flamed for that ( Good thing there are moderators around : ) )

However, in Youtube, Google video, blip or Dailymotion,no one but the owner of the video or the public can defend themselves.

If an insult is thrown, its best to resolve it naturally, DO NOT HIT Back, Hitting back will prove that you are as low as them and also, so the public that you do not deserve their attention.

I can go on and on about this, Making it into a rant. So let me just say,

Decks on Youtube, be it deck of the month or made by some legendary Person will at least have hate or dislike.

Decks on Youtube are like Decks on Blogs or Forum threads like Pojo or

We all play the same game, why do we hate or scold someone for "disgracing" the decktype that we also happen run.

We must understand that Everyone has their own preferences and must never go out of our way to actually scold a person for not having that 1 card you like so much in that particular decktype.

Ok, so in the end i still kinda ended this on a rant lol.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

SOVR Review 1.5 and 2 Recap and thoughts

Well the vid is up and i feel bad about the comments ( Hey, being honest here! )

Well in the midst of my hectic week of Meeting Rauzes , studying for exams, studying for exams and not going to locals for the past 4 ( yes 4) weeks can hurt your Duelist skill,i feel silly saying this but maybe i'm losing my touch (  Or maybe i jumbled but im trying to milk out the feeling of quitting, but then again i never quit so moving on.)
Firstly, The Deck for Fortune Lady in this vid was a modded version from The last vid, it is Solid but after
 a point being pointed out, i kinda realise i'm at a loss .
The Youtube vid:
And now i ll start with The FL Deck:

The Monster selection was pretty solid, but i felt that i rushed it in the vid (Note: i filmed the vid the NIGHT BEFORE MY EXAM, also i choked on a piece of cake in dinner which is why i was abit louder in this vid.)

Monsters are all Solid but now we start with 1 or the 3 things i forgot about,
Cyber Valley + Lighty=Lighty misses timing.
i only realised this from a comment on the vid to which i came to the realisation that i blundered O.O

So what am i going to do to recover this ?

Lets make some points,
- Firstly , i have tested this wrongly, i can tell, i forgot the miss the timing part about Lighty which i shall forgive about myself by giving an alternative:
- 2 Cyber valley
+ 1 Breaker
+1 Chaos sorcerer

Spells were awesome  =D
works well, only thing is that i wish i found space for Future Fortune .


Traps are pretty decent, i feel theres room for improvement but , oh well ...

This is the Fortune lady deck, it runs well but i'm gonna update to accommodate for my blunder.

I , Neuxcharge or Youtube/Blogger/Life/fakelife/digitalLife, shall do my best to Film Duels with this deck and grow along with this deck : )

As for the Gemini deck, let me work on it , i know i am missing something.

In the meantime , heres my current life,
-Doing exams
- Not allowing myself to go to Locals until exams end
-Re mastering my Budget
-Studying for next paper on Monday : (

Thanks for reading!!! =D

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Vids Update 22/09/2009

New vids would be uploaded today,

I Really Hope i can Upload the Shoutout vid today, But problem is that the first vid being uploaded is the SOVR Review that is now 2 in one meaning that 1.5 and 2 Will be together.

Like the Previous Review i intend to utilize the Sidebar as the Review while the deck vid will be an Incentive .

Problem is that My voice was abit loud and scratchy because i choked on a piece of Chocolate cake at Dinner >_<

Updates on the Shoutout vid, ive already got the shoutouts and the links to it but i want to do 1 Duel vid first so it would be uploaded by tomorrow Morning , I am Sorry if i said that it should be up by today but i am working on it ....

Still, i have been getting alot of PMs lately, mostly on deckfixes but i do appreciate them for asking feels good for me lol.

I also Know that there will be Comments on this vid because all deck videos need to be supported with Duels .

However, this is my exam period and this vid was shot on the first day of my exams, i can be studying now but i don't really want to >_< So blogging and doing this vids will help me be pre occupied.

When my exams are over, this would be my to do list:

-Review My Schedule for the next Month ( September)
-Re master all my Video making skills
-Review my decks
-Review , review, review

-Re study the way im doing my vids
-Improve my Voice
-Improve my Intro ( The Hey Youtube part)


-GET DUEL FOOTAGE, Really i havent uploaded a Duel vid this month and im already feeling bad!! >.<

Strive for excellence : )


This week has been a hectic week of Study, My exams started this Friday.

And On Thursday, i met up with Rauzes in Person!!!!!

He is on a tour of sorts but im not going to reveal much.

Only things to know is that i got video footageof him Dueling ( No face of course !)

I Showed him to Khatib's Locals, And met the very Nice shopkeeper Rick who played Light Spellcaster Beat ( I guess)

Had alot of Duels,Deckfixes and Binder viewing.

Rauzes is just amazing, the way he shuffles and sets his cards is very fast and fluid,you ll see it in the videos.

Either Way, I wish him a Nice tour and trip .

For those of you who don't know who Rauzes is, his the owner of TheGaijinDuelist Blog and "crafter" of the fun and Strong Deck series " JUNK AND DEBRIS!!!!"

Heres a link to his blog go check : )

Ok time for video updates:

I have Done footage for the SOVR Review 1.5 and 2, gonna do the vids and write the article and also Doing the shoutout vid now.

Thanks for reading, Have a Great day ahead!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Call of the haunted: Tactic???

Yesterday,i was overlooking an interesting duel.

Blackwings vs Vayu Turbo

BW: 2800 VT:2400

Field ( BW)

1 Face down s/t

No monsters

Hand: 2

Graveyard: Shura, Allure, Sangan , 1 Black whirlwind, Torrential tribute, Threatening roar ,Heavy storm and others i forgot.

Field ( VT)

Hand : 1

Graveyard: Alot of DARKS And BW + 1 Vayu+ 1 Burial from D.D.

RFG: PlagueSpreader zombie,2 Necro gardna,Vayu


Main phase 2 ( VT) :

VT Synchro for BW Armour Master with the last vayu in the grave, Earlier on BW Torrential-ed VT'S Swarm and chained T. Roar to it.

Sets 1 s/t Hand: 0



BW Draws ( Hand: 3)


Sets 1 S/T


( ENDPHASE: VT Activates MST on the newly set card.)


VT 'S turn,

Draws 1 And attacks at Battle phase with BW Armour Master

BW: 300

Ends Hand: 1

BW's Turn

Draws: Hand 3

uses the face down : CALL OF THE HAUNTED!!!!

Brings back Shura

Special summons his Gale

Synchros for Black Rose ( Blows up the field mode)

Exactly 3 Darks,

Dark Armed attack for game.


In what way was that a Good duel ???

Lets see.....

Call of the haunted tactic used by the BW Player was a Nice trick , Call it Player deception but this was used before when COTH was unbanned in the past.

Checking Graveyards has been a key in figuring Lightsworn or DARK Decks possibility. But to check your own will give away COTH in hand or Field,

With Call of the Haunted back, it may be slower than Monster reborn and less effective , but if we can see more "tricks" like this one more, i guess Duels would get more Tactical ..........Yet Exciting : )

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Neuxcharge Reviews : COSR Theory

Vid is up, Just woke up and the time is now 9:39 am.

Looked at the video , going to analyse comments for points on whether Theory is solid enough or not.

COSR Banned: A Theory/Fact? :

Video starts out with Shoutouts :





why these people were chosen:

mkohl40 posted a video on the "leaked list" A list leaked out at this years Worlds, the list has proven to be 80% correct which makes me have alot of questions on how it got circulated.I watched his vid before the Banlist came out.

Yugiohmaster16 's video was the first i watched at the start of my day , the day of the Banlist's official Scans . Even though it wasnt that long, it was enough to actually jumpstart my research on the new list so he does deserve my thanks

Syrusjessie's vid was a nice look at the list, with the key cards being banned ( CCV, DSF, COSR, MONSTER FRICKIN REBORNNNNNNN!!!)

Still, i found it nice : )

i also watched ZeroRyu501st's one on the Ban list, good watch also ^^

( All the best for your tests buddy!!! ^_^ )

RAKSTAR1991 Was actually the trigger that started the video . We were discussing on msn about the new Ban list,and then he showed me a link to the Yugioh wikia page of Level Stealer and i Remembered so much about this card!

Bloggers like Rauzes ,Panda and Bahamut84 posted opinions and even 1 Decklist on it.

Level Stealer

lvl 1

DARK Insect

600 ATK / 0 DEF

Effect: When this card is in your Graveyard, you can select 1 face-up monster on your side of the field whose Level is 5 or higher in order to activate this effect. Reduce the selected monster's Level by 1 and Special Summon this monster from your Graveyard. This card cannot be Tributed, except for a Tribute Summon.

It was Night time when i actually started filming, had to find a playset of that ladybug and a Page full of COSR >_<

I actually thought that i would have to redo the shoutout part ( Forgot RAKSTAR'S 1991 , said im going to give them shoutouts RIGHT after i told the camera their vids and making it obvious lol )

i felt that this was Better than most of my vids though as i felt more confident and stumbled less ^^

However, i felt that the sidebar was badly used, it looked like i was writing an Essay lol!

Also the links to the existence of Level monarch were lost or deleted by the owner for some reason .

Overall , this video was pretty ok, Youtube took 4 hours to upload it though.

The next video will be continuing the SOVR Review, this time with Fortune ladies.........again.

But this one will be a new build, don't give up on the previous one though

: )

Thats all for now

Note: A card that could have been the final push to CCV getting Banned could be Jester Confit from Ancient Prophecy.

Neuxcharge's Love/Hate relationship with ........THE BANLIST!

Before i begin let me express what most OCG/TCG/Collector duelists and others would feel like pictures


Waaaaaaaaaaa, DDB/DSF!!!!!!!

Monster reborn!!!! COSR !!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

WAAAAA.......Wait, You can go though.

So What does Neux think about the Banlist.

Its pretty Ok!

"What? But Neuxcharge , Most of your card copies got the ban hammer."

True, but if its for the better for the Game then i guess i ll live with it.

Lets look at the list first:


Card of safe return
Monster Reborn
Dark Dive bomber
Crush Card Virus

COSR- Level Stealer, Zombies, Lightsworn. Will be missed in decks.

Monster reborn- We actually had the hunch it would go back to being banned, but we chose to ignore it, good thing stocked up Premature burial and COTD just in case : )

DDB- 80% Bet limited, 20% Banned, HD Lam said this card is going straight to hell, and it DID! Konami banned a Money card to save the game! Cool !

Crush card virus- Being reprinted in the turbo pack, will this can be banned in the TCG Lists? Im not sure but since OCG lists is followed by TCG lists chances are 1 dead pull in the turbo pack means less than 1 Broken card banned to save the game.

Restricted to 1
Demise king of Armageddon
Mental Master
Rescue Cat
Mind Control
Black Feather - Gale of the hurricane
One For One
Solemn Judgment
Summon Priest
Cold Wave
Black Rose Dragon
Call of the Haunted

Limited list is Quite predictable, However, Demise was questionable, Sure there was the New Ritual Support that can prevent Special summons and all that but Demise? Hmmm.

Also is that Judgement dragon wasnt here, Cmon Konami , your just giving Lightsworns more space for Charge of the Light Brigade coming in November! Limit cold and ban COSR = 3 cards=3 Charges.

Good thing i run Lightsworns >.>

Call of the haunted at 1 , well Breaker at up to 3 really makes this abit questionable but this is expected and to be loved ^^

Limited to 2

Bottomless Traphole-
Dulauren, king of ice boundary
Loneflower blossom
Chaos Sorcerer

Lonefire was actually understandable, Debris Hime decks gaining popularity, in turn causing BRD to be limited as well

Mezuki- People will think, Oh no! no COSR = more mezuki, i understand, Mezuki has more use than abusing COSR, he adds field advantage that can make or break the game, maybe this is a hidden gesture sent by Konami we can never know.

Bottomless- 1 Less card to stop Judgement dragon from coming down,

No longer restricted

Raiza the wind monarch
Destiny Draw-
Breaker the magical warrior-
Green baboon protector of the forest
D.D warrior lady

Raiza-Level Monarchs lose Their draw engine? Lets give them more wind then!

D.D. Warrior lady-Honest untouched, Guardian of order in Extra pack 2.
Light WARRIORS FTW!!!!!!

Breaker- Gadgets and stun welcome you back.....and also Endymion Beatdown!

Decks helped by Banlist:

Lightsworn ( Judgement is spared and COSR , Cold wave on the list helps us have room for Charges !)
STUN ( No more CCV, 2 less cold wave, more Breaker and DDWL )

Decks that will Be the IN thing this format:


Vayu turbo decks

its down to these 2 for now, LIGHT VS DARK!

Unless These decks have a thing to say!

X Sabers
Fortune Ladies
Junk and Debris!!!!!!
My BEWD!!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!!^^

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Making the new Vid#1

Right now ive just finished Making " COSR Banned: A theory/fact? "

I intend to insert ALOT of links to support my Point ( Long night ahead of me so ....what the heck lol )

Level Monarchs Before the Banlist, were a growing Decktype after the release of SOVR,

After ANPR, Jester confit Proved to be really broken in Monarchs ( CCV Banned because of it?? Conspiracy indeed!)

Time now is 8:26 PM, Uploading the vid, writing the FAQ/Theory ( THe sidebar really helps me accomplish what i cant do in the vid because of my great writing : ) )


Time is Now 9:06, 18 mins left before the vid will be up,

Level stealer- who thought that this card could have caused COSR to get the Ban hammer.....

Review of the vid will be up soon, Thank you for reading !!!

Gale's a Pimp!

Love is a sensation, caused by a temptation, to feel penetration. A guy sticks his location in a girl's destination, to increase the population for the next generation, did you get my explanation, or do you need a demonstration?

It is this rap, formed by a Girl from my Friend's class, That has inspired me to make this deck that would probably cheer up Gale since i don't like seeing 2 extra Birds resting on My desk, 1 is enough as it is.

So without further ado.........

Gale is a PIMP!!!!

Total : 40


1 BW Gale
3 Harpie Queen
3 Cyber Harpie Lady
3 Harpie Lady Sisters
3 Raiza THe newly unlimted Monarch
3 Soldier of the Mist Valley ( lvl 4 Winged beast tuner ) ( OCG)
2 Birdface


3 Harpy's hunting ground
3 Elegant Egotist
3 Unity of Family ( Solidarity in TCG )
2 Swallow's nest
1 Heavy storm
1 Giant trunade
1 Lightning vortex

Traps- 7

3 Icarus Attack
2 Hysteric Party
1 Torrential tribute
1 Mirror force

This deck is modelled after the Banlist and uses Both OCG and TCG Cards.

Deck Works with Harpie Lady deck tactics

For the extra deck:

Anything you want, But becareful not to screw the Unity of family combo

Thanks for viewing !! ^^

Friday, August 14, 2009

New Banlist : Video in the works

My next video will be a comedic reaction video, an innovative one that has taken me time and time again to perfect but fail to upload on Youtube, Expect a Banlist review after its up ^^

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Neuxcharge Reviews : His review of SOVR Part 1

This is Something new, Neuxcharge Reviews.........His Review!???
Hmm, From the Comments on the Video on Youtube, I can see interesting suggestions on the deck and some who have MSN commented on my style of reviewing.
In other words , I have very Helpful, thoughtful and Amazing Subscribers!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
Youtube Video:
Also, I noticed that My comments are all jumbled up. Youtube has been doing a pretty crappy job at Organising my stuff >.< !!!

Ok , i havent made a vid in a while so my video making skills could have been abit meh here, I Should have
1) Laid out all the Fortune Ladies and Explain their Effects One by One,
But why didnt i do this? Because if i did, i won't have time for the deck.
2) Ok, there is no Number 2 , its a lie, the cakes a LIEEEEEEEEE!!!!
So people also wanted an Explaination on how my deck works and about fixes.
This vid may seem like a slipshot piece of Vid but it did its part in a sense,
The Actual "Review" Took Place in the sidebar, that was the effort of 4 Hours of looking at cards with Ladies playing Halloween on themselves .
True the deck in the video looks like something a Person with a Spellcaster (love, love ) Mindset would have came up with but lets look at the decklist first:
Fortune Lady

3 Lighty
3 Darky
3 Watery
2 Windy
2 Firey
2 Witch of Cataboleus Fate
1 Chaos Sorcerer
1 Breaker

Spells –11
3 Village
3 Unity of Family
2 Magical Dimension
1 Heavy Storm
1 Monster reborn

2 Twist of Fate
2 Compulsory evac Device
2 Dark Bribe
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Interdimensional Matter transport
1 Fortune Inherit
1 Mirror Force
The Initial Idea was to use a Standard FL Build For the vid, However, Ckaikd0021 and other OCG channels have done their own variants and threads on FL have somewhat "Finalised" the Final Build, (Future vision build)
So the deck relies on the older Spellcaster support like Magical Dimension,Village and even Chaos Socerer to back it up .
The Key cards in this deck are:
Lighty, Darky, Village and Unity of Family ( Solidarity in TCG)
By intense usage of these cards, expect a good swarm with Higher than normal FL's in a duel.
However, Village is a Double edged Sword in here, Knowing when to use Village is VERY and I repeat VERY Important part in your Player skill.
if you don't have enough Protection its ok not to use Village to make this deck win, even the standard FL Tactics of a Progressive swarm works (Powered up by Unity=Very good!)
The video didnt cover a proper explanation on how the deck works so here it is exclusively,
The deck can either Lock (Village) or Beat ( Unity) Or Swarm (Lighty and Darky)
What this is , is not a Fortune Lady deck a person would play on first look, but give it time and testing and tweaking if you want, it does deserve ,more attention.
I Really Hope i can get a Duel with this deck, But i got my Exams this Month so yea, duels will wait but the decks are set ^_^
Note: is it just me, or do i have more viewers than subscribers, Waaaaaaaa Ghosting around videos is ok just don't forget to subscribe lol =D
Thanks for reading!!!
Neuxcharge off!
Awesome commenters comment on vids.........Thank you!!!! ^^

Gemini Deck (SOVR) Dragon's mirror Build

This is a build that im Not going to use for my next Video, which happens to be SOVR Review Part 2 ( Gemini)

This is a Dragon's mirror Build, and Focuses on Raptinus Usage and

Crimson Fiend Fighter to spam the Field

Crimson Fiend Fighter

lvl 6 FIRE Warrior 2100 ATK/1800 DEF

If there are exactly 3 Normal Monsters in your Graveyard, you can remove from play 2 Normal Monsters in your Graveyard to Special Summon this card from your hand. Once per turn, you can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower Normal Monster from your Graveyard

Monsters - 20
3 Evolector
3 Dark Valkeria
3 Blaze wing
3 Red Fighter 2100 ATK one
3 Woodland archer
2 Tuned magician
1 Card Trooper

Spells- 15
3 supervis
3 swing
3 Dragon's Mirror
1 Indestructible True Strength
1 monster reborn
1 MSt
1 Heavy storm
1 Card Of Safe Return
1 card Destruction

3 Birthright
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Mirror force

Extra Deck:

3 Raptinus
3 Black Bulldrago
2 Stardust dragon

Black Bulldrago
lvl 8 FIRE Dragon

3000 ATK/ 2600 DEF

1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner Gemini MonstersOnce per turn, by sending 1 Gemini Monster from your hand to the Graveyard, destroy 1 Spell or Trap Card your opponent controls. When this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 Gemini Monster from your Graveyard. The Special Summoned monster is treated as if it has been Gemini Summoned.

Deck is pretty Awesome , come to think of it , this may be in my next video lol!

Its basically, Spam Field with Gemini Combos and Dragon's Mirror is so good in this !!!!
Crimson Red Fighter loves this deck as he comes out most of the time.

When playing this deck right, expect at least 4 Monsters out on the field ( Courtesy of all the revival cards ^^ )

Thats all for now

Youtube Update: I ll only continue the SOVR Review when the New Ban list comes out . I don't want to have to remake a vid lol ^^

My Youtube Journey Part 1 ( in my past)

So this is my Second post and im posting this in school no less,

So how did i start out on the Youtube Scene ?

Well the answer is simple:

A wizard did it.........

Yes, a wizard cast a spell on me to compel me into making Videos to put on Youtube so that all my viewers can get induced with a subliminal Message which compels them to Play Yugioh...

Why else would Konami break the world record of most cards sold this year ^^

Nah, its definitely E Hero Neos in that Wizard Costume, i can tell.

How did You come to play Yugioh,

Well, i was 11 years old and was walking home from a Boring day when i saw a crazy haired guy on a sliver lined pack, i remember going into the store and buying my first Booster ( for 1 buck........yea it was fake,but hey i was young ^_^ )

So i opened it and got:

Mage power, Earl Of Demise, Gadget Soldier , Bait doll, Headless Knight , Amphibian Beast ( the lvl 6 2400 Atk vanila monster) and some other card.

That was my First booster (Fake Booster) pack of Yugioh and not only was i compelled to but more of that 1 dollar pack which always had the same cards ( ok, i was young don't blame me : 6 ) I don't know what compelled me, the weird pictures that look like ......... or the smell that smells so nice ( yea, i suspect Konami started out drugging the cards in Fake boosters to induce a sense of Yugioh-ness into the 'potential player' )

So then i started playing the real cards when i was informed that i was using fake cards ( which was sad , cuz i miss having 9 Mage powers in my old deck : ) )

So where do i begin, yes this IS an origin story so bear with my

^^^^ A Blur pictue of a Chaotic era inYugioh History^^^^^

it was 2003 and Invasion of chaos introduced the chaos era ( funny how it was really like an Invasion. ) I was still a 'going out of noobness phase'. when i realised that the old " Wah i use Black hole to **** your 3 Blue eyes White dragon So fun!!!" Was becoming more like ' OMGwtfBBQ Sauce! My Black hole was the next card i can draw but i am YATA LOCKED WAAAAAAAAAAAA! Not fun anymore niaaaaa!'

So there we have it , the era when Yugioh COULD have Died,i was so YATA-ed ( i think thats a word) that i slowly lost hope in a Fun fun time where almost all monsters in our decks were vanila monsters or DMG coloured to fit our twisted perception of "hot" .

Stay tuned for Part 2............... coming in 10 minutes after i get some nibbles ( nibbles heh heh =D )

First Post

Hi guys and possible Gals, This is Neuxcharge from Youtube into Blogspot. For those of you who don't Know who i am, i am a Random Yugioh Duelist, Who posts on Singapore's SG Forums, Builds decks, ALOT ( Seriously its like a fricking compulsion man. ) And go on Msn and download nice nice Yugioh or Batman Related Pics for my Display pic : )

So this is My first post, what i ll do is treat this like Twitter or post something useful or updates instead of doing update videos, (Youtube HATES me in terms of uploading time!!!)

So thats my first post, hope you enjoyed! Will be updating the blog soon ........Hopefully.

Whose this dude......Again!

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I am Neuxcharge, Random Gatekeeper and Archiver of the Yugioh Community of the WORLD!!!!!! Plus I like Cows! MSN : Have a good one guys! Or Gals! XD